And wide awake and ready to explore!

This is a letter written on my phone just to let you know I have arrived.

AND this is my view.

Kalymnos: Greece.

Many more pictures to come – very soon – I having the usual technical problems hence the phone message.

But all will be sorted by the dawn post!

Have fun – I am going into the pool!

Love Celi

24 Comments on “I AM HERE

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful time. Thanks for letting us know you arrived safely.

  2. Wow, and if forecasted temps are correct, 34C might keep you there
    Enjoy, enjoy. Laura

  3. Love you so much!! Have enough fun for all of us! Love, Rosy

  4. You are just down south from me…if I stand on a high building I could wave to you. That is a really super duper view ( makes a change from cows, pigs and poo piles) tell me which hotel and I might stay there one day

    have fun in the sun

    Lots o love

  5. Have fun! We spent two weeks in Greece on our honeymoon…one of my most favorite places in the world and great people.

  6. So glad you arrived safely and are loving it already! Beautiful color! Enjoy!

  7. Ceci, splash around in that pool with wanton delight every chance you get! Your turn to play carefree duckling!

  8. Great you have arrived safely in the Greek Islands!!! You probably better load a suitcase full of sponges and bring them home to sell!!! I just looked up pictures of the island ~ pretty little place and you will enjoy!! I’m envious of ya ~ we spent 3 wks on our honeymoon on the mainland , Santorini and Rhodes and took a day trip to Simi!!!

  9. Looks like you selected a perfect spot for rest and relaxation! Have a wonderful time and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!!

  10. I think I’d be spending a large amount of time in that pool with my elbows on the edge, contemplating the view and infinity beyond it. Greece really does have an extra special line in heart-stoppingly amazing views…

  11. Ohhh, looks like bliss! I love Greece, especially the amazing food (spanakopita, luscious watermelon, little squares of dark halva after a meal…). Enjoy! 🙂

  12. Oh my goodness. I would be jealous except that you so DESERVE that luscious vacation. What a view! What a pool! Looks like heaven.

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