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Dawn and Dusk: We keep watch

Mink normally hunt in the predawn and dusk periods. Though this mink does not follow the rules. Also mink should hunt close to their watery homes. In this case The Ditch that was a Creek. This mink has ranged right down to the house… Continue Reading “Dawn and Dusk: We keep watch”

Sorrowful News from the Farmy This Morning.

The mink has killed Nelson the rabbit. Every summer Nelson lives outside in a shabby old chicken tractor under the big tree but this year I deemed the chicken tractor with its broken door; unsafe. So I brought her into the chicken hospital which… Continue Reading “Sorrowful News from the Farmy This Morning.”

Too much for a Title with a hook. Gotta read it!

There was dramatic drama yesterday and a delightful delivery. Let’s begin with the delightful delivery. New calves. These two bobbies are so quiet. We brought them back from a big noisy place so they are probably quite shocked at the warm straw and old… Continue Reading “Too much for a Title with a hook. Gotta read it!”

Another Reason To Walk Down The Back

Don’t just sit there – get up and walk! I know right ? (wriggles in chair and sits up straighter) – our bodies were not designed for a sedentary existence. When I was working with the online tutoring company I spent way too long… Continue Reading “Another Reason To Walk Down The Back”


Yes. Miserably the night before last the ducks were attacked. When I went out for chores I found two dead and three injured. All head injuries. The night before last. Classic mink. I hate the bastard mink. I know to lose a few ducks… Continue Reading “BASTARD MINK”


In the night the three little pigs, who were shifted to their outside field and who are no longer little, grunted and talked to each other in that low “I am here, I am here” slightly anxious tone.  Bouncing blips of sound, like sonar,… Continue Reading “THREE LITTLE PIGS”

Lazy Saturday

Kind of.  I gave myself a wee sleep in this morning – until 6.30 – which meant I slept through my writing time but I knew you would not mind. Here is yesterday. And this morning as Boo and Ton and I drove along… Continue Reading “Lazy Saturday”

Chooks in snow

As a rule the chooks do not like the snow.  (In New Zealand and Australia we call chickens: chooks and as I am a New Zealander living in America these little words from home are a comfort so bear with me).  My chooks are… Continue Reading “Chooks in snow”

Good Boo Hunting

I know, that like me, you are feeling wretched about Daisy,  sadly soothed by Big Dogs gentle slide into the after world and in a killing rage about the mink murdering so many chickens that night.    I read all your loving comments during the following days. This Fellowship… Continue Reading “Good Boo Hunting”