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The chickens are supplying us with at least three dozen eggs a day sometimes more. One dozen a day goes to the pigs and the others are sold.  Last week I sold fifteen dozen eggs. The pigs had a few less though. This week Jake… Continue Reading “EGGS GALORE”


“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life”. Lord Byron



So Tired Now

Every few hours for the last few nights I have been up to check Poppy’s Sty TV but nothing. She is way past her due date now and there is milk in that udder but still no babies.  Poppy does not have a perfect udder.… Continue Reading “So Tired Now”

Molly and Poppy

The two sows seem to be living together quietly now that I have locked Molly and her brood even further back in the barn. They have no shared walls now. And with the weather being so miserable and cold the piglets spend most of… Continue Reading “Molly and Poppy”

Found IT

My camera that is – at last.  Elle saw it – waiting for me on top of the fuse box attached to the power pole in the yard. I was standing not even three feet away. The good news is that we found it… Continue Reading “Found IT”

A magnolia year

The new calf is going to be called Roxanne but we will call her Roxie. She is so sprightly and fun. I think she will be a perfect Roxie.  Thank you so much for all the suggestions both in The Lounge and on the… Continue Reading “A magnolia year”

The surprise nine

When I enter a barn that houses an expectant mother due to give birth I always pause at the doorway and listen. I stand for a while, adjusting to and sorting through all the sounds that determine who is where and what is going… Continue Reading “The surprise nine”

Nine Bouncing Baby Piglets

After the longest labour I have  experienced with a sow  (five hours) Poppy gave birth to her sixth piglet. After an hour of cycling them in and out of their box having a good drink so there were at least three on her at one… Continue Reading “Nine Bouncing Baby Piglets”