It has been a long few days- though I have forgotten as much as I remember. My first flight was delayed by 45 minutes and the second one by four hours. No explanation supplied.

Never mind. My recent experience of air travel is frequently fraught with delays or maybe it is just American Airlines. I don’t know. I go into a purgatory of expressionless waiting. The biggest problem is having enough reading material.

However when we hit Greece all our connections went smoothly except possibly for the ferry which had not updated its timetable but they offered to mind our luggage while we went to town for the intervening two hours. Figuring that there was a squad of tough coast guards armed and ready for an invasion of immigrant Turks with boats moored next to the ferry we decided the bags would be safe.

The ferry was swift, followed by a terrifying drive in our tiny rented Suzuki through the ever narrowing streets of the Port city of Kalymnos – I have forgotten its name but ah well – to our little bijou newly built apartment clinging to the side of a mountain with a plunge pool and big doors with other little apartments with pools and big doors clinging to the side of The mountain.

The driveway was so steep and our luggage of ropes and metal climbing thingies was so heavy ( it was not me – I was not heavy ) that the little overburdened red Suzuki squealed and shuddered all the way up the mountain.

Unlike the little red Suzuki I decided I was not venturing back down the wretched mountain for a few days – my nerves had come to the end of their tethers and were threatening to spit their knots.

So I took it upon myself to lounge about the pool while the thirty- somethings who I still refer to as The Children went back out in the little red Suzuki to buy supplies.

Today will be more of the same. We have more people coming today to join us clinging to the mountainside.

But I will not be driving- I continue to lounge with books.

The fun begins.

Love Celi

63 Comments on “WIDE AWAKE

  1. Wonderful to see you pop onto my screen this evening- the only time when those notices didn’t annoy me. Time to go catch up on the farmy. I love that you are organized enough to get away. I’m going to go read how you managed that! Have the most wonderful time… you deserve it. cheers… wendy

  2. Ha, I’m seldom the first to comment on your posts, but the time change and your jet lag are on my side. I hope you get a lot of laughing and relaxing and some very good food into you. 💕

  3. By the way, it IS American Airlines. They are shocking for schedule and service, in our experience.

  4. I do not envy you travel trials but definitely envy the view. It is stunning. I do not blame you one bit for not wanting to go on those roads again. I haven’t been on that one but several like you are describing. Sitting with a good book beats a horror ride any day. Keep enjoying the children.

  5. I’d be very tempted to stay where you are and let the kids climb mountains etc. Bugger that! It looks gorgeous though – I have another dear friend on Santorini at the moment. Between you, I’m wondering what the heck we are doing in Palmerston North (where it is bleak and not at all picturesque) XO

  6. Here is another from your Australian Contingent 🙂 ! Time, beautiful time !! Oh so fully approve of your bijou but no poolside reads please !!! Far, far too much to see and’ learn and far too little time! . . . . hope you have made friends with the Greek goats even if you are having one for dinner . . .

  7. One word… FANTASTIC FOUR WORDS.. Wish l was there

  8. Oh my, your photos are simply stunning! I gasped when I scrolled to the one of silver light on the grey water. No matter the age, your children are always your children… my daughter and her husband are “the kids”; she will be 50 on her next birthday… heh heh. Enjoy! — Mame 🙃

  9. What a treat, I am reading your post with my early morning coffee, not often we are in the same time zone 🙂 Have you met the goats and have you checked the quality of the hay they are eating? There is one more terrifying road, on the Isle of Capri, drivers had to pull their side mirrors of their tiny Fiats into the car to pass each other while barely missing motorbikes with full families of four on them. Just think how useful that drone would be on the farmy 🙂 You have landed in Paradise, enjoy. Laura

  10. I am glad you are relaxing by the pool. I would do the same thing.

  11. Hat on head. Wine in hand. You’re set and looking lovely, I might add. Has anyone started singing ABBA’s “Mamma Mia” yet? That’s when you know your Grecian holiday is truly on track.

  12. If I had that view, and a teetering mountainside terrace to enjoy it from, and I was travel-weary, I’d be staying put too. Possibly forever… Not for nothing are the islands of Greece called the Cradle of the Gods.
    Your photos are always lovely, but these are exceptional. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.

  13. Oh how idyllic! I totally concur with leaving little red suzuki trips to others. It’s such a luxury to be still in a beautiful place, and who wants scary experiences when on holiday.

  14. What is the large yellow contraption, is it a giant drone?

  15. Harrowing car rides – Paris France – UGH!!! Ah to be on a mountain where you have been in the plains for so many months! Enjoy your time! What exotic foods will be on the table I wonder? Did you take the cast iron pan as usual?

  16. Looks beautiful! Wishing you a very relaxing time. I’m always amazed at how quickly you transition out of farming and chore-list mode into full on relaxed! Wishing you a wonderful time!

  17. You have to go out and find the best feta on the island!
    I made the mistake of driving up the side of a quarry on Corfu, in search of an abandoned village (Old Perithia) and castle. The road was treacherous, all lumps of marble in an ancient Fiat and I nearly turned back several times, but I’m so glad I didn’t. The village, castle and views were amazing. There was even a tiny restaurant bar where the last couple of residents lived. It was once on a thriving route through the island that got bypassed with a new road.

  18. If anybody deserves to lounge with a book for days on end, it is you! Enjoy. And I can’t figure out what that orange thing is, either. I’m going with a drone.

  19. I believe you have made the correct decision. I wouldn’t move until compelled to by the return airline ticket.

    Is that drone you took a pic of belong to your group or is it someone poking their camera into your space?

  20. Looks like a slice of heaven. I would stay perched right there!

  21. WOWIE!!! For me, I’d do just what you’re doing…relax or go walking. Mountain climbing is on my personal ‘forbidden to do’ list. When will you be doing that treacherous treat? I’d ride in the Suzuki before I ‘d even consider the other! Have fun an be careful, brave lady!

  22. Those metal “climbing thingies” are carabiners (“beeners” for short; ) and wonderful for keeping keys safe and organised: )

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