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I am delighted to report that we have so many zucchini that we are eating them at every meal and so are Molly and Sheila and Poppy and even Manu. Though John: not so much – he is already ‘over’ them.

Zucchini crust for Pizza

Alissa has taken over pizza Fridays and due to the plethora of zucchini  we are making zuchinni everything so I found a recipe for a zucchini crust.  Alissa kindly made this for me though both she and Our John preferred the regular bread crust… Continue Reading “Zucchini crust for Pizza”

Summer veg with bite marks

are my favourite food. Because then you know they are organic. Last night we had a vegetarian borscht and the best courgette and feta pancakes ever. Divine. I love eating from the garden. The garden decides the menu. The weather is so cool that the flowers are… Continue Reading “Summer veg with bite marks”

Pulling your weight

I was showing Triple T my spiders knees arm muscles yesterday while we were waiting for another flurry of bales to be thrown, by John down below, onto the clatter box and up into the loft of the barn where we stood ready to stack.… Continue Reading “Pulling your weight”

The Hay Man Cometh

And he kindly said what an excellent stand of hay, you should get about a hundred bales off that.  Then  he mowed it down to the dirt and roared off down the road! Well, said Daisy. Quite the conversationalist isn’t he? He will be… Continue Reading “The Hay Man Cometh”

I am not keeping it

Well I came back from walking the dogs down the creek path early this morning and look what I found trying to haul its miserable  limping cobweb covered self, up my verandah steps. Crying piteously. With all its fluff stuck up on end and… Continue Reading “I am not keeping it”