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I cannot tell you how excited I am with the pig pastures. The growth is marvellous and since I placed both the SIX and the FOUR into their new pastures I have had to cut down on their grain, they are putting weight on… Continue Reading “ENAMouRED WITH GReeN”


In the night the three little pigs, who were shifted to their outside field and who are no longer little, grunted and talked to each other in that low “I am here, I am here” slightly anxious tone.  Bouncing blips of sound, like sonar,… Continue Reading “THREE LITTLE PIGS”

Long Whiskers

Have you noticed that kittens have a full set of really long whiskers. Not like us older cats, our whiskers all torn and shortened with time. We must be careful not to step all over the young ones dreams, they leave them lying all… Continue Reading “Long Whiskers”

As the trees grow

Every year I plant as many trees as i can buy or grow or find. And one thing I have noticed about the mornings is how loud it is with bird song this year.  Especially the cardinals. I seldom see them as they love… Continue Reading “As the trees grow”

Hot Chooks

The last two days have risen up into the 90’s here.  Hot summer days.  For me the weather is lovely, for the animals and birds hot weather is a trial. The cows headed for the back paddock and lay into the long grass down… Continue Reading “Hot Chooks”

One Image Thrice

It is Sunday. So I am really not here at all but wanted to share this one very quickly with you. Poppy and her piglets are ranging far and wide.  She just wanders about and they tumble after her like kittens.  There is a… Continue Reading “One Image Thrice”