And we all weedily grow. Lankily. In adolescent stages. 

We had  one significant downpour. The dogs and I sat in the verandah and waited it out. Then I heard thunder then the bang of the screen door. I turned around and realized the dogs had run inside out of fright. Without a word. Like parachutists jumping out the back door of the plane at the first falter of the engines. Silent. I turned back and enjoyed the rain alone.


I made a small electric fence within one of the pig pastures yesterday for the Mama’s to take their calves in there. Luna and Laia will eat and the calves will learn about electric fences.


Do you see that the sunflowers curl to the sunset even when they have no flowers and I have no sun.


I found a Robins nest and while I took the shot Mum and Dad robin screeched at me “don’t touch. Don’t touch. Too  close. Too close”. I am starting to get a complex.


These two love me though.


And this muddy mob.


Johns planting of sweetcorn (with his ancient John Deere planter) had a good watering-in.

I hope you have a lovely day

Love  celi

WEATHER: Hot and windy.

Thursday 10% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High 92F. Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph.

Thursday Night 20% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy this evening with more clouds for overnight. Low 67F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph.

36 Comments on “A LITTLE RAIN

  1. That nest looks so vulnerable – you’d think they’d hide it! Those little pigs are getting big!

  2. This post makes me happy. You can feel the peace of a quick soaking rain. The change of ions. That smell. Coolness in rivulets that float through heat. Thank you.

  3. We have had nothing but rain for days on end. But I am not complaining. My Malagasy tortoises breed during the rainy season, and spraying with a hose doesn’t quite have the same effect. I’ve seen more breeding behavior this year than ever before, and some of my girls have already started laying. I could not be happier!

    Hope you get enough rain to water your farmy this summer, but not so much that you are washed away. Wishing you 4 dry hay harvests.

  4. Yesterday i wrote a long comment about your episode with the new cows…loads of iyt I wrote and before I could press ‘send’it all disappeared ..never to be seen again…My laptop is really messed up and I am waiting for Grandson to sort it out…

    Anyway..rain at last..enough tp wet the scorched horizons and sent out the new green shoots…. I love watching the rain and the thunder..not so much the lightening as I am a bit scared of it.

    now for rain and sun and weedy things will start to get firmed up….is it three more sleeps till Greece

    lots of love

  5. Ah, rain…. makes it all green and lush again after the heat. We are so so bright green here in Texas now, but alas we are at the beginning of a heat wave…. green will yield to tan I fear. Is it Thursday already? I am still not sure what time or day it is. Vacation brain.

  6. Those beautiful eggs… the small and perfect miracles that birds create every time they build a nest and lay their eggs…

  7. Glad for the rain. I was hoping you’d get some heat relief from it. I am assuming Lucy is fully recovered and keeping hydrated now. Lovely eggs. I am always surprised by the beauty of that blue.

  8. Lovely photos. I recognized those sunflowers right away. I sure enjoy watching mine move throughout the day. Heliotropic, moving with the sun…

  9. Ceci, thank you so much for the photo trip around the farmy. Did my heart and soul good! Eye candy? Oh yes!

  10. Have to laugh…my porch rail is lined with those glass insulators too. I remember my grandma having them on her rails at their farm. Nostalgic!

  11. The one piglet looks like it has a head at both ends😄

  12. What a lovely post. It was a real portrait of your day on the farm…poignant with humour. 💕

  13. Ah, I wish we had your rain. We’ve got scattered showers here, so a few minutes of light drizzle, then sun again before you could finish frying an egg. It’s been dry as a bone and unusually hot. Our average high for may is 65f… This year our average is 85f! Not to mention bone dry. Yikes!

  14. Do you remember when boxes from Tiffany’s Department Store were robin’s egg blue. I am not very old, but I can remember that color. I also think it was a classic color for Chevrolet in 1957.

  15. It’s raining here today, too. Ahhhh. So nice! We love the rain this time of year. You never know when the faucet will shut off for the summer prompting dry forests and fires.

  16. I surprised myself just now. I had no idea how invest d I was in John’s old planter working until I read that he’d planted sweet corn with it and was overcome with delight. Hooray for making old things new, or at least functional!

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