Lady walked onto the trailer very cheerfully and dismounted exactly the same way. Moving forward in her bovine bubble. And so ends another chapter. A good chapter too, she did well for the years she lived here and I think was managed well. So … well …  on we go. 

Waking up without the fear that she has done herself a major injury in the night is a relief.

I am not going to belabour it. That is farming. I need to get on. Dawn rolls back in every morning and the new day is dawning fine and clear but the cold is holding on with all its teeth.

It is 20F/-5C as I write.  No wind so far though so it will be a good morning for chores. And we have a sunny morning!

I am walking again between the farms (the 4wheeler seems to have given up the ghost for good this time) but this is OK. That 4wheeler made me lazy! And I have no people to manage or guard or oversee so I can take the time to walk.

That’s enough for me today, I think.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


Friday 03/16 0% / 0 in
A mix of clouds and sun during the morning will give way to cloudy skies this afternoon. High 43F. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph.

Friday Night 03/16 80% / < 1 in
Cloudy with rain…mixing with freezing rain late. Low 31F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precip 80%.

7:02 am 7:00 pm

Waning Crescent, 1% visible 6:51 am 6:16 pm


42 Comments on “DAWN AGAIN

  1. The daily work of life is often a balm to me when things are hard emotionally. Doing a task well can be a very zen like experience. Plus its very satisfying to have accomplished x or y. I hope you day has some of that quality.

  2. Deep breathe and move on. It is good that it is one less worry that you have. I know those words are easier said than done. On Wednesday we went for a family snowshoe and I took my phone with me but hid my purse with my wallet and house keys in the back of the car. It was hidden and behind dark tinted windows, but someone was watching us and smashed the window and took my bag. My drivers licence, banking and credit cards everything gone just like that. They have my home address and keys to my house. Of course we rushed home worried about the dog. All was ok, the locks and alarm have been changed and cards cancelled. I am so mad at myself. Normally I would never leave my stuff, but that day I didn’t even think about it. I am trying to take a deep breath and move on, but it will take awhile.

    • OH NO! Horrible! Theft is so ugly. And smashing a window to get to a handbag is pretty desperate. The worst of it is changing EVERYTHING over to protect your identity and accounts. Merciful heavens. Borrow a really BIG barky dog for a few weeks. c

  3. Your first paragraph is a kind and gentle reminder that indeed, you run a farm and that we are not discussing pets. It is so very easy to want to humanize animals, and most of us can with our true pets if we choose. Lady had a good life through your care Miss C and now we move forward…

  4. And walking between the farms will allow you to ‘stop and smell the roses’…..or the wildflowers, while on the 4 wheeler you wouldn’t be able to. Can both Boo Boo and Ton Ton go with you as you walk both and forth? xo

  5. Thinking of you and hoping you can move forward easily with little sorrow.

    • I can. As long as I don’t see any pictures of her for a while – it will be ok. And I have other cows too who will also go through this process eventually so it is not new. c

  6. New dawns, new days, deep breaths, as the snowwoman says, & knowing that a hard winter is almost over & done, & even if it will be cold, spring is just around the corner. And you are a strong & caring farmer with work to do. Through your words, we’re walking beside you.

  7. There’s always pain when the threads that connect all living things snap. The thread between you and Lady Astor was a strong one, reinforced by mutual regard, daily contact and physical touch. She was a grumpy girl but did her job well. Vale, Lady A.

  8. Lady had a good life with you carting. Take care and enjoy every day.

  9. I wonder if your cdi box went out of your four-wheeler. Mine goes out ever so often….the dealer said that was what was wrong with the year of my four-wheeler. So we get a new one, Terry installs and we are good to go for a long time again.

    • NO idea – just wont start – just quietly I don’t think they have even looked at it – it was hauled off to the farm workshop and there is so much else to do I think it is still sat there and someone is getting tired of me asking for it!

      • At that point I think I’d say, “fine forget the 4-wheeler, I’m getting horse”. I’ve found that the animals I’ve shared my life with have taught me there is only this minute, this second, here, in the present. They don’t have “future”, only now and past. They don’t anticipate, there is only now. It’s sunny here, but cold. There was a surpise this morning, the city came and fixed the huge hole at the bottom of the hill in the common driveway (so I guess it is actually an alley or they wouldn’t have fixed it). I know everyone who drives up and down it will be relieved. Have a beautiful day.

      • That’s just what mine does when the cdi box goes out. It’s the brain of the computer which runs the machine. Bam! Dead.

  10. We will soon be oohing and aahing over new life on the farm. (fingers crossed always, of course). I hope Poppy holds off until it warms up. The cold is just hanging on so long. Lady was a beautiful cow.

    • This cold will not quit – by April we are usually up and at ’em – only a couple of weeks to go before April – yes I hope Poppy holds on – she did well in April of last year or was that Molly – i think it was Molly. c

  11. Mr Flowers even looks impressive in black and white 🙂 Laura

  12. Only recently I asked you how old Lady Astor was — and was shocked to learn she was about 12. I had thought she was half that age. Didn’t remember she was an adult when you “got” her.
    I’m so sorry for your loss, Cecilia, but I think we all realize this was best for her. To relieve suffering is the main concern, though it’s especially hard to let go of someone with such personality, such individualism, such presence with whom you had such daily intimacy. I hope it helps you to have others around you who depend on you, who are making demands on you, who distract you at least for the moment. (I’ve had psychotherapy and the key I was given is “Keep moving!” ) No need to tell you this!!

  13. Nice peacock photo, calm and soothing.
    Saying goodbye is one of my least favorite things. ❤️

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