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Yes 15F is -9C. In other words – a wee bit chilly. Luckily my animals are a tough bunch. I look forward to carrying many buckets of warm water today!


The bright red of my cardinal pops against the muted landscape.


Shovelling winter bedding into the wind is hard on the eyes – and the lens. 


Did I tell you that our insurance company has taken the barn off their list and will not insure it anymore?  Is it insure or ensure? I must look that up. 

Pigs do not bend

Pigs do not bend in the middle. When they walk they do not curl around the corner like dogs – they shuffle like little fat buses. Here WaiWai’s head is quite still while his rear end tap dances across to get in line before… Continue Reading “Pigs do not bend”

D Minor

Only that Lady Astor and  the cats and I were listening to Handel when I was waiting for her to get over herself and come in for the milking yesterday evening. TonTon was there but he was not listening. He is a reggae fella… Continue Reading “D Minor”

Molly and Poppy

The two sows seem to be living together quietly now that I have locked Molly and her brood even further back in the barn. They have no shared walls now. And with the weather being so miserable and cold the piglets spend most of… Continue Reading “Molly and Poppy”

The Waiting Room

When it is almost time for the cows to be milked I open the waiting room and they stroll in and eat hay while waiting for me to get ready. They are usually an hour or so in there so I sure that they have… Continue Reading “The Waiting Room”

Under the weather

I am. Feeling a little under the weather.   That is a peculiar expression. “Under  the Weather”. But it is how I feel. This endless gray rainy cold weather. I am under it.  So I took an extra half hour of sleep for myself… Continue Reading “Under the weather”

Growling Sheila

Sheila tried to take her barn door off its hinges yeterday. She has another door out into her field but decided that she wanted to get into the field – maybe to visit Tane? She literally put her nose through the pales in the… Continue Reading “Growling Sheila”