It is 7am. Time to get to work. And seconds ago I managed to wipe out my entire blog post.  Not that is was especially interesting. But there you are. And now my blog writing window is closing and it is time to get to farming. 28-024

I am very strict about my time organisation or my blogging time would take over it is so much fun sitting here in the warm talking to you.


But – the cold crunchy world awaits!


Camera House came out for a walk yesterday. I really need to work on the settings. He does not collect colour as well as the new little camera – I need to work on it.


I hope you have a lovely day. We had ice falling from the sky on and off all day yesterday – very grim indeed. So I worked in the barn all day.


Today is sunny though we are still caught in March Coldness.  However, I will work on the Salad Bar field so I can shift those three fat pigs out into the field today.  Fingers crossed.

Have a lovely day.


WEATHER: A lot better than yesterdays misery.  24F this morning.

Sunday 03/18 0% / 0 in
Plenty of sunshine. High 53F. Winds light and variable.

Sunday Night 03/18 0% / 0 in
A few clouds. Low 31F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.

6:59 am 7:02 pm

New Moon, 1% visible 7:52 am 8:23 pm



30 Comments on “CAMERA HOUSE

  1. Aaargh! Hate it when that happens. May the rest of your day go smoothly, and not because you’re sliding on ice 🙂 Tell that Boo to watch himself on the slippery bits.

    • Boo is doing well with his daily walks now – he and I are working on building up the leg that we have rested for how long? over a year I think?. anyway – he is still walked on the leash until we get to the mink village then I let him off to dig in all the holes and yelp down them with excitement. Probably rabbit holes but minks also like to go down other mammals holes, eat the babies and take over their houses – so there is a good chance they are down there. c

  2. First the sunlight, then the warmth! Hang in there, as it will happen soon! It is happening here and your ‘neck of the woods’ will be next!!! 🙂 xo

  3. Time wait for no man..including Miss C…never mind …your pics are lovely..just like you

  4. Poppy looks like she is sticking her nose out the barn to decide if today is warm enough to be the day. Laura

  5. Our computers/tablets can be so obstreperous! Have a lovely day out there and stay warm! Love your photos as always!

  6. Sitting in British Airways lounge at Heathrow watching the planes come and go. Impossible not to think of you and your traveling spirit.

  7. “He does not collect colour as well as the new little camera – I need to work on it.” That’s the chip inside the camera – your new one uses a different algorithm that produces more saturation in the images. If you were to process Camera House’s pictures with photographic software, you could adjust the colour. Where film cameras produced reasonably consistent sharpness and colour between film and cameras of a similar price and quality, digital cameras are dependent on the computer chips inside them. This can produce different results between cameras, though a decent model should produce a good enough image that can be adjusted on a computer to match another brand.
    Currently the algorithms in newish iPhones and Androids produce pictures in difficult lighting situations, that look better than dedicated professional cameras. This is because the phone cameras change the image via the chip to make it seem more like the eye sees it. That’s not to say that the phone images would blow up and be useable as large high quality prints though. When Apple use iPhone images on billboards, there’s normally a tiny disclaimer at the bottom stating that the image has been retouched.

    • Ah – well that makes more sense now. So I am thinking I should use the little camera in the winter when we are desperate for colour and the big one in the summer when there is tons. I need to get better at my touching up!! Thank you Mad – really good info. c

  8. Re “. . . so much fun sitting here in the warm talking to you”: listening here, regardless of your weather, is so much better than talking to myself about news heard on TV or read in the paper.

  9. It’s a beautiful day!!! Sun is out, a little bit warmer and bits of new green poking up here and there.

  10. Good evening, c. Colour photography is nice (and colourful), but I’m a fan of the moodiness and texture of black and white (or near monochrome). I find it endlessly fascinating. The photo of Boo is perfection.

  11. Oh, Ms. C., that piggy at the barn door is an amazing shot. Well, all your photos today are great but piggy is amazing; made me smile and go back a second time for another smile. It’s cooling off now but earlier this afternoon it was close to 45f with clear skies (Toronto, Canada) — a beautiful early spring day. Hope yours warmed up too. As Diane and jack said above, hang in, the warmth is coming. — MAME🙃

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