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Butternut and Spinach Lasagna

Lunch on a leaf raking autumnal afternoon. Vegetarian lasagna. Some would call it a pie which is fair! A meal full of seasonal oranges and golds and deep green fresh greens. The vegetables caught between layers of summer tomato sauce, cheese, and home made… Continue Reading “Butternut and Spinach Lasagna”


For days now the weather people have been warning us that heat is coming. Well, I guess it is here for a few days. It gets really hot tomorrow. But it is not the heat that is uncomfortable it is the humidity.


I am delighted to report that we have so many zucchini that we are eating them at every meal and so are Molly and Sheila and Poppy and even Manu. Though John: not so much – he is already ‘over’ them.

Roaming Pigs

Poppy the Hereford sow is travelling again – being the escape artist going under the fences.  She is due to come back into heat this weekend. Last night I went to check the cows and found Poppy the pig sleeping in the corner of the… Continue Reading “Roaming Pigs”

Are you the farmer?

We started very early yesterday morning. Hugo, our friend Bryce towing the trailer with his truck, me and Daisy’s Bobby on his final trip. I always say thank you to an animal when I raise it for food, even the chickens get a thank… Continue Reading “Are you the farmer?”

How to make No-knead Kefir bread on a Snowy Slushy Snainy day!

The snow was a bit of a disappointment yesterday but we did  get about two inches of snowy slushy snainy rain. Snain is Viv’s new word for snow mixed with rain. I like it! We got snained! And while the wind was blowing the… Continue Reading “How to make No-knead Kefir bread on a Snowy Slushy Snainy day!”

Butternut, Chickpea Curry with Eggplant and another award!

We are picking plenty of butternut now and I know I am supposed to be storing them in the basement for the winter but they are just so tasty.  Eggplants or aubergine seem to have been our best fruiting plant this year and we… Continue Reading “Butternut, Chickpea Curry with Eggplant and another award!”

Pumpkin Soup for Lunch

It was so cold yesterday morning. I have to admit that I went into shock which quickly flared into full blown denial. I refuse to light a fire, even though we have begun to stack the firewood in the Wendy house. It is not… Continue Reading “Pumpkin Soup for Lunch”