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Butternut and Spinach Lasagna

Lunch on a leaf raking autumnal afternoon. Vegetarian lasagna. Some would call it a pie which is fair! A meal full of seasonal oranges and golds and deep green fresh greens. The vegetables caught between layers of summer tomato sauce, cheese, and home made… Continue Reading “Butternut and Spinach Lasagna”

Corn Fritters

My Mum used to make us corn fritters for lunch in the winter. She would use a can of Wattie’s whole corn. My Dad knew the Watties you know – I am not sure how he knew them being a man of the sea,… Continue Reading “Corn Fritters”

Mid Winter and More Gnocchi

Some pictures today. I need to get into the kitchen shortly and make the gnocchi recipe one last time. It is all about the method really. Then I will write it up and publish it on janiesmill.com – we are promoting Sifted Durum this… Continue Reading “Mid Winter and More Gnocchi”


Colour spelt with a ‘u’ – colour not color. Many words in American have ‘u’ removed. But English travels and like all languages is endlessly evolving. We can choose our spelling! The chickens laid us an egg yesterday so I made gnocchi. I am… Continue Reading “LETTING COLOUR IN”


I know I seldom post recipes anymore. It is mainly because in true peasant style I almost never use them. Almost all my cooking is done from some kind of muscle memory!


So many of my woofers over the years have been the children of immigrants. And, for me, the most wonderful thing about having such kids around is the discussions about the food their parents have brought to America with them.  Food is big talk… Continue Reading “POLISH DUMPLINGS (PIEROGI RUSKIE)”


The chickens are supplying us with at least three dozen eggs a day sometimes more. One dozen a day goes to the pigs and the others are sold.  Last week I sold fifteen dozen eggs. The pigs had a few less though. This week Jake… Continue Reading “EGGS GALORE”


Jake could best be described as my closest friend and good food soulmate here in America. He has his own huge gardens selling vegetables and eggs to Chicago,  is developing a farm to table restaurant and also, above the restaurant ,has an airbnb. Last night… Continue Reading “A PRETEND PARTY AT JAKES”

So, you’re going to Italy …

Hello, everyone. Celi asked me for some helpful tips for her upcoming holiday and I was very happy to oblige. I’ve since learned from a very reliable little bird that MILAN is the destination for our friend. With that tweet in mind, I’ve included not just travel details… Continue Reading “So, you’re going to Italy …”

Shift your focus

For a few minutes I would like you to think like a little balloon and I will trail you along on my walk through London yesterday, with old friends. We began in Angel (an area I was very familiar with) and through St John –… Continue Reading “Shift your focus”