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New bobby

We all melted in the heat yesterday but Leia managed to give birth easily to a wee Bobby calf before breakfast. She kept him under the tree for the day and has not brought him into the barn again. 


  SOMETIMES there are little Instagram videos that you just can’t miss. This is a milestone moment. I gave the ducklings a dish of water and they took to it – Like Ducks to Water!


TonTon, bless him.

Found IT

My camera that is – at last.  Elle saw it – waiting for me on top of the fuse box attached to the power pole in the yard. I was standing not even three feet away. The good news is that we found it… Continue Reading “Found IT”

There are Pigs …

… and then there are PIGS. The little pigs look so big and chubby until you put them next to Sheila the Big Pig. Then the Little Pigs look like little pigs again.  If you have a moment and want to see Sheila off… Continue Reading “There are Pigs …”

A Watchful Stillness

There has been a curious watchful stillness about the air these last few days. Waiting. “Captive wild animal watching the open door.” – kind of waiting.  This was our sunrise yesterday. In a moment it will spring forth leaving winter in its wake but for… Continue Reading “A Watchful Stillness”

Bellying Down

Yes. That would be Tahiti. Her belly is really starting to drop now.  This is called bellying down in Hog Breeders Speak. Can you see  the line of her udder forming?  In my experience she probably has a week or so to go but things… Continue Reading “Bellying Down”

Not too Bad

Other than a few trees down including the beloved old cooking apple tree, and a young maple most of the damage from the storm was from flying branches and debris. And not too bad. The cows are very clean! The gardens will be ok… Continue Reading “Not too Bad”