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The air is hazy with muggy, sticky, humid heat. 


Yesterday a man who I will not name because he is a local mowed the ditches ghen set fire to them then left the area. Of course it roared up in the wind and shot out in all directions burning up dry, dry grass… Continue Reading “HEAT and FIRE”


Lucy the newborn Angus calf  went down with heatstroke yesterday evening and I had to go in and drag her out through the little milking calf door without her mother killing me. If I had left her in there she would have died on… Continue Reading “HEAT STROKE”

New bobby

We all melted in the heat yesterday but Leia managed to give birth easily to a wee Bobby calf before breakfast. She kept him under the tree for the day and has not brought him into the barn again. 


When I went out to check the two Angus cows Luna and Leia yesterday morning there was a perfect little calf all curled up in the dry straw. Luna (who has a bigger udder than Aunty Del in full production) is the proud mother. 



Hot Chooks

The last two days have risen up into the 90’s here.  Hot summer days.  For me the weather is lovely, for the animals and birds hot weather is a trial. The cows headed for the back paddock and lay into the long grass down… Continue Reading “Hot Chooks”

Cows Love wallows too

But only for the feet. In the heat cattle will stand in one area and urinate then stomp their feet until they have made a puddle for their feet. went one better and have them a wee pool of water. They seemed to like… Continue Reading “Cows Love wallows too”

Heat Exhaustion

We had three of the meat chickens die of heat exhaustion yesterday. They had water,  they had shelter but I was off the property for a few hours buying supplies, then we treated ourselves to lunch and did not see them go down.  By… Continue Reading “Heat Exhaustion”

Spring Sounds

As Gracie and I worked, yesterday morning, hauling out fork-fulls of winter bedding and spreading it across the corridor field,  flock after flock of geese flew overhead, crying out with their distinctive melancholic call. But they were flying North.  No need for melancholy.  They… Continue Reading “Spring Sounds”