In the night the three little pigs, who were shifted to their outside field and who are no longer little, grunted and talked to each other in that low “I am here, I am here” slightly anxious tone.  Bouncing blips of sound, like sonar, off each other to keep their miniature herd together.  They love their new larger sunnier field, which at this time of year has nothing growing in it at all and the sun is intermittent, but they are not sure about the new living bigger quarters.


The cattle on the West side.  We discovered that if John attaches a large weight to the back of the little tractor it was able to pick up the large half-ton bales of hay.  So their feeder and their bellies are full . They take no notice of me. Just watching. No longer a bringer of food.



Just a curiosity.


Not that Wai is healed and the worst of the cold is over he is on a serious diet.  And less than happy about it. The good news is that although he is living in close proximity to Tima and Tane they are still being good and sleeping in their own bunks.  No-one is stealing. WaiWai whines a lot when he is in the field with them – he is the squeaky wheel – but there are no fights.


Molly has still not come into heat. So she is still not in with Manu – they have trying to dig under the gates though. In fact Manu has started eating one of the gates to get through to her.


I found a murdered and dismembered chicken in the loft of the barn yesterday. It had all the hallmarks of a bastard mink kill. This is chilling because I cannot keep minks out of the main barn. There was a raccoon living up there somewhere,  I have seen his scat, but he has left (I think)  when the last of the hay was gone but this mink comes and goes from the creek. In and out of the numberous holes. The chook house is locked up totally from dusk to dawn but the barn cannot be shut up against a mink at all  – it is too old, with too many holes.

The peacocks and the guineas also roost in the barn so the dogs and I are doubling our night time patrols. And I go into the loft in the barn often during the day – just moving stuff around – creating big open spaces and leaving my scent behind. Minks are dawn and dusk animals but will also come out in the night and in the day.  Hopefully, the dogs and I can put the mink family off before they dig in and decide to stay for the summer and breed.  Maybe Boo will even catch one – he loves digging into and yelping down their holes and has a sure scent of them.  Often Mink don’t even dig their own dens. They go down into rabbit tunnels or muskrat holes, kill the mammals and their babies and take over their homes.  Boo and I are on the prowl.

The thought of Mr Flowers or Pania being killed by one of these creatures is awful. I am being a vigilant mink vigilante.

Dawn is here.

Have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Warmer with wind in the afternoon.

Monday 03/19 0% / 0 in
A mix of clouds and sun, with gusty winds developing this afternoon. High 53F. Winds ENE at 20 to 30 mph.

Monday Night 03/19 0% / 0 in
Partly to mostly cloudy. Low 26F. Winds NE at 15 to 25 mph.

6:57 am 7:04 pm

Waxing Crescent, 4% visible 8:23 am 9:28 pm







43 Comments on “THREE LITTLE PIGS

  1. That picture of Molly up on her back legs looking over the gate has so much personality. You could just imagine having a conversation with her.

    And good luck with the mink!

  2. Damn Mink! Get ’em Little Boy Blue!
    Wonder which pig needs some bricks? I work for a brick company and can hook him up. 😉

  3. Although the barn may be big and have many holes ,could you not use plastic sheeting dropped like a big curtain and anchored in various places..or netting…to keep them bastard minks out and the chooks safe. Only one of my strange ideas..??

    • Strange yes. On so many levels darling girl. And have you seen how big the barn is? And you do realise that minks have claws and teeth? But I love your strange ideas so keep ’em coming. c

  4. Molly on her back legs really brings home how big a pig she is. Sometimes pictures don’t give that perspective enough. Sheila always feels huge but I’ve never felt that from Molly pics until now. 🙂

  5. Loved the IG pic of Manu and Molly laughing yesterday. the Peahen framed in the window would make great calendar picture too. Hope Boo gets rid of that mink soon before the family settles in the barn. Laura

  6. good luck catching and getting rid of the #$@! mink. I hope Boo gets rid of it. I never realized mink were so awful.

  7. Last spring I saved pee…yep…and poured it around the backyard fence. I live in a small town but very near a creek and the country. It’s common for small pets to go missing here as foxes, owls, hawks and coyotes patrol here. This winter Raccoons have come into our yard and there are other critters nearby so I will save some pee and pour it around again. Just like mice avoid cat urine other animals don’t care for the human smells, either. And in the animal world it’s all about marking territory.
    When I started putting the ducks out a year ago they attracted hawks which would land in the trees nearby and circle overhead. I had a conversation with the hawks respectfully asking them to keep out of my space and not harm any of my animals. It worked and so far they have left us alone. The ducks roam freely in the backyard.

    • I will send John out!
      I am thinking seriously about ducks this year- though I am sworn off extra expense and extra work for one year – still I have always wanted ducks and boo is older and better behaved

      • Lol! Outdoor plumbing is so handy!
        Investigate duck breeds. I have khaki campbells which are great egg layers. They are great foragers and love bugs. I’ve really enjoyed them and find them to be pretty low maintenance.

  8. I just love that piggy nose! What a character she is! Mr. Flowers sure is a handsome dude! Go AWAY, stinky mink!!!

  9. P.S. I was just wondering what ‘fisher cats’ are, too! Never heard of them….

  10. Ugh! I was going to suggest predator pee, too. I hope you get the bastard mink.

    I thought of you today as I helped run down a rogue chook that had just appeared out of nowhere.

  11. I wish all the people who are so vocal against mink coats could see what mink do to other creatures. Not that I’m advocating fur coats, just that they’re definitely not cute and cuddly, or particularly innocent. I’ve heard using lion poo has worked for some predators, but I don’t suppose that’s especially available in your part of the world! I know it keeps foxes away in urban settings, but then you have to live with the smell of lion poo instead of fox. It’ll have to be you and Sgt Boo Boo on patrol…

  12. I have one duck left, a Rouen, aka giant mallard. They’re actually a meat breed but lay big tasty eggs. I mention it because a raccoon got one of my ducks, made a real mess of the poor creature so it may have been that that got your chicken. One caveat on the ducks – they are really really dirty!

  13. hmm, my comment seems to have disappeared! Just saying I have one Rouen duck left (giant mallard). They’re a meat breed but also prolific egg layers. A raccoon got one duck a while back, made a real mess of the poor thing so it might have been that that got your chicken. Also my John put a 55 gal plastic barrel full of cement to weight down the back of the tractor, makes it easy to pick up really heavy stuff.

  14. Another strange idea. Mammals do not like the scent of peppermint. When rats get in our attic I put peppermint essential oil on the a/c filter and they leave. I am told that peppermint plants will also keep them out.

  15. It sounds like a trap might be an idea. I know racoons will kill chickens. My uncle had a hatchery and after the area got built up it wasn’t the mink killing chickens anymore it was the racoons. We have problem racoons here and they’re huge, some people stupidly feed them and think they’re “cute”. They’re very destructive and bold. Regardless, mink or racoon, that can’t go on.

      • Silly cats. I think the traps would have to be where the cats couldn’t get at them. Maybe move the trap nearer to the mink’s nesting area?

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