Though these images do look lush, I still do not have a lot of feed. Yesterday I began to mow the plentiful thistles though. There seem to be more than ever this year.

The ducks are very hard to get a shot of. They are getting very big but shriek with horror at a whiff of my presence and run back behind their enclosure. It may be that the nature of these birds will force a change in my plan for them. I certainly cannot put them behind an electric poultry fence. Their panic is extreme.



Taking advantage of an open gate – Taney gets some munching in the pig pasture.

Boo just sleeps deep in the vegetation.



The new cows are much calmer though.

Much love.


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36 Comments on “DEL’S MOB

  1. Just love all the greenery! We are already experiencing a bit of a dry spell down here. And we are still waiting for our Muscovy ducklings. The place we ordered from in Oklahoma say they are behind and the ducking hatching have not been what they usually are. Hmmm…. We have found the Muscovy to be less flighty, and a little less wild than the Khaki Campbells.

  2. Love that Boo in his nest in the tall greenery. He’s like a rabbit, curled up tight and still, hoping you won’t see him…

  3. We got a bit of very welcome rain this early morning. Things are so dry here already after a wet spring. Maybe sit still in the duck house for a while with some tempting food. They forgot about you while you were gone….bird brains.

    • They have never been used to me. I feel almost hurt. John has given up gardening next to their run- how they don’t hurt themselves I don’t know.

  4. I’m glad the cows have settled in. I’ve seen some quite tame Indian Runners who will take food from the hand, but I’ve never met their Khaki cousins in the flesh. I wonder if a few chickens in the enclosure would help duck sociability…

    • I cannot get within 20 feet of them without them screeching and literally running into the walls to get away. They just pile up onto each other in horror. Handfeeding will never happen- I would just like to be able to walk past their garden without setting off a stampede.

  5. You made me smile today…. Everyone seems happy and calm. I’m learning a new job so stopping to chew the cud and think about what I just learned is a must….. but I’m drinking from the fire hydrant this week……

      • New Job and New duties have been assigned on top of keeping the OLD duties. The person I’m replacing has already assumed her new job so she is learning a new job and teaching me her old job. I get 1 hour a day – to absorb 4 hours of material.

        We are shifting people around at work like you shift the animals from field to field. I don’t know if I am going to an alfalfa field or another thistle field, but I know I’m enjoying the hectic schedule right now.

  6. Your comments on the ducks made me smile, not funny for them but still 😂

  7. Just keep walking past them, they’ll adapt, just like Wai, Wai did. They had no mama duck to teach them what not to be afraid of. If they have any peeplets, perhaps it would give you the opportunity to ‘socialize’ them, like you do puppies or kittens? Are their wings clipped so they can’t fly away? BTW, did I see a couple of new sores on Wai – one on his back and one on his little nose, or are those just the old ones? So glad you’re back and things are running smoothly!

    • I won’t be breeding these ducks – however I am not going to clip their wings. They need to be able to fly from predators if they get out. I have a friend who has a few and they fly out every morning and return to be let back in every evening. We will see. I am going to play it by ear.

  8. You have to spend time around the ducks. The less you are around the more wild they will be. They will never be friendly or touchable so try not to take it personally. They have a strong wild streak that has been bred into them. You will love the eggs which are preferable to Muscovy eggs from what I’ve read. And khakis can’t fly well nor do they have giant claws like Muscovy which can fly like pros. You could try Peking white ducks for friendliness. That might help the khakis calm down a bit but I’m not sure. I’m not sure mixing in chickens is a good idea. Most khakis are crazy about peas and mine seem to lose all fear when Peas are on offer…thawed frozen peas. You have a bunch of hysterical teenage girls on your hands right now. Once they get a bit older they should calm down some.
    Welcome back.

  9. WaiWai and his pet dog 🙂 I remember seeing huge mobs of khaki campbells being herded along the roads in India, from pasture to pasture. They would take so long to move off the road, we’d just pull over and wait…….the chai and food sellers would miraculously appear and we’d have an impromptu picnic as the ducks streamed by, completely unafraid, chattering loudly, while small boys with sticks kept watcn.

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