RAIN – Pouring Rain in a Golden Morning

It rained yesterday afternoon and is still raining this morning. And after months in California the rain feels luxurious.

Probably an inconvenience to the city people but joyous to us out here in the country. It has not rained since I returned to the farm. The harvest is a few weeks off yet and no hay on the ground.

So rain is good.

Rainy day cat.

All the wild gardens opened their leafy hands to the big gulps of wet rain and just inhaled.

This is me with my professional face on! Tutoring yesterday.

Everything in the garden breathed in and the newly trimmed bushes did not look so sad anymore.

Pumpkin bread from earlier in the week.

The oven is on! Bread and cookies on the way today.

BooBoo hides under the bed from the thunder.

Sunrise was at 7.04 AM. Sunset will be 6.19pm. The high will be 65f a low of 40f and rain off and on all day.

And then the sunrise burst through the rain clouds and everything went golden just for a moment.

🌟Live Simply so the Planet can Live Large.

☀️Maximise Minimalism.

✨Create Resilient Sustainable Spaces.


Have a wonderful day!

🕰 Want to go back in time? Here is the Farmy on a October 12th, 2011.

2011!!! A different world.

We have been at this sustainable thing a long time, you and I!

I could go on! But I need to get ready for my mornings teaching. Teaching in my socks! 🫢



40 Comments on “RAIN – Pouring Rain in a Golden Morning

  1. We have the cool nights, but still no rain in sight and daytime temps into the 70’s. This is NOT normal for us. I have been taking stock around my small apartment, finding ways to slowly make changes as I can. So much is interconnected to things I have no control over so I slowly focus where I can. Enjoy your golden day!

  2. I envy you your rain. We have had sunny day after sunny day after sunny day here, very little rain, and as a native Oregonian, I miss it. Our mountain, Mt. Hood, has a top as bare as a baby’s bottom. Sigh. I’m sure come January I’ll be longing for these sunny days but for now I’ll gaze at your lovely photos longingly.

  3. That picture of rain on the windowpane is so peaceful to look at. It reminded me of Windowswap, a website that an imaginative couple started during the lockdowns — asking people to send in little clips of the view from their windows. So even though we were all cooped up, we could get a little change of scene. I have one from South Korea bookmarked in my favourites: https://www.window-swap.com/Window/616680036

    Your tutoring sounds interesting, and how nice to be able to teach from home. What are you teaching?

  4. Good evening, gorgeous c.
    Create Resilient Sustainable Spaces: now that the greenhouse is empty of summer, I’m drying laundry in there. Dries without a lick of electricity.

  5. Wow – 2011 really was a different world! Your pumpkin bread looks delicious and I meant to say, last week, great to see Ton Ton again.

  6. Rain… Just looking at the pictures and I can smell it. We’ve been getting a lot, it’s the start of storm season here, but so far we’ve been lucky enough to avoid the big flooding they’ve had down south. Time to collect the eggs and later on, plant some tomatoes. Have a great day, Miss C.

  7. I will trade weather with you, 95 degrees today, no rain since September 24.

  8. I love this post. It’s so peaceful. I just got back from my trip to Portland yesterday and am needing extra rest since I’m back up to high altitude. We are a lovely 48 degrees going to a high of 73 today. Next week will be cooler. Phoenix was too warm for me as was Portland. The beach, heavenly. I love rainy, cold days. A little sunshine in between is like a promise.

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