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I know I seldom post recipes anymore. It is mainly because in true peasant style I almost never use them. Almost all my cooking is done from some kind of muscle memory!


So many of my woofers over the years have been the children of immigrants. And, for me, the most wonderful thing about having such kids around is the discussions about the food their parents have brought to America with them.  Food is big talk… Continue Reading “POLISH DUMPLINGS (PIEROGI RUSKIE)”


The chickens are supplying us with at least three dozen eggs a day sometimes more. One dozen a day goes to the pigs and the others are sold.  Last week I sold fifteen dozen eggs. The pigs had a few less though. This week Jake… Continue Reading “EGGS GALORE”


Jake could best be described as my closest friend and good food soulmate here in America. He has his own huge gardens selling vegetables and eggs to Chicago,  is developing a farm to table restaurant and also, above the restaurant ,has an airbnb. Last night… Continue Reading “A PRETEND PARTY AT JAKES”

So, you’re going to Italy …

Hello, everyone. Celi asked me for some helpful tips for her upcoming holiday and I was very happy to oblige. I’ve since learned from a very reliable little bird that MILAN is the destination for our friend. With that tweet in mind, I’ve included not just travel details… Continue Reading “So, you’re going to Italy …”

Shift your focus

For a few minutes I would like you to think like a little balloon and I will trail you along on my walk through London yesterday, with old friends. We began in Angel (an area I was very familiar with) and through St John –… Continue Reading “Shift your focus”

Roaming Pigs

Poppy the Hereford sow is travelling again – being the escape artist going under the fences.  She is due to come back into heat this weekend. Last night I went to check the cows and found Poppy the pig sleeping in the corner of the… Continue Reading “Roaming Pigs”

Argentinian Lunch – Recipes.

For Mothers Day yesterday our Argentinian guest made lunch. It was just wonderful. So tasty and I learnt a few very good tricks. So as a practice for his  English studies, last night Federico wrote the recipes down for me and described to me out loud… Continue Reading “Argentinian Lunch – Recipes.”

Eating wears me out!

Why does food make you feel so tired?  Yesterday we had home grown ham and vegetables with all the trimmings.  Piles of delicious food. Cold and gray outside with constant snow flurries but warm and happy on the inside in more ways than one. However… Continue Reading “Eating wears me out!”

Custard Squares – Thank-Fully

Our darling Ronnie, who has been with The Fellowship for years now,  observed to me yesterday (In the comments lounge where all the best conversations of my day happen except the ones with Sheila of course) that my blog had changed over the course of time.  I used… Continue Reading “Custard Squares – Thank-Fully”