Slowly but steadily, I am getting all the pigs into their Pig Pastures with all the good green feed. The two big Pig Pastures are being allowed to grow a bit longer. There are some areas where the sunflowers are very thick and I have a feeling they are shading out all the undergrowth where the peas and beans and oats, etc are growing.

DSC_0090 (2)

The four Uglies have an electric fence between them and the wide open fields – I have never had a break out from this little field with its long row of pine trees but there is always a first time so I am watching them closely.

DSC_0092 (2)

They cleaned up their little patch in record time – stripping the lambs quarters down to sticks. So I have closed that little garden and now they are in the Pine Tree garden.


It is bigger and heaving with iron rich weeds – it is shady so the sunflowers did not strike as well in here. Which might have been a good thing.


Today I will fill the wallow in this field as we are expecting very high temperatures today.


I love seeing the pigs deep in vegetation.


Below is one of Poppy’s Six in their new side garden.

DSC_0110 (1)

When I sow the pig pastures next year I will add more lambs quarters seed and maybe less sunflower seeds. Though the sunflowers have a few more weeks to go before I see them at their best. I am hoping to leave them until they are seeding so the pigs can eat the seed heads. So we will see – but I have a feeling there are too many.


The heat is here. I led Del’s mob up to the shaded  concrete pad for the hottest part of the day yesterday. Then put them back in their field for the night time. This field has all the feed but no shade so we will continue with this pattern for the next few days. If I leave the gates open for them to take themselves back and forth they will eat their way through the fields I have shut so the pasture can regrow. Cows much prefer the young new growth. And I much prefer that the pastures gain some length before the feed is gobbled up.

Today I will begin to divide up the new field across on the west side.

Me, my weed eater and my fencing materials are busy!

But I must get the work done before the day gets too hot. So I had better get off to work.

I have a new woofer coming tomorrow for two weeks. She is my only other helper this summer. Without milking or the big garden, I am nowhere near as busy.

I hope you have a lovely day


Saturday 20% Precip. / 0 in
Mainly sunny. Hot and humid. High near  95F/ 35C. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.
Saturday Night 20% Precip. / 0 in
A clear sky. Warm and humid. Low 73F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

27 Comments on “GOING GREEN

  1. The pigs look like wild beasties in all that tall growth! Also, is lamb’s quarters the same thing as lamb’s ears? If so, I knew that lamb’s ears can be used for natural wound care and soft and pretty as an ornamental, but I didn’t know it was good pasture fodder. Try to stay not too hot (I won’t say cool since that is pretty impossible in this heat). I am a couple of hours almost directly west of you and yesterday was and this weekend is supposed to be just miserable. Good luck to you all!

  2. I wish I could give you the acres we have in Oklahoma to let grow wild… or even for your livestock to graze in our orchard. The weeds/vegetation is tall this year. They would love it out there! I am in Germany now, and today we drive an hour into the countryside and take a boat ride. I am fascinated with the agriculture here and landscape. We have spent two days in inner Berlin and I am surprised by so much “green” within the city. Trees and shrubs and wildness in the boulevards. Not like our cities back home.

  3. Just curious what sort of weed eater/weed whacker/weed trimmer you use? I am the main weed whacker around here and use a battery operated one that is smaller and not so heavy, 20V. I have three batteries for it, so I get about 45 minutes of nonstop work in with it. But I’m considering
    a heavier duty, different option. Only thing is the others are so heavy that’s is difficult to heft it around for a long period. I don’t think I want to go to gas, as the gas added to the weed whacker makes it even heavier!!! Is yours gas or battery powered?

  4. The farmie looks lovely. I remember that heat. It hasn’t hit us yet but the voices on the radio have promised it will. We are still enjoying the chill from the cold spell we had last week, windows open letting the garden noises in all day and night.

  5. Is that Del babysitting the Angus calves? Lucky pigs, not a GMO corn kernel in site 😊 Laura

  6. I’ll bet Bacon would love to come to dinner! Looks like his plate of salad out there. I just can’t believe how fast the looks of the farmy have changed since winter two months ago! all that green!!! Everything out here in CA has gone from green to brow, to wildfires. Here we go again! Ceci, your animals are beautiful and SO healthy looking! Good on ye!

    • Fact of life – those fires. I know it is a natural cycle but with all the houses in the way now with the increasing population out there it is so much more terrifying.

  7. Good shot of the ‘ugly’s’ fancy ear clips! Wonder if the wind whistles through it? chuckle!

  8. Those piggy backs swimming through the lush pasture made me laugh; they’re like little chubby submarines, half submerged in a sea of green.

  9. What are those other conifers in the pine tree garden? They look like some sort of fir, but I suspect that they are a spruce.

  10. My sunflower forest drowned out everything else I had planted there except a rogue wintered over carrot that has gone to seed. But I’m excited to get lots of sunflower seed. I’ve been putting out last years seed heads as the blue jays and cardinals love them.
    I really like that area for the pigs, it does look lush…the four uglies, ha!
    I just learned lambs quarters are edible cooked and taste like spinach.

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