As my body and my mind and my words softly converged to make sense of my new love: the Greek Islands, I paid the ferry man and was slowly inexorably towed away.

Just as my daughter and I finally began to wriggle in and rest and talk amongst the dry rocks instead of hurrying to experience them.

Just as we found the wines we loved.

Just as we discovered the perfect spot for a late afternoon drink.

Just as we discovered that many of the stores only carried a facade of tourist hats and scarves, which had been repelling me from exploration because back in the shady depths where they had always been, lurked the Real businesses. And so we found our favorite grocery store where the locals shop and the barbers and the vegetables and the weavers and the electrician and the hardware stores.

I imagine at the end of the tourist season they pack away the hats and scarves that cover their steps and once more the store is the store.

Just as we discovered the extra words in the language to say thank you properly and blessings in reply.

Just as we got to differentiate between the heady scents of thyme and oregano in the hills.

Then I leave.

I am back in Athens now. One ferry ride over choppy drenching seas and one plane flight over. I will have to move fast as the wind through Heathrow. But after that it is the home stretch.

See you on the other side.


33 Comments on “GOODBYE GREECE

  1. There’s never enough time, is there? Trust me, a little longer and you’d have been having coffee in their homes. Kalymnos is a very dry island, there are others covered in plane trees and oleander. The variety is astounding, I’ve lived here all my life and still haven’t seen it all….

  2. Oh, how touching it is to read of this tender farewell to a new love. May it all live inside you and brighten your days through the hard work to come, and may you find a warm welcome among the animals and plants of the farm. Thank you for these beautiful posts that have come swimming into my winter days like golden fish – and into my afternoons when I can read them immediately! Travel well.

  3. You have eaten their foods, drunk their wines and been blessed by their hospitality. They have become part of you. Impossible to think that you will not return.
    Hold that thought through the long hours of your journey away from the lotus-eater’s isle, and towards the pigs, the hay, the sunflowers, the soil, the fresh warm eggs and the dish of asparagus.
    Αντίο, ταξιδιώτης, χαιρετισμούς, αγρότης

  4. In Rome one throws a coin into the Trevi fountain praying to return . . . . soft smile . . . I daresay you did something similar in a magical place called Kalymnos. Celi, yes it was far too short a time both for Greece and to be together with Sophie, but, just somehow I know that you will work towards a return to both and get there: because that is you! . . . . Meanwhile hope Heathrow does not aggravate and that you have a pleasant journey to a hopefully summery farmy . . . Blessings. . .

  5. That is so sad, but like all good things in our life ..we spend months or even years sometimes looking forward to the event…then its here..then its GONE!….Every year I plan our holiday well in advance, I thoroughly enjoy the planning and the exploring, then it all comes together and I feel quite chuffed!

    On 28th we start this years excursion to UK, a cruise up to Scotland..Iceland and back down to Ireland…My lifetime of living in UK and I wait until I am in Bulgaria before I decided we needed to explore…Now like you I am counting the sleeps..then it will be here and then past…..BUT I have my secret weapon..i have already started on 2019…..

    Have a safe journey home, with lots of happy memories, which can be repeated again

  6. Beautifully written and photographed. I’m so happy you have had this wonderful experience, and hope you get to return again. Safe journey!

  7. Over so soon! Mind that ferryman’s not called Charon or he’ll have you crossing the Styx 😉

  8. The best holidays are always far too short! I have loved the island right alongside you, one I doubt I will ever see, but I am looking forward to being back on the farmy again too. Happy travels, safe landings. Laura

  9. Safe travels and start planning your trip back. I wonder if Sheila would like Greece? Boo is going to be so happy to see you!

  10. I have loved traveling to Greece with you & glimpsing the island of Kalymnos through your eyes & words. I think your airbnb visitors are similarly beguiled when experiencing The Farmy & its inhabitants from the verandah of The Coop and the Kitchen’s Garden. It’s a wonderful trip, Celi, peering into all your worlds through my magical monitor. Efharistó.

  11. With that kind of ending and sadness to leave a beautiful vacation, it sounds absolutely successful. You are relaxed and when the farm problems get to you, you have in your mind another place to wander to and smile. Safe travels home.

  12. And it’s “home again, home again, jiggedy jig”. Thank you for taking us with you; your photos have been really special and it has certainly sounded like this holiday will hold special soft memories to feed off of for some time. Safe travels home. — Mame 🙃

  13. What a poetic farewell. You would feel the same anywhere you met with your daughter. Never enough time to absorb them into your heart again. I see mine once a week for a few hours and it’s still not enough.

  14. I hope you bring some of that loveliness back with you. Grim weather here in Illinois.
    Safe home!

  15. You leave me with such a calm and sense of mindfulness. I am preparing my trip to Germany tomorrow… I know I’ll experience the depths of life there just as you have with your daughter in Greece. I hope this trip will be a bright diamond in my niece’s life (she just graduated HS and will head to college this fall) and another grand adventure in my own life. Safe travels home, my friend. 🙂

  16. Ceci, thank you so much for ‘taking me with you’! I had a wonderful time. The sights, smells, tastes, and sounds are still so vivid! Thank goodness you will always have the memories!! Please, a safe and joyous homecoming for you!

  17. Another life is waiting anxiously for you. Can’t wait to read about their reactions! Safe travels.

  18. Lovely farewell to Greece. Thanks for having us all along to see some of what yo’ve seen. I’m sure Sheila will have some words for you about your not being there and Boo will be so thrilled to have you back.

  19. as dr seuss said, don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened

  20. My dream is to have a job which I can do anywhere in the world. If I could do this, I would travel around the world, living in different places or cities for 6 months or so at a time, getting to really know the way of life, experiencing it as the locals do. Maybe the goodbyes when I move on would be too hard, maybe I would find a place I want to stay forever… but I know myself well, and I get itchy feet to be moving on, finding another place to explore. Thank you for sharing your holiday with your wonderful words and photos. Safe travels home, your animals will be glad to see you back!

  21. many thanks for taking us along…delightful and o my how hard to say…see you next time…

  22. aaww – what a beautiful place to behold for sure! I dream of it and live through it in your eyes. Safe travels my sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

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