The air is hazy with muggy, sticky, humid heat. The cows on both sides of the creek go still and quiet and hang out around their water, stamping their feet and swishing flies with their long tails. They made occasional half hearted forays into the field but their heart was not in it.

The pigs lying in wallows of mud like ancient child nightmare mud monsters.

And like a mad dog or possibly an Englishman I merrily work on.


This is the last day of the high humid heat. The weather forecasters are all about warnings to stay inside but yesterday was not  that bad in fact I think it is good for the skin to have a good sweat. We will manage another day of it with no problems. The  cows and  calves and pigs were fine under their trees with plenty of extra water.

As long as the animals are ok I am happy to plod on with the fencing and thistling. John laid on the couch with his air conditioner on, clutching his IPad and gasping about the hot weather as though it was a personal affront, he is such a comedian, but I much prefer the heat to the cold of deep winter so you will not hear a complaint from me.

I hope you have a lovely day.

We will have a hot one. I am off out!

Love celi


Sunday 20% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High near 95F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.

Sunday Night 20% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. Warm and humid. Low near 75F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.

34 Comments on “HAZY HOT

  1. It’s such an artificial thing, this need to pretend that we don’t sweat, that it doesn’t trickle down our backs, make dark patches on our shirts and bead our faces. I was there once… then I moved to the tropics, and I learned to relax and give in to the climate and how my body reacts to it. Sweat is good, and I don’t (sorry) sweat it any more. On the other hand, with 20 solar panels on the roof, I do allow myself to put the aircon on when I’m inside!

  2. Lucky John. We are all freezing at 15C , all relative I suppose. Keep hydrating yourself too. Laura

  3. We have reached a stretch of 90+ degrees here, which is odd for June in my area. Humid and hot isn’t on my list of favorite things so I feel fortunate that we usually don’t have that muggy heat. Have a lovely day!

  4. I’m with you C….give me heat any day. The older I get the less I like winter.

    • I love the heat, too. Hate it, though, that extremes on either end are hard on the elderly. But I do love the heat.

  5. Here also it has been hot muggy and sticky..everyday in late afternoon the storm clouds gather..big black angry clouds..sometimes it rains. Sometimes not. lightening and thunder everyday…but it does not cool the weather.

    Its good to hear that animals all ok …poor John ..its a hard life being a man! Stay cool Miss C

    Lol. From me in BG

  6. My guy was out on the tractor mowing the dirt to clear the house of fire hazard grasses and low limbs. One pass by, I assumed he was in it, as it was just a big cloud of dust and dirt. Couldn’t see the tractor nor him, but the dirt cloud went off down to the gully and back. Should have seen that poor guy when he came in for supper – he could have given your mud-wallering piggies a run for their money! It’s SO dry here…hot in the day, quite cool at night. My ‘thermostat’ permanently turned off when we live in the tropics. Now the only sweat I have is at the base of my neck, and that is very rare. Last winter was ‘biting’ cold, and it hurt. Give me heat any day – that means I can go swimming! Have a great day, Ceci!!

  7. I’m with you, outside, even on the hottest days! love those cows, I could watch them all day!

  8. I guess he feels because it’s Father’s Day he should pamper himself!

  9. I hate the humidity in the summer, but I think I would rather sweat A little than look for newborn baby goats in the cold!

  10. The weather is excellent here, but I keep looking at the forecast for Trona, where it is expected to be well over 100 degrees every day after Tuesday! If I go there, even if not until next winter, I will not be doing much gardening.

    • Trona- I need to look that up and per: an old comment I think the trees in the pine garden are spruce. Though I am not very good at identifying trees in America

      • From the picture, I can not determine if they are spruce or fir, but I doubt that they are the pines that the pine garden is named after. I know that there are spruce there, including the famous blue spruce, but I do not know if there are firs there. Some have large ranges there, but their colonies are sporadic within the range.

      • You do not need to look up Trona. It is not much to look up. It is on the way to Death Valley. There is a sign on the highway that says that the end of the World is in 10 miles, and that Trona is in 15 miles.

          • Well, Trona is in the part that is not so scenic. The main industry is mining the minerals, so any area that would have been scenic has been gouged out by mining. I still find it fascinating though.

  11. I spent a number of years in the humidity of the mid-Atlantic states, Maryland and Virginia, and in New England, on Cape Cod. Then the “dry heat” of Arizona. And a couple years near the shore of Lake Michigan. Perhaps that is why a summer visit to San Diego is so popular for many folks! Been enjoying your tales from ice and snow, to mud and muck and now heat and humidity…. How’s Wai doing??

  12. Somebody suddenly turned the oven on here in Andalucia, but it’s a lovely dry heat. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water too!

  13. Yes, I love the hot so much more than the cold (although the hot here on the Oregon coast is never all that hot, really). It was in the 80s yesterday and my kids were acting like delicate and shallow-rooted flowers. Such dramatics!

  14. I don’t know why we say, ” Don’t sweat it” while at another time, “Sweat it out.” Is it good, or not good, to sweat. (I like to think about things like this, especially while lying in the shade or reading about farm work under a gently rotating ceiling fan.)

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