The How

The How is In the Plan. Read on! And comment!

For a plan we must have an objective.

🌟My objective is to create a resource for people who want to develop a home that aligns with their concerns for the welfare of the planet and its people. To enable discussion, conversation and support amongst like minded people. To use minimalism to simplify our homes. To create an online hub to exchange ideas.

(It helps me a lot to roll these initiatives past YOU so – chime in with any ideas you have.)

It is important to me that I am creating community. Not just sitting atop my compost pile pontificating.

To enable and teach our how people to create Resilient Sustainable Spaces I will roll out the plan in three parts.

1. The free newsletter. A monthly catch up with tips, encouragement and useful facts. Now, I know how we ALL hate those shouty newsletters with wild proclamations of making your first 100k by next month and losing all that weight in 6 weeks and all that other bullshit. This will just be a letter from me – hand delivered to the inbox with the tips from each week. Nuggets the community has shared, recipes, planting suggestions, money saving ideas, back to the future in our kitchens, clothing, lots of good stuff.

ALSO: The Free Newsletter will have a link to subscribe to the:

🌝 Sustainable Spaces Personal Plan

2. The Sustainable Spaces Personal Plan: A person will sign on – have a zoom call consultation with me to work out what their objectives are. Then we will make an appointment to go through their space/home/rooms together, and all that jazz. They will still receive the monthly newsletter. Plus they will receive a weekly personal email with tons of useful stuff and containing their personal plan for the week.

☀️The subscribers will all be invited to A Community On Call. A community of like minded people in a continuous thread of discussion. I think that a Slack group would suit us here. I will be available all the time. And as the community grows this will become our hub! Where everyone can chat to each other and exchange ideas.

Together both in the emails and chat we will talk about:

🤔How to apply minimalism to maximize your lifestyle.

🤔When to make decisions to simplify your lifestyle.

🌝 How to live and eat seasonally in your hemisphere. 

🤔How to conserve water.

🌕Creating resilient spaces in a warming world. Storms. Flooding. Architecture.

🤔How to cut down on wasted food using meal plans.

🤔How to cut down on waste using the concept of pre-cycling and a ton of interesting ideas.

✨Garbage and how to avoid it.

☀️Plastic and how to avoid it.

🪜Cardboard and what to do with it.

🤫Meal Ideas because the kitchen is the hub of a sustainable home.

🌳Garden plans. If a person has a patch of ground to grow in.

Etcetera. Etcetera!!

Talking to each other openly without the threat of attack is so important. I know we need to listen to different points of view but I also know that I don’t need to be attacked by climate change deniers. So a private room to plan and chat and support each other is imperative. I see too much nastiness out there, so I want us to have a safe place to launch all our ideas.

Because we can make a difference. Each one of us.

The Fellowship of the Farmy has taught me this.

3. Lastly. The Workbook. This is a work in progress. And a big one. Written in seasonal chapters. It will be a paper book that our people can order that will enable a person to make their own plan with specific challenges to meet each week.

SO!! What do you THINK!

Does this make sense?

Many of you have been with this sustainable farm almost as long as I have, so I invite you to join in on this discussion. You and I have been working towards this for fifteen years!!

And what about the pricing?

Should there be an option to only join the Community Chat combined with the newsletter? Then another (more expensive) option to subscribe to the Sustainable Spaces Support with my personal emails and plans and all that jazz.

As usual and of course and her Fellowship will be the Mother Ship.

🌳Little steps.

🌟Live Simply so the Planet can Live Large.

☀️Maximise Minimalism.

✨Create Resilient Sustainable Spaces.


My head is swirling with ideas and research and speakers and articles and fantastic stuff to help our families be resilient and sustainable.

The organic soybeans have been harvested. The leaves are falling. The chickens are laying less and less. The pigs are beginning to build their winter beds.

Talk soon!


21 Comments on “The How

  1. Wow!!! This all sounds amazing Celi!!! It does make sense! I’m wondering if the free newsletter and the community chat are both a part of #1? Then the Sustainable Spaces Personal Plan is #2, and then The Workbook is part #3, right? The costs would be for Parts #2 and #3. It would be a great resource if the workbook, when it’s ready, could be purchased separately, and then when folks are ready they can join parts #1 and #2 as they wish to.

  2. What I think is WONDERFUL! Options are always appreciated so that the community can find what works well for the individual situation but also feel connected and able to contribute. Thank you for being you C, and for leading the way.

    • Thank you, Deb! Yes I love the idea of having options – the subscription would be very small for the first tier but hopefully covers some of my time. I have been researching and writing for free for years! So this is a big step for me!

  3. How good this all sounds! Excited by the thought of a newsletter, community chat sharing and exchanging ideas and ultimately a work book. Person is not an island and working together is always the best way. A subscription to help this happen sounds appropriate to me. Thank you for the beautiful photographs. Can that be Mr Flowers???

  4. That sounds ambitious, but I’m sure you’ll get it done!
    I was going to ask about the rabbit. My New Zealand friend went home to see her parents, just before lockdown. She got stuck and I think has decided to stay now. She bought a rabbit and then though he might be lonely, so had to get him a girlfriend!

    • I have thought of that but this rabbit is about 5 years old – at least – and has never had a friend. The other thing is the Midwest winters/ it is a trial enough having one rabbit in the glass house – imagine TWO!

  5. I think this all sounds wonderful. Sign me up for the newsletter! And I really like the idea of having tiers of membership. Then some people who might be newbies and not exactly sure how much time and energy they want to commit can be ensnared. Kidding! But it is good to give such people an easy way in. Once you hook them, you can convince them to live more sustainably. You are so passionate about it and that’s what inspires the rest of us.

    • I hope so. Though at this point I know what I want but have no idea how to do it. Now I need to do the tech research or pay someone to set it up.
      Lots to work out!

  6. Doing this on different tiers would fit into the Patreon model. I don’t know if you have checked that out, but it is another option for you to set up this kind of thing.

    All of this sounds great! People can choose how much they want to interact or be involved personally with you. I think it’s a great way to get started.

  7. I love it ♡ I like the tiers. I like pricing. Because you hsve a wealth of knowledge and lived experience and it’s fair to seek remuneration, which also infers value. At the same time, a free tier is generous. A lot of people want to change but don’t know where to start and need to build confidence. And having a friend/s to be there with you does that. I was fortunate years ago while I was living snd working in the city to stumble into blogging, across your blog and others some of which have also morphed into Instagram. I call you my gurus and still share your links with others who are interested, to this day. You all have been with me during those city years as we were working towards our shift to the country and a simpler lifestyle, during the those busy days after we moved, even while we did a roadtrip around Australia, and right now every day. I’ve never felt alone even though we lived in different states and countries. I’m just putting together the finishing touches to a blog post that touches on this topic! I have some more words to add after writing this comment!

  8. I now live in a retirement village suitable to my age and health needs so I will not be joining in. But I will be reading with great interest.

  9. There’s a Margaret Mead quote which feels appropriate: ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.’ Love your how, the tiers, and to allow folk to dip their toes or dive straight in. Being in a space where you know you’re not going to get the bleurgh that is often posted on social channels is also v appealing. You’ve always had such a positive, supportive space here. Simplicity is the key, to getting people to join in and to solutions, concepts, step-by-step-by-step-by-step. A pay-it-forward option might also be worth considering, to remove barriers.

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