Yes, with two very good cameras at my disposal sometimes I just take pictures with my phone.

They are never as good. On fact nothing fees as good as film at the moment. But the editing suite on the IPhone 8 is quite easy to manage and I can set the images into the blog on the WordPress App then once they are saved switch to my old laptop to do the words.

And any photograph is all about light.

The phone I use  (IPhone 8) has a feature called LIVE.  I am not sure how it works but it will take a mini video (1.5 seconds) so you can actually choose the frame that you wish to work with.

This is great for capturing movement. The program will choose the best shot but you also have the ability to go back and choose the frame you prefer (It presents about 10 frames as an option I think).

The blending of colour and movement as Mr Flowers flew up to the gate really attracted me to this sequence above.  So I chose these three for you.

I have moved Wai from the center of the barn out to the milking room. Everyone has to be moved out, in anticipation of Poppy delivering her piglets.   We will close up Poppy/s side of the barn completely and have it totally quiet. It will be cold and I am not sure where those babies will choose to sleep so I am going to minimise the noise and interruption level

The milking room will not be used again until next year and it gets some nice afternoon sun.  Wai moaned and wept and squeaked as he followed his house at a waddle. His house being rolled through the barn.  When I left him he was remaking his bed, stomping about.  He has to share the field with Tima and Tane now – no-one is allowed to wander the corn fields anymore – both Tima and Wai have put on WAY too much weight. So their gates are shut.  No-one is impressed.

Today (when it is not raining and sleeting  – sigh), I will do all the maintenance on the fences in the salad bar field then move the three fat little pigs out to the Rat House.  Then I can shut up the North side of the barn as well.

I still see no relief in sight as far as overnight temperatures go.  Poppy’s babies are going to be born into bad cold. So I am working on a few more hot spots out of Poppy’s reach where the babies can warm up between feeds.  They have to stay close to her though – hot milk is the best warm up there is. I still think we have a few weeks ahead of us – she should not farrow before the first week of April.  But I don’t have a firm date.  My research tells me we are around 8 degrees cooler than the average for this month but we do warm up fast in March so let’s hope that trend begins soon.  We really need the winds to swing to the South. This Nor-East is the problem.

Exactly 12 hours of daylight today!  42 eggs yesterday.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Sleet, drizzle, wind, cold.

Saturday 03/17 40% / 0.03 in
Showers early, then cloudy in the afternoon. Some sleet or freezing rain possible. High 44F/6C. Winds ENE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Saturday Night 03/17 10% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low around 25F/-3C. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.

7:01 am 7:01 pm

Waning Crescent, 0% visible 7:22 am 7:19 pm


22 Comments on “IPHONE IMAGES

  1. I really love the grainy texture on Mr Flowers in that close up of his head. He looks almost beaded. Would you say Wai was a gloomy little person, or only a bit grumpy? I hope it’s the latter; after such a difficult start in life I would so love him to be a happy piggy. Grumpy’s OK, though…

  2. I will have to check out the editing features on my phone as well, and your pictures are great! But, they always are! A real treat each morning!
    No doubt Wai will adjust and hopefully he’ll fit right in to the flow with Tima and Tane! 🙂

  3. Those shots of Mr. Flowers tail…! It would even be difficult for an experienced artist with oils to be able to accomplish that feel of movement and color! Beautiful! Give Mr. Happy-go-lucky Grumpy a pat on his dear head for me! Hugs!

  4. Love the light gleaming off the rooster in the last shot. What a talent you have with lighting!

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed that the baby piglets wait until it’s warmer. Will it ever get warmer there? The weather pattern has not been kind.

  6. Good morning. Your description of Wai’s complaints as he was being moved made me chuckle. You have said you can’t be sure where Poppy’s piglets will choose to go but won’t they just automatically gravitate to wherever you set up the heat for them? I always love your photos regardless of their source and it’s always fun to play around with new stuff. Sun is shining here right now and we have a blue blue sky; that’s one way to beat the cold I figure. Hope you have a bright day too. — Mame. 🙃

  7. Yes the tail is quite extraordinary! We were watching The Big Chill the other night–maybe you could pipe in to Wai’s digs: YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WA–NT!

  8. Cross your legs Poppy, wait till it warms up 🙂 Poor Mrs Flowers display being ignored by Mr Flowers. Wet and cold here today, hope the sun warms you up a bit today. Laura

  9. Wish I could send you some of today’s 102 F temps here to warm up the barn . . . . don’t think you would like any of the 100 km winds . . . one month into autumn !!! Closeup of Mr Flower’s head fantastic , , , have a mobile (cell) but no reception here in the boondocks: have never even found out how to use the ruddy camera 🙂 !

  10. How many chickens do you have? I admit, I use my iPhone 5S a lot but I have never really looked into how I can improve anything. I’d rather be doing other things!

      • I just wondered. Half of our hens are old girls and they still lay but not every day. The younger hens still lay daily. They went through a soft molt this winter which seemed to take forever. I sure missed our eggs. We have about 28 hens.

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