So sorry.

This morning I woke up late. The fire had gone out. It was blowing a gale outside and bucketing down with rain. All at the same time.  I launched myself out of bed.

I fed everyone in the barn (all the pigs are bad tempered and squabbly) then Boo and I brought the sheep through to the Salad bar paddock so they can shelter in the rat house.  Boo just wants to get them in a mob and hold them there, running around them in circles then Ton and I try to move them forward, but it works in a staggery kind of way.  111arain-003

I am back inside now to find dry clothes before I go out again. My outdoor clothes are made for cold not rain and my hair dripping. I Still have the West barn steers to do – the dogs are standing in the rain waiting for me –  I will  drive around this morning –  and then I can gather  a few armloads of fire wood, chop the kindling,  change again, dry my hair, light the fire and make the coffee and a scrambled egg with parsley on toast for breakfast.

Then back out to the barn to open the central pen for Sheila, she will still be able to go in and out but it is time for her to be able to get over to the South side of the barn where all the light is at this time of year.

I had better get to work.

See you tomorrow morning!

Your friend on the farm



30 Comments on “Late!

  1. Ooh don’t envy you having to all that in the cold, driving rain. Hope it lets up long enough for you to work and stay dry. Enjoy your breakfast, you deserve it. Laura

  2. Please tell me about the calendar. I was back reading posts and saw mention of. Diane

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  3. Oh dear, sounds like a hell of a day. Hope you can get it done and then have a sit down by the toasty stove. Drink lots of hot beverages!

  4. Trying to play CATCH UP when you are late getting up is futile…there are only 24 hrs in a day although sometimes|I think that you try to stretch it further than it will go…so sorry that it is cold and raining…don’t catch cold pleeeaaassse the animals cannot manage without you (neither can we)
    So take it steady and mind how you go….lots of love to keep you warm

  5. Hate that feeling of waking up and knowing that the routine is off…it can just make for an off-kilter day all around. Smile and breathe-tomorrow will right the imbalance 🙂

  6. The rain just turned to snow as the temperatures drop.. ice next i guess.. yikes.. still – the fire is going now so the house will start to warm up! c

  7. I had a feeling of “Whew, there you are, all’s right with the world now.” What am I like? 😀 Glad the fire is going now. Please be careful of your footing on the ice if ice comes. Boy, do I ever have a mother vibe this morning! Big hugs for warming up.

  8. Good morning, Celi. Yes it’s rainy here and raw. Hope the dear dogs dry off and warm up. Maybe the kittens will do the warming of Boo today, if not dear TonTon too.

  9. Stay warm and dry. We have a springlike day today followed by cold and a “wintry mix” perhaps accumulating snow in the Virginia Mountains.

  10. Rained most of the day and night here with bendy winds, Celi. This morning finds us at mid 60s with gusty wind and skies clearing. Don’t feel bad, the weatherman says we’ll be back in the deep freeze very shortly. 😉

    Do pace yourself and be careful on the ice.

  11. I love the way the cogs of your mind whir and chug! A situation (weather this time) presents itself and you throw the switch and get moving! It is what makes us tick. I often think that people who have very productive and interesting lives/situations, live the fullest lives. Your breakfast sounded deliciously filling before setting out again. Keep warm and toasty… and delight in the fire within!

  12. (I received this email from Mad Dog this morning.. anyone else having this problem? I am going to search the dog box/spam folder in case people are being sent there)

    Hi Cecilia,

    I’m having the same problem today – I posted this:

    “It sounds like a miserable day – I hope the sun comes out soon ;-)”

    The page reloads and no post shows up. If I try to repost i get this:

    “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

    I had the same problem today on:

    This may be happening to other followers, but that would be difficult to ascertain unless they contact you.

    I’ve contacted WordPress because I think this is a bug. They updated WordPress last week…

    If it is useful, the email address I sent my issue to is:

    Anyway, have a good day and say hi to Sheila from me 🙂

  13. Those sort of late days you eventually get through the first jobs, stop and go “whah, what happened there” and then take a breath. Whew 🙂

  14. Glad to hear you have the fire going, it sounds like you’ll be needing it. I don’t like starting out the day already behind, either. At least I don’t have animals to scold me for being late with breakfast. 🙂

  15. The animals need to get fed and moved and the family wants food on the table . . you need to be dry . . . but we can wait till next day for a post Miss C: we are comfortable in our warm homes [OK, OK: 44 C with a fire warning is not that crash hot either but a cool change has blown thru 🙂 !] . . . . hope your early snow has melted . . .

  16. It started raining here at 11 am yesterday morning, not hard but steady, still raining this morning with the wind picking up, turned to snow at noon today with a howling wind. That’s two rainy wet set of chores and a windy snowy set of chores and 3 wet smelly dogs. (I have the neighbors dog here and am feeding and taking care of her place – horse and cats – while they’re deer hunting.) Interesting that your pigs are cranky, often times when the weather gets particularly nasty (like this afternoon) ALL my outside animals get owly. I keep telling them It. Is. Not. My. Fault. but they don’t care, they get pushy and snarky and won’t get out of my way. I can only dream of Jamaica……

  17. Some days just don’t get off to a very good start. I just had one of those too.

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