Where has the sun gone?

We have a lovely little glass house attached to the South Side of the house.

It is designed to warm that side of the house as well as growing the greens and herbs for the winter. But where is the light?  Where has the sun gone? It feels to me like we have had less sun than usual this year.  Do you think?

Yesterday (as you know) started with a good solid rain, that soon turned into snow, then spitting ice, then alternated snow and rain and spitting ice blown by a good strong wind.

And no sun. 11farm-animals-148

So I worked in the barn, (I should have been working in the house but you know how it is – I will work in the house when it is too cold to work in the barn). Yesterday I shifted some bales of hay and straw, opening up the middle pen, joining it with Sheila’s bedroom, so now she and Poppy can just zip down a  wee corridor pen and hang out in the central area where there is more light and hopefully today, sun. This area is usually reserved for sheep and their lambs, but no lambs this year.

The pigs still have access to the field, of course, where the last of the pumpkins are thrown for their breakfast each day.  Between the pigs and the calves Across the Way we have managed to dispose of an impressive number of pumpkins.


Tima and Tane.


Not a pretty sight really, but it always make me laugh when they run inside and jam their noses through the gate hoping for a hand out.


Boo and Marmalade are job sharing.




I hope you all have a lovely day.

dutch belted cow

I think there is sun forecast for today, so I have high hopes.


42 Comments on “Where has the sun gone?

  1. I do hope the sun comes out for you today. As I have gotten older, I seem to be more solar powered and after a couple of days without the sun, I really notice it.

  2. Tanes teeth just crack me up!
    Boo and his sweet little buffed colored kittens, & Marmy Jr. lovely photos as always.
    I think I could handle the cold and dark if the wind would let up. Try & stay warm.

  3. Toss up here on cuteness factor today – Boo and Kitties or the two Kune noses 🙂 Hoping the sun comes out and the wind goes elsewhere today. Laura

  4. I feel really guilty, when I look at your beautiful guineas: we just got home after a bistrot lunch and it was pintade au cidre (guinea fowl in cider) – delicious.

    Sorry you’ve no sun – neither have we this week – it’s very dreary and wet.

  5. here comes the ti…me of thick woolly jumpers, thick woolly socks, warm knickers( not woolly) do not know wher the sun has got to but it’s not in my part of the world……Come on ,,own up! Who has the sun.?
    Lovely pictures of Boo and Marmie and those kitties are so cute, what a wonderful pair of carers they make.
    Tima and Tane look so sweet peeping through the fence, I do hope that they got a good reward for being so cute.
    Elsie is looking fine and seems to have settled well.
    Ok Miss C have a lovely day, keep warm…I send some hugs to help youthaw out!

  6. Job sharing…that’s very funny and they seem to be cooperating! Tane is really growing as his nose is now level with Tima…little underbited Tane, very cute. Elsie is a beautiful cow. Hope for sun for you today. It does make all the difference, doesn’t it. I am shopping today for food stuffs for the biggest food day of the year, healthier sides this year, but I have been told that I must make my stuffing…it is mandatory and not up for discussion. A compliment in there somewhere. 🙂 Have a wonderful day…pets, belly rubs and kisses for all the critters.

  7. Checking in from dreariness here as well. I do a bit better with light, have to admit. Elsie looks lovely…as if she’s wearing a diaper. A very fashionable diaper. Dear girl.

  8. Love the tima/tane snouts! regular snuffleupaguses! (not sure of the spelling on that) or Snuffies.

  9. Boo has such soft, sweet eyes! So glad he is helping Marmalade with her fiesty brood……but of course we knew he would…he couldn’t resist 🙂

  10. Gearing up for a snow storm here, after a day that hit 70 yesterday! Had the windows open and the back door, which the dogs loved, but will have to batten down the hatches today. I am sure we wont get hit too bad as the mountains tend to keep bad weather further to our west.
    Love the photo’s today, especially the kitties with Mum and Nan!

  11. No sun here either. 😦 And non for probably the whole week. Oh well, that’s winter here on the Wet Coast. I thought that photo of the little piggy noses is the best, I loved seeing them like that, and those little teeth! But then I saw beautiful Elsie and now I can’t decide. 🙂 Mind you, Boo and the kittens are terminally cute. Looking forward to more Boo-kitten interface as they grow a little bigger.

