We backed the stock trailer up to the pig gate and Molly almost climbed right over the gate in her excitement to get in. We drove her to the West Barn where she leapt off the trailer and trotted with great enthusiasm down the corridor and into her side pen where her dinner waited.

Manu will be pleased now that wifey number two has arrived back. 

Then I invited  Poppy (wifey number one)  in, from outside the West Barn and she danced down to her end of the corridor and leapt up the step and onto the trailer Molly had just vacated. Poppy remained facing forward and ready to go. Anticipation written all over her body.  Once we got her back she helped open the trailer door then jumped down and trotted merrily into the farrowing pen, grunting happily to see that  HER dinner was waiting there.



She is looking pregnant. I am hoping we get at least three weeks though, before farrowing – we are still much too cold. Even with my new heating mats for the babies.


Inky feels entitled to stand in the feeder while everyone eats around her. She was taught this trick by a fat little PIG!


Here is the beginning of the manure heap. I have a sore back and one more pen to go then I will start on the chook house. Shovelling out the winter from the barns is strangely satisfying but really hard work.


The track. Boo and I followed all kinds of animal tracks down here – including the human one. We did not see any minks but we made sure she caught the scent of human and her dog.


I hope you have a lovely day.

I have a truck bed full of fattened roosters in yellow crates waiting to go off to the little chicken locker we have nearby.  I caught them and John helped me load them before dawn. I will depart in a few minutes. It is a warmish still morning so far.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Cloudy and above freezing. This Northerly is hanging on in there.

Monday 03/12 0% / 0 in
Cloudy skies. High near 40F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph.

Monday Night 03/12 0% / 0 in
Cloudy early, becoming mostly clear after midnight. Low near 25F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.

7:09 am 6:56 pm

Waning Crescent, 23% visible 4:24 am 2:21 pm

24 Comments on “IN LIKE FLYNN

  1. Loved your egg post – except for the bastard mink! Good Boo! Oh my – rooster catching…. why isn’t that a in itself!

    • I do think they remember the way it works – Molly was beside herself with excitement when she saw the trailer backing up – they often jump up on the gates for a pat but she was trying to climb over it with all four feet – in quite the lather of excitement. c

    • No No Not a bad back – a sore back – not the same thing at all. You are my worrier Patrecia. Just using muscles I have not used much over the winter!

  2. Poppy sure looks like she has more than 3, note to Molly. Sounds like the new trailer didn’t pose any problems, all good . Laura

  3. Love it when a plan comes together! It was great to see your AirBnB guest on the tractor over the weekend. Nice to have a little extra help sometimes :*)

  4. And here all this time i thought it was…In like Flint! Hah! Maybe because that’s where I’m from! Duh!

  5. Those girls and their husband-sharing… That’s a very impressive muck heap you’ve built there. I remember the joys of mucking out, but I’m very glad I no longer have to do it.

  6. How considerate of Molly and Poppy to be so good about the move, it’s kind of funny too.
    Snow flurries supposed to descend here too, as long as flurry is all it does and there’s no accumulation, that blasted hill is just miserable if there’s snow or ice. I was taking a good look at it and short of tearing down the buildings and the driveway ans starting over from scratch with some kind of switchback drive and new building arranged differently it’s just going to stay miserable. There was no real thought given to anyone acutally having to drive up the hill in winter when they built the apartment buildings.
    Have a lovely day.

  7. Such good piggies! I remember you describing the care you take when moving animals here and there, so everything will go well and nobody gets stressed — it sounds like it’s really paid off with these two!

  8. Sounds like everything is clicking (or is it clucking) for the moment. Manu should have a permanent smile on his face! Hope the weather warms up for all of us before too long. Have a lovely, productive day!

  9. What good girls they are.. makes things so easy when they are happy to work with you for sure.. I hear ya on the soreness of muscles that were not in as much winter use, but on the plus side.. our spring pen cleaning (and that is a awesome looking compost pile) means we are more ready for garden season and in my case, riding as well 🙂

    I like to take walks on the road with my riding horse, so we both can get start getting back in shape after a winter of chill but those first couple rides always leave me sore.. its amazing how much “work” it is to do a trail ride for the rider as well as the horse LOL

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