HOME again, home again. Jiggedy Jig.

Even the skies are welcoming me home. Boo has not left my side since I arrived late in the early morning night.

And there are a lot of happy fat pigs. Everyone is fine. The ducks are still impossibly flighty, the two black cows Lucy and Luna and their babies are quieter – I have put them in with Del’s mob and they have blended quickly and quietly.


The West cows are sleeping under their trees – I will shift them today.

Poppys Six are still very happy, they grew a lot over a week.  I will work in their field this coming week and get it ready for their big shift into the great outdoors. Their Pig Pasture is looking wonderful.

I opened Pig Garden number one for the four pigs and they have gone at it like it is a smorgasbord. Happily chomping on the greens.


It is very muddy here and very, very green. Luscious. Almost rude after the dry slopes of Greece. The Pig Pastures have put in a huge amount of growth while I was away.

Now I begin to look for a dry pattern of weather so I can cut the big fields of hay. Not this coming week though with a chance of rain every day from today on.

Now that I am back, the grazing will be a bit more intense for the West cows so I am going over there with my electric fences today to start to cut them down into smaller fields. No more wandering about the place picking and choosing. They also had a lazy holiday week in my absence.

I also got some gardening in yesterday. I had to work hard all day so as to keep awake all day so I slept well last night. Which I did. The land received over two inches of rain in my absence so the gardens are wonderful to weed though the lawns are long and desperately need mowing – I will get into that too today.

I prefer to mow every other week so the wild bees get a chance to graze too. Did you know there are almost 500 species of wild bees in Illinois. Honey bees living in boxes are not the only bee pollinators you know!

I hope you have a lovely day.

I will!

Love celi

Look at this lovely weather.  Though lovely is directly relative to the amount of hay I have on the ground. None! So I am happy with the little chance of rain.

Thursday 10% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High 83F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.

Thursday Night 20% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 64F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph.

50 Comments on “JIGGEDY JIG

  1. Magnificent skies to welcome you home. So pleased to be back on the farmy, good luck with the jet lag. Laura

  2. Lush is a good word for your pictures today…. and those 6 are huge now! Poor Boo he just can’t fathom why you travel when he is there to love you…. Sounds like my pups too…

  3. Lovely and green and beautiful skies, both places are beautiful in their different ways.

  4. I think you’re using your newer camera; there’s a sort of gorgeous lush vintageness (OK, I do know that’s not a proper word) about the colours in the pig paddock images. Those piggies are going to associate you with delicious food even more than they did before. And quite right too…

  5. Yes, traveling with you to Greece was wonderful! Your updates and pictures make me want to go and spend a while there too! No doubt there is lots to do on the farmy now that you are back! Welcome home!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. How nice to come home to happy animals and lots of greenery – quite a contrast to the volcanic island.

  7. Isn’t this wide old world a glorious Goldie Locks planet? Such fun to travel about it & then come back home to your own happy green patch.

  8. This is another world entirely compared to the photos of Greece. These feel more…comfortable and well-known, while the cliffs and rocks of Greece were so exotic and mysterious. It was a thrill to take that little journey with you Miss C. Thank you for sharing such a marvelous adventure with us. Now though, it is equally wonderful to see the farm animals, and the lush green, back in your posts.

  9. Good to know that you arrived home safely…now you must look forward to the next eciting excursion

  10. I love that Boo loves you so–what about TonTon. And WaiWai. did he notice you were back?

  11. Dogs are so loyal. Welcome back, I enjoyed reading your posts about your trip.

  12. Welcome home! It’s nice to have the prairie sky to come home to (as well as the family, the home and the livestock).

  13. Sweet friend – is there anyway you can email me? I have something to discuss with you ❤ Inquiring minds need to know — snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  14. I’m afraid the others have already written my thoughts, so just add my sentiments along with theirs, plus my own personal “GLAD YOU’RE BACK!’

  15. What a great homecoming. I love to see all that green! and the animals are happy. Here I am, down the bottom of the list of comments once more, with the time zone change!

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