The Wheat Is In The Ground!

They harvested!

The next morning they spread the matured chicken manure. (And yes it stunk!).

Then there was a shallow tilling to mix it in.

Then they planted. Through the night.

The planter wheezed and sorrowfully rolled, like an anxious shoemaker’s elf, through the soft night, along it’s designated path and sowed the organic wheat into the rich black soil.

( I dreamt of my childhood sailboat jetty that night. As the planter sailed repeatedly passed my bedroom window. The planter carries the sounds of halyards ringing as the masts rock in a gentle sea breeze).

And then, like a blessing, it rained, a good thorough deep drenching rain.

Literally a couple of days after the soybeans were hauled out, the Soft Red Winter Wheat seeds have been tucked into the soil preparing to germinate.

And Tima has been let out of her field for the winter.

Here is BooBoo in his adoration chair. Watching me write.

Have a lovely day!


21 Comments on “The Wheat Is In The Ground!

  1. Good morning Miss C! So much hard work to settle the farm into winter. Tima seems unimpressed.

    • Yes, deeply unimpressed- she is a pig with a grudge. Being locked up so she does not eat herself to death in the soybean fields does not make sense to her pig brain!

  2. What a wonderful story ♡ Especially as it’s early Sunday morning here, I was sitting in bed drinking coffee, thinking of the Sunday newspapers of old, but right there in my email in box was so much better. I do love the blogosphere!

  3. Exquisite visuals dancing a tango, a samba or even a waltz, an accompaniment to the storyline, spare and sweet, graciously allowing each medium to speak 🙂

  4. Just love seeing the rich, black soil! Here, in the Ozarks we are sitting on rock, so digging into the soil is impossible. Is BooBoo showing his age at all? Dolly is having some ‘stability issues’ with her back legs, although she is still chasing squirrels like she did as a puppy. She is also becoming a bit more needy, wanting to be around us all the time and following one step behind me, which makes tripping over her a bit of a worry…

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