Zucchini crust for Pizza

Alissa has taken over pizza Fridays and due to the plethora of zucchini  we are making zuchinni everything so I found a recipe for a zucchini crust.  Alissa kindly made this for me though both she and Our John preferred the regular bread crust which was great  as I got to eat all of mine. Wai and Tane even got a slice each.  

It is more a thin fritatta than a pizza! You can lightly  top it with anything you like.   It held together well and was easy to eat by the slice.  I loved it and as long as the zucs grow this will be my Friday dinner.

Zuchinni pizza base.

Oven at 450F

Grate two cups of zucchini, place in lined colander, sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon salt and a few squeezes of lemon and let sit for 10 minutes to drain, then aqueeze every last drop out of that vegetable. The dryer the better.

Place zuchinni in a bowl add two beaten eggs, mix well,  then add 1/2 cup regular flour or almond flour (I like the almond flour), 1/2 cup of grated tasty cheese of choice (for me a good tasty cheddar) then mix again.

Pepper and salt to taste.

Spread out in a thin round and bake until golden brown, (about 10 minutes) remove from oven and arrange cheese and toppings then bake a further 10 minutes.

My toppings last night were sundried tomato pesto, goats cheese, salami and basil.

And they are growing. The zucchini.  Which is great. We are stacking them up and making zucchini  everything.  And Wai loves them too

I have sold Carlos the Tiny. It was an experiment with good intentions and no issue, but maybe he will do better on a bigger farm with a more reliable batch of heifers. He will leave next Thursday. He will be interesting to load but by then I will have lots of helpers.

Wai’s attitude popped back up yesterday and he was out grazing when I got to the barn.  In fact when the sun began to warm up I had to entice him inside with his breakfast. He did not want to come in at all.

There is a very deep gouge like a crevasse revealing itself right down behind his shoulder. In some areas a good 1/2 inch deep. Yesterday I was able to remove the lifting dead rotting cover and get this properly cleaned and drained. There is granulating  skin under there but it is very bumpy, with high sides and not too much is  pink yet. I think this area was bothering him a lot. The regenerating tissue will not be able to close this big hole – it runs right down his side  and is over an inch wide – if all goes well the best he can hope for is a dramatic scar.

We are learning a lot about skin regeneration aren’t we?  I sure am.

In the end I did not call in the vet. The pig seemed fine. In fact he was even jollier yesterday after his sleep day.  And much more vocal. I will ask the vet to fit us in somewhere next week but not as an emergency call. More of a farm visit if he is out this way.

I think Wai might be magic. What do you think about re-incarnation? I am not sure what I believe about all that but this animal has a big soul and an old way of dealing with things. He moves very slowly of course but now that he can see,  he stops every now and then on his laborous walks with me and raises his head as far as his messed up neck will let him and considers things in that old man kind of way. A cow, or a cat or a fence post.

I am quite sