A little more rain. A little more packing (though travelling with only hand luggage is all about the UN-Packing).  Lots of getting the farm ready to leave for a week. 


Today I am focused on the kitchens garden. It is seen from the window of the KitchensGardenRetreat which is fully booked for the first six weeks after I get home. So as well as supplying the kitchen – it needs to look lovely too.


The first round of sweetcorn is growing well. This was planted by the man who rents this land off Johns Uncle. John is in charge of weeding sweetcorn.  I simply do not have the time.



With the showers we had the other day the pigs gardens are growing.


And with the heat the grasses are heading up fast.

While I am away there are only a few hot days – the rest will be very pleasant which is a relief for the animals. Everyone is where they will be now. Nothing will be changed now or while I am away. The cows and their calves are out of the barn and in the field – there is no-one with time to muck out – it will be much cleaner and healthier in the fields. They have the big trees for shelter.

Shots from the day BEFORE yesterday – usually you live in my yesterdays – now it feels like time travel to leap you back another day.


But seeing WaiWai let Tima and Tane sleep so close to him is worth the journey. They still drag their blankets about – I am not sure if they are moving them on purpose – but I think someone needs to tidy their bedroom.  Maybe when I get back.

I leave early, early tomorrow morning to begin taking trains all the way up to the airport. I feel anxious about my plane connections but once I have begun my journey I will relax. There is nothing I can do to change anything after checking in. Except run maybe.  I am connecting to my plane for Athens in Philadelphia airport – it will be tight.  And I have never been to that airport – I think this is what is making me anxious. I am seldom this worried though. You know how you look at your anxiety and pick it apart to work out what is the bother. I cannot find that kernel of identifiable unease in this one.

I just feel anxious and will plod through until it alleviates.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER; Gardening Day Weather

Saturday 0% Precip. / 0 in
Sunny to partly cloudy. High 84F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday Night 80% Precip. / 0.36 in
Thunderstorms. Low 61F. SSE winds shifting to WNW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%.





38 Comments on “ONE MORE SLEEP

  1. You are up early this morning! To get all things ready for your departure, I expect. Safe travels and calm seas when you arrive. Greece! What fun and the food, oh the food! Have a good day, C.

  2. Have a lovely trip Miss C. Love, love, love seeing WaiWai with companions, if not friends! Safe travels!

  3. All will be fine. The tall grasses are so beautiful. That pic takes “pigs in blankets” to a whole new level. Good flying, friend.

  4. I can totally sympathize with the travel anxiety. Any time I travel, even if it is just an overnight car trip to see family with no real deadlines, I always get a bit anxious before we leave. It is not that I am nervous about flying or anything like that. The best way to describe it is this looming feeling of going to be late even when we are fully on time or early or there is nothing to be late for. Sigh. As soon as we hit the road, it all disappears though, so ah well. Safe travels!

  5. Farmy looking great, safe travels and happy landings. Laura

  6. My anxiety levels are always high as departure looms. I can’t imagine with a farm & so many animals & large garden how anxious I would be. But with me, once I have left & am underway, worry drains & adventure beckons. New airports are super challenging but an experienced world traveler like you, Celi, will jump Philadelphia in your seven league boots in one bounce & then Athens! I can’t wait to see your photographs & enjoy your Grecian voyage vicariously.

  7. The clouds in that one picture look so looming. The sky over the plains always looks so much bigger than everywhere else. Even the ocean. I wonder why. Maybe it’s just that I don’t recall seeing as much weather over the ocean so I wasn’t as focused on the sky. I was a child when we lived near the ocean. Weather isn’t a thing that captures a child’s attention much.

  8. Well, it certainly seems as though you have everything set for your week away! And no doubt Our John will be able to manage any little thing that might pop up. Just last week the two of us were away for a week together the first time ever in the springtime. And besides lots of work in the garden upon return, all was well with the animals, thank goodness! Sending positive energies for smooth connections on your travel. Travel is always a bit worrisome for me as well. A nice glass of wine, or two after you are aboard the plane to Greece will be something to look forward to!

    • I just wish John would get involved with the farm then he would know what to do . Summer animals are very different to winter animals. He just listens to his rage radio and is so disengaged that he would not notice a herd of cows running down the drive. Hopefully he will come out soon so I can show Him what’s what

  9. How exciting – bon voyage!
    It’s amazing to see those pigs creeping up on Wai. I hope his old life is just like a bad dream now.

  10. Safe and glorious travels, Celi. Greece awaits and the Philadelphia airport will be no big deal. It’s so nice to see Wai there with Tima and Tane.

  11. In high school our senior class was offered the chance to go to Greece (Athens). My parents weren’t able to afford to send me but my bff brought me back a lovely silver charm of the Parthenon for my charm bracelet (in those days, charm bracelets were a ‘thing’) which I still have.

    Try a glass of very cold retsina … white wine flavoured with pine) with a platter of rice and vegetable-stuffed dolmades or grilled sardines in a tomato sauce or an ouzo with a selection of small mezes (like Spanish tapas). And toast those of us left behind. 🙂

  12. Scene: a picturesque beach kafenío in Kalymnos. A pretty blonde lady sits alone, toying with a plate of meze and a glass of retsina. She is frowning slightly and looks unsettled. The fatherly owner glances at her from time to time, and finally asks her what is troubling her. He’s an old romantic, and imagines a failed romance. Celi shakes her head. “No” she says, “I’m wondering if the pigs have escaped again!”…..

  13. I know that pre travel unsettling feeling sometimes…and like you, I can’t quite know what it is. All will be well though once you are winging your way to the Greek islands! What a wonderful, exciting adventure for you!
    I loved seeing Wai Wai sleeping so close to her fellow pig mates…it seems he is getting more content as time goes by.
    I’m wondering though…what is rage radio? That doesn’t sound good!

  14. We will all keep good thoughts for you on your trip with great ease of connections. Seeing Wai with Tima and Tane is such a happy sight. You have done well with him. Men! They are wired so differently than we are that they frustrate the devil into us.

  15. Take a deep breath..then let it all out.

    Now relax and go enjoy yourself

  16. Ahh, Miss C, everything/one looks marvellous and seems Lucy has survived a nasty bout with the heat. Wei looks like a miserable old man but his skin condition appears second to none… great news. Your ducklings look delightful and, yes, did make me smile. The muddy brood of piglets are always a delight. I do wonder about your Angus Mama’s. Will they both go for meat after weaning their calves or will you keep them on to milk? Sounds like they won’t be too happy to be so intimately close to you… lol. After such a long winter that seemed never-ending, the farm is so beautifully green and productive again. Hope your short rain spells and long sunny days continue.
    And especially your trip! I wish you a wonderful time and jaw dropping experiences. The lifestyle as portrayed on tv and in film is the stuff of fantasy. Hope you have a wonderful time and return home safely. — Mame 🙃

  17. When we lived in Darwin, up North in Australia, many of the migrants there were from Kalymnos, and our two closest neighbours were from there. Lovely people and delicious food! Enjoy!!

  18. Good that you are only taking hand luggage, travelling without checked-in baggage makes you feel so unfettered, and makes for efficient connections ♡

  19. So much preparation and the farm is looking good, able to be left. I hope you have your passport and visa up to date this time! Have a wonderful time in Greece.

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