  12. I hope you get some sun! We don’t have any today–just lots of rain–but we’ve actually had more than usual. A lot more. And warmer temperatures, too. Weird.

  13. No sun here either! Very dull and grey. I also love those teeth on tane soo funny 😃 X

  14. Tane’s little teeth showing in that photo just cracked me up! And Boo Nanny takes his job so seriously. He looks like he has his lips pursed while on guard with his charges. On good days, I know your day is filled with smiles. In spite of the cold, this looks like it was a good day! 🙂

  15. I’m sure Marmalade appreciates the help now that those babies are on the move. Our Ava is on the move and I know her Mommy is very grateful for any and all help she gets! That picture of Tima and Tane…I mean, could you just.

  16. What a delight those kittens with Mom and Boo. I’m so glad The Fellowship call attention to a particular picture. For instance, I didn’t notice Tane’s tiny teeth, so I scrolled back and sure enough…soooo cute. I had focused on their noses! Sunny here in Chicago. Hope it extends to you.

  17. I have been in thick fog all day, so I’m not guilty of stealing the sunshine. I turned inward and set about attaching a hood to my anorak. Attaching them to the leg of my trousers just above my knee was not part of the plan, but it gave me a laugh and kept me quiet for another hour! I think I need a Nanny Boo to keep me right…. can he cook dinner?

  18. Elsie is looking good! Love those little piggie snouts. I can’t get enough of Boo and his babies. 😀

  19. There might be some sun here but showers forecast for later… it’s just humid! Rain would be welcome. Even with for pairs of paws between them Boo Nanny & Marmy look they could use more 🙂

  20. I confess. We have the sun. It must be everyone’s sun because it’s sooooo hot and hard and dry. I’d send it over if I could, because we so need the rain. Can you spare any? Boo and kittens is gorgeous, but I still love T&T best, with their slightly dissipated look (black rings round the eyes makes them look like they’ve woken up after a hard night on the town and forgot to take their mascara off before they went to bed). Soho nights, eh, Miss Cel?

    • Rain here late yesterday and a lot in the night…..don’t you just love those late afternoon tropical thunderstorms? …..maybe things will still be damp when you arrive tomorrow, although the sun is shing hot and bright now. Kate and Mr Kate are coming to afternoon tomorrow at my house, we will talk about the Farmy I’m sure, and channel lots of warmth and light to all of you who are cold and grey. 🙂

        • Just delightful.. give her a big hig from me and vice versa i hope! Tell her the wonderful scarf has arrived and I am now officially toasty warm, both colour wise and neck wise (I am sure that made no sense at all!).. love love.. c

          • Woo hoo! It finally got there! I’m so glad it’s finally doing what it’s meant to do after over a year of sitting unused. We actually met up with Nanette today due to a confusion over days vs dates, but Nanette handled surprise visitors with aplomb! I agree, we need a photo of Toasty Celi modelling a bright red scarf… Big hugs back, stay warm and cosy. Kate & the Husband of Chiconia xxxxx

  21. I share this blog with a friend and her 9 year old daughter. The daughter says to her mother last weekend as her mom says it is time to throw away their pumpkin – “We can’t throw our pumpkin away. We need to send it to the Farmy!”. We are in Michigan so maybe they can find another farm in the area, but I love the learning that goes on here. And we have all been waiting to watch Boo in one of his best roles. The photos are adorable.

  22. All ‘happy days’ this morning: don’t know whether to want to kiss those two piggy noses side-by-side first or give Boo and Marmalade treats for being such good ‘parents’!
    Elsie looks like a contented mother-to-be too! Yes, pity we can’t blink our eyes and exchange warm sun and rain: have just spent over three hours watering the garden and have to go back after lunch . . . temps lovely in low thirties C at the moment but the 40s will be back in a few days. Absolutely no rain in sight and the first word on anyone’s lips here is ‘bushfire’ 😦 !!

  23. I bet Marmalade is so grateful to have live-in help.
    Tima and Tane are so cute and winsome hoping for a handout – or a kind word.
    It’s very breezy here although we are warmer. Little sunshine seems like winter is so much more difficult. I can bear the cold if there’s a sunny spot. Fingers crossed it won’t be a grey winter year

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