Yesterday a man who I will not name because he is a local mowed the ditches ghen set fire to them then left the area. Of course it roared up in the wind and shot out in all directions burning up dry, dry grass and if John had not made a fire break at our ditches edge with his tractor it would have burnt down the ditch side and up the other and taken out my long dry grass hay field. I get angry about once a year or so, and you do not want to see me angry but unattended fires make me VERY angry.In fact when I get angry my words get very slow and very clear and very succinct, my childhood deep sea fishermans vocabulary comes to the fore and my accent becomes terribly English.

Firelighters make me very angry. People who light fires in these conditions then drive away make me angrier.

However as I said later to John there is nothing quite as cleansing as a bout of good old fashioned righteous indignation, followed by a lie told (dumbass) which ignited some good old fashioned flash fury.  I felt even better when Our John was able to stop the grass fire from spreading into my hay field – it would have taken out the baby Mulberry forest too. Lucky he came home from work early.

All’s well that ends well.


After a very hot day under their fans, and once the smoke had cleared, the Mama’s finally took their babies out into the field.


It will be hot and muggy today (and hopefully we get some more decent showers) but I will have the fans on in the barn, again. But I feel that the worst threat of heat stress for the calves is over. They are panting but not open mouthed. I hope they were still outside when last nights shower came through.


When I get back from Greece we will be cutting the grass hay and I will start selling some of these beefers. I need to get some of these animals off the grass so it lasts the summer but I   also want to leave them ON the pasture as long as I can so they are good grass fed beef.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: A good chance of some rain. And we need it now. So  I hope the weather Gods smile their watery smile today.

Wednesday 80% Precip. / 0.64 in
Scattered thunderstorms this morning, then mainly cloudy during the afternoon with thunderstorms likely. High 84F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Locally heavy rainfall possible.

Wednesday Night 20% Precip. / 0 in
Cloudy early with some clearing expected late. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 69F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.

38 Comments on “HEAT and FIRE

  1. What an idiot! Well done John for averting a disaster.
    Those two Mamas, really are lovely looking cows.

  2. Some people leave you speechless at their gross stupidity! Thank goodness John came home early. Ohh I’d love to give him a few choice words. 😡

  3. So glad to hear the fire was kept under control. My goodness – the carelessness in such conditions amazes me. People flicking their lit cigarette butts out of their car windows in areas prone to drought and fires, people attempting to burn off a bit of under growth in urban areas where there have been water restrictions due to droughts for YEARS…just makes me shake my head.

  4. Some people are too stupid to be allowed to breed. If he’d done it here, he’d be prosecuted. Reckless endangerment of property and life, the moron. I’m glad you were able to give relief to your feelings without your words setting fire to anything else 🙂 Your pasture is looking beautiful.

  5. It is inexcusable to set a fire and then leave. Friends of mine did a prairie burn this spring of 4 acres next to their house. Four men were involved. It was carefully planned and executed.

  6. Those Angus cows are good looking animals, does their previous owner own a bull that could cover Aunty Del and Txiki later this summer? I did comment yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared, but really glad the two babies are coping better today. What benefit is it to the arsonist to set fire to “your” ditch and fields? He would be charged here for arson. Laura

  7. Our John saves the day – and the hay – and the forest. Fire is one of my biggest fears as I know you fret about it too with your barns. Happy Wednesday!

  8. Thank goodness for John. Human-caused disasters are often due to atupifying ignorance. We had a huge fire caused by a fool using a flare gun in a tinder-dry forest because he was lost. Another who used a poorly-maintained tractor in high-brush that sparked a fire that burned out part of a subdivision and several businesses. And on and on.

  9. Kate said it well. Seeing firsthand the devastation of careless fire setting turns my words blue as well. I’m glad your John was able to remedy the situation quickly and all is well other than your nerves. I would have loved to be there and listen to the sailor’s daughter unleashed. Wai is looking absolutely wonderful now. Glad the babies are holding their own in the heat. You are making the news again. Hope your day is a bit more boring. You deserve one of those after the last couple of days.

  10. Uncontrolled fire scares me in a visceral way. I’m so glad John got it under control in time. Give that man a hug for me! Fingers crossed for rain. We are very hot down here as well. Does not well for August.

  11. Surely there is a law!? That is insane and irresponsible and idiotic and….
    grrr. I think I would have thrown all neighborliness to the wind and left him with such a burn from my anger he never considers being a dumb ass again. I hope that anger of yours burned him.

  12. This weekend we had three or four (depending on how you count) fires, one was in the forest. Burning years are scary- last year from our house we watched the fires start to crest the ridge on the other side of town.
    Burning ditches makes sense but here that was banned in February!

  13. Thankful for John’s timely presence & quick action & happy for all of you that it did end well. I hope you both can settle it with the idiot as well, so he won’t ever do it again.

  14. Dreadful. It’s the same here in Spain but for the moment we’re OK as we’ve had so much rain. So glad the crisis was averted.

