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Dawn and Dusk: We keep watch

Mink normally hunt in the predawn and dusk periods. Though this mink does not follow the rules. Also mink should hunt close to their watery homes. In this case The Ditch that was a Creek. This mink has ranged right down to the house… Continue Reading “Dawn and Dusk: We keep watch”


THIS morning early I awoke to loud cackling and commotion in the chook house so Boo and I went out to investigate. Boo shot through the door, dug his feet in and roared ahead of me, he rounded the corner at full gallop and… Continue Reading “JUST THE WAY OF IT”


In the night the three little pigs, who were shifted to their outside field and who are no longer little, grunted and talked to each other in that low “I am here, I am here” slightly anxious tone.  Bouncing blips of sound, like sonar,… Continue Reading “THREE LITTLE PIGS”


So sorry. This morning I woke up late. The fire had gone out. It was blowing a gale outside and bucketing down with rain. All at the same time.  I launched myself out of bed. I fed everyone in the barn (all the pigs… Continue Reading “Late!”