Butternut and Spinach Lasagna

Lunch on a leaf raking autumnal afternoon.

Vegetarian lasagna. Some would call it a pie which is fair! A meal full of seasonal oranges and golds and deep green fresh greens. The vegetables caught between layers of summer tomato sauce, cheese, and home made pasta.

When eating seasonally these are the foods of the cooling months. The heart foods. The chickens will stop laying soon, there are only leaves left in the garden and benches of orange pumpkins are on stand by in the cool room. So there is a natural urgency to eat well and prepare for the cold seasons.

We need to stock up and eat up because winter is coming.

This pasta was made with Black Emmer flour but you can make it with good old All Purpose or whatever you have in the pantry.

🌟Do you have a flour-mill close by? See if you can find some local flour from local grains and help build a robust supply chain of food close to you. Keep these little businesses alive.

🌟Make friends with your farmer.

This pasta was made with four fresh farm eggs plus one egg yolk, (the cats got the left over egg white), three cups of flour, and enough water to bring it all together. Black Emmer is thirsty so I used about 1/2 a cup of water. Add your water cautiously – you want a stiff dough.

Allow the pasta at least 30 minutes to sit before rolling.

Scorch and roast the root vegetables.

Caramalize two onions. Pulled out some summer tomato sauce. Make a heavy bechamel with butter and flour, milk and cheese and lots of pepper.

The lasagna was constructed with the layers of home made pasta sheets, onions, tomato, butternut squash, spinach and cheese sauce.

The topping, which I crumbled on just before baking, was fresh breadcrumbs (I pulled apart a slice of Black Emmer bread) with dry roasted garlic and sage that I threw through hot salted butter.

Free style it! Just make sure to have enough liquid in the mix to cook the pasta.

Bake at 375F for an hour.

(Pop back to this post if you want to make enough pasta for a tribe: Pasta and Bread – remember those days when the house was full of people!! )!!

Remember that lasagna likes to sit for a few hours (or overnight) with a gentle weight on top to press it. After it has sat for those hours I add the last layer of bechamel, cheese then garlic and sage breadcrumbs. Then pop in the oven to cook- add 15 minutes if cooking straight from the fridge.

I have to admit that homemade lasagna is a mission, so make a huge pan of it so you can pop some in the freezer for a lazy meal.

Ok! After lunch I am going back out to rake more leaves in under the trees. Those leaves are life giving for the trees. I never burn leaves.

The chickens will get a few bags into their run too!


23 Comments on “Butternut and Spinach Lasagna

  1. That looks delicious and is very much like what I’d expect ancient pasta to look like – sheets of dough made with wheat flour and lettuce juice, around the second century in Greece (called Lagana). By the fifth century, in Rome, they were layering Lagana with a meat stufffing. Lovely bread too!

  2. Yes! So much seasonal food is coming and going through my kitchen now. Squashes of all kinds, garnet yams, cabbages, all the greens I can find, other root veg and pots of soup using the bits and pieces. Spinach salads galore with roasted veg, farro and simple vinaigrettes. Autumn is wonderful and my favorite food season. Freezing is essential. It is only me, but so much easier to make bigger amounts and put away for another time.

  3. You use both tomato sauce and bechamel? Do you alternate them, or mix them? I’ve made red lasagna and white lasagna, but never one that uses both.

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