  15. I’m sure there were some choice words about that thoughtless, careless action of leaving a fire to burn just anything. I know I’d be making a visit and mentioning that it was a very good thing that your John was able to prevent the fire from burning the hayfield, it would mean that the hay that was lost would be replaced at HIS (the careless burner) cost as well as any losses suffered to your income because of having to sell animals before the proper time. Too bad the local law enforcement can’t make a visit and warn the person about doing that sort of thing again and that there would be consequences if he did.
    Wai is certainly looking good, his coming to you was a great blessing to him. I hope you get some of that needed rain today.

  16. Peeps idiotic behavior like this brings out the deviled ham in me. Let me at em for just a few minutes! I am so glad John was home to catch it in time. Take care sweet friends. Sending much love, hogs and snout kisses. XOXO – Bacon

  17. If it is the same person who did this last year, can you send a registered letter to him insisting he notify you when he intends to do the burn and that he attend it or legal suit will be necessary? Is it on public land? Seems like something your county sheriff or mayor should know about. Can’t believe it would be lit and then abandoned by starter. Thank goodness John got home early!

  18. I hadnt heard “all’s well that ends well” in a long time. I really need to remember that very important message, and perhaps pass it along in times when/where it fits !! Thank you for words of wisdom….

  19. I can’t imagine anyone even remotely connected to farming doing an unsupervised burn in California. If you don’t have a permit, and specific clearance for the fire, the fire department will be there in 15 minutes and put it out, then fine you. A designated “burn day” is not only contingent on potential fire danger, but also on air quality. The neighboring Christmas tree farm piles their trimmings all year in an area that they keep in a plowed perimeter. They wait until fall, before the rains or the pile won’t burn, for an approved burn day. It’s something they complain about, it would be easier for them to burn as they go along, but I can see from your example that all those rules that are annoying sure beat having an idiot burn up the entire neighborhood. I think our friend Linda in Colorado had a similar experience a few years ago.

  20. Good lord, love a duck!! Or several ducks in your case! Is there no end to the stupidity out there? Like some others mentioned, I would probably send a registered letter to the arsonist/moron…that is, if he can even read. Then also notify local authorities of the incident.
    Wai Wai is looking just splendid! He has come such a long ways in your good, kind care!

  21. Lawzy mercy! You don’t even leave a campfire unattended! Just ask Smokey the Bear!

  22. Good grief! You don’t even leave a campfire unattended!!! I wasn’t sure that WAS Wai Wai……he’s beautiful! Are the mamas gentling down a bit? I’m surprised the animals didn’t ALL go into a wild panic with that fire and smoke!

  23. I can’t add anything more than what others have said. Just dittos! And Wai looks so svelte!

  24. It’s amazing to me that people can be so stupid and careless, but we see this sort of thing far more often than is believable. I’m SO glad you all were prepared and suffered no damage other than raised blood pressure. And you’re going to Greece? One of my most favorite places. I look forward to reading more about it. You’re animals are looking great.

  25. Shaking head at people’s idiocy… lighting a fire and leaving it unattended! As one other poster said, here in NZ if he lit a fire without a permit the fire department would be there putting it out pronto, at his expense.

    Hard for me to imagine your hot temperatures at the moment! We have suddenly descended into winter. 2°C this morning when driving to work, and must have frozen at some point during the night, everything covered in a lovely white frost. Very unusual this early in the year, though I suspected we were in for a cold winter when the rats and mice started coming in in droves earlier. The payoff for such cold weather is gorgeous blue skies and sunny days, although it’s barely hitting 10°C in the middle of the day.

  26. Sounds like an illegal burn. The short-sightedness is astounding, scary and yes, maddening. So glad the calves are doing well. Glad they came early so you could be home even though it was hot.

  27. As you would know, Celi, this in Australia would send one to jail! Very fortuitous it worked out like that. We do have something in common: I also get truly angry but rarely, I also react in exactly the same way – very quietly, very properly, counting each word and somehow espousing the most correct English heard in the surrounds . . . . actually the other side simply has no comeback but cringe . . . .

  28. Okay, I will not redundantly state the obvious. Such matters corrupt my vocabulary as well.
    Ah, a thunderstorm would be nice.

  29. Oh my, look at Wai. He’s in a very dark mood, if those tiny eyes are as piercing as I imagine. P,lhus he looks like a bomb that’s already been dropped and is about to explode. How about taking him over to have a talk with that awful man.

  30. That idiot man would be spending time in jail and paying HUGE fines if he did that here. Wildfires are a HUGE danger and hard to stop.
    What was he thinking? Oh yeah…..he wasn’t thinking. How scary for you.

  31. Oh boy that is one of my pet hates! Literally .. I can’t understand how people can be so stupid! And where does the care factor for others come into play. Imagine if it had got out of control. What a pratt! Grrrhhh

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