The chickens are supplying us with at least three dozen eggs a day sometimes more. One dozen a day goes to the pigs and the others are sold.  Last week I sold fifteen dozen eggs. The pigs had a few less though. This week Jake wants to send up thirty dozen(between us)  – we are after a specific weekly order from a specific restaurant so I am going to try.  This means I need to collect seventeen dozen this week! So the pigs will get even less this week.


Jake is my middleman so I sell the eggs to him for $2.50 a dozen. He supplies all the trays and transport and sells them on. So the chickens are paying for their own feed and hay and some left over.


I think they like this cool weather and they are loving the extra light.


Good chickens.


Last night before I got out to shut the chicken’s door on my evening  stroll, there was a cufuffle, the dogs almost threw themselves through the door trying to get out. They raced to the chook house and interrupted a Bastard Mink – it had already killed one of the old brown chickens who liked to sleep in a nesting box. Boo chased the mink off. He was gone a while so who knows. I locked the chook house down hard. No more going into the field for a while, they are back to their little run until I feel it is safe again. I will look for mink tracks to the creek this morning (the animals run low to the ground and leave a very obvious trail through the long grass) – putting Boo along their tracks a couple of times a day moved them on last year.  They are pretty smelly and easy to track for him.

But I do not want those Bastard Minks moving in again -they can move on off down river. They are terrible killers.

The coyotes are around on their fortnightly rotation so they may clean a few minks up too. They mainly feed on small mammals.  Which is useful.

Now to work for me.

Oh,  I almost forgot to tell you – I felt Poppy’s babies kicking yesterday. So, I am going to have to shift her over here today. She is not dropping down or anything but maybe soon. John is almost finished patching out the rust on the new trailer.  So he will bring it back from his workshop this afternoon and we will give it a trial run swapping these big sows around.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Not too bad but I am looking forward to the wind swinging back to the South and warming up. Not today though. Still a bit cold today.

Sunday 03/11 0% / 0 in
Cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy this afternoon. High 41F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph.

Sunday Night 03/11 10% / 0 in
Some passing clouds. Low 26F. NNE winds shifting to WNW at 10 to 15 mph.

7:11 am 6:55 pm

Waning Crescent, 31% visible 3:38 am 1:29 pm




54 Comments on “EGGS GALORE

  1. A mink again! I hope Boo scared him good. Those eggs are beautiful! I wish I could buy nice eggs like yours for $2.50 a dozen. I pay about $6 (canadian) for eggs by free range happy chickens. I guess they have to be expensive for the farmer to make a go of it. But if they weren’t so darn expensive more people would buy them.

    • I imagine if you lived by a farmer they’d sell uncartoned eggs for cheaper. So much is in the packaging and transport. It could be worth a try finding one close to you!

      • Yes, I should look for a place to go as an outing this summer. I live downtown in a city so I would likely have to drive a bit. I wish I could have backyard chickens but my city doesn’t allow it in my zone.

  2. Oh no not the mink again! I hope Boo frightened it off. Good boy Boo. 🐕😊

    • Yes – I saw tracks in the usual places and the dogs and I will go down there and bother them often – hopefully our smell will make them unhappy!

  3. We used to lose a lamb or three to the coyotes in early June. They didn’t eat them, merely slaughter. We posited they were training their cubs. I hope the minks move on soon to other fill for their bellies.

    • That is just horrible – when i hear people say that only people kill for fun I raise my eyebrows and ask them about their cats – i know minks do for sure. Sad to hear you have a coyote problem – there are so few down here and so far I have not had problems with them – fingers crossed

      • My folks stopped having a coyote problem when they got a llama to join the herd. I did just see one twenty yards off a herd of deer in a neighborhood creek bed here today. As we continue to expand our footprints on the land, so we will continue to encroach upon the wild.

  4. I’ve noticed a huge increase in the eggs for sale on the stall I go to (at the Islington Farmers’ Market on Sundays) over the last two weeks. It sounds like you get a good price, though I’ve no idea (these days) what eggs cost in America.
    I do hope Boo gets the mink and all it’s relations.
    Well done Poppy and Manu!

      • She sells hundreds – I think some local restaurants buy a few dozen at a time, on a regular basis. They do most of the farmers’ markets in London and at a few they sell slices of frittata.

  5. The thought of a nice fresh boiled egg with buttered soldiers was always my Mums treat for me when l was feeling poorly…yummy just the thought…

    poor chicken being got at by the Bastards…hope she did not suffer for we have bielka which is a sort of pine marten …all of our chooks were killed a few years back and since then l have not had the urge to keep chickens. I dont like to seenthe suffering.

    Sounds like good business sense with Jake as partner..sort of like egging each other on

    Lots of love from me in BG

    • Oh YES! My Mum did the same thing when we were sick or she would make Timothy Eggs – in a cup – boiled eggs and buttered lightly toasted bread cut up small – we ate it sitting up on bed with a spoon – I had forgotten all about that! Thank you!

  6. Farm eggs here are quite pricey. $4. a dozen. Less in the grocery for that kind of eggs. Getting farm fresh eggs is not an easy feat for most of us. We are getting a touch of spring warm till Tues, then cold and wet again. It always goes your way when we are done with it. Good luck with getting rid of the egg thieves and chicken killers. I’m sure Boo is up to the task. Have a wonderfilled Sunday. Good luck with moving Poppy.

  7. Beautiful eggs, and not a trace of chook poo to be seen 🙂 Will it still be possible for you and Jake to fill that big regular order in the middle of winter when the laying goes down? Give Boo the mighty hunter a pat for being onto those Bastard Mink like lightning. But tell him to mind his leg a bit too…

    • Not in winter no – but all the chefs know that it is harder to get fresh eggs in the winter – it is a seasonal thing. I told Boo to mind his leg but I think it is too late – he is limping again today. c

  8. How lovely! Eggs every day and piglets on the way AND you used my favorite word cafuffle (spelled the way you say it with your lovely accent). We spell it kerfuffle, but it’s all the same. Still my favorite no matter how you spell it.

  9. Those restaurants and their customers are fortunate to be getting Farmy eggs. Our 11 share-hens provide us anywhere between 6 and 10 eggs a day. Occasionally 11. We think the goannas may be helping themselves to a few eggs but we can live with that. It’s enough for us and free eggs for family & friends who from time to time seem to find something to give us in return. I just love that they appreciate homegrown eggs.
    Love the Insta video. Your airBnb guest knows her way ’round a tractor. Her entourage is hilarious.

  10. Too much dysfunctional wildlife Well, I suppose they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. I wrote about a skunk recently. They are not normally a problem, but this one got into a a brief spot of trouble. A bat just had issue as well. Again, not normally a problem, but . . . . well, it is a long story. Eventually, I will write about Timmy, the baby deer. I can send you links if you like.

  11. Those are beautiful eggs! I remember gathering eggs at my aunt and uncle’s hatchery. Some went for the household the rest were put in the incubators. They had a lot of chickens and there were mink and feral cats they had to deal with that killed the chickens. There were baited traps around the fence and inside the chicken yard. The predators finally all left as more houses were built around the area. There is nothing quite like a freshly laid egg from free range chickens. I sure would love to have a couple chickens if I could. The spouse has never had farm fresh eggs like that, only the poor things from the grocery stores. I hope Boo didn’t really mess up his leg.

  12. Oh such gorgeous eggs! And such nutrients and taste from happy chickens!

  13. Congrats on finding another source of income, best of luck your girls giving your the eggs you need for these sales and baby kicks are such sweet things.. So sorry to hear about the mink.. They are not only killers but such wasteful ones at that.. hope you move it one right quick!

  14. I can’t wait to start our chicken journey. We are currently building a new house on 12 acres that should be done by the end of this year. If all goes according to plan we will have our baby chicks by March 2019. I spent a lot of time on my grandparent’s farm growing up and can’t wait to start a little farm of my own.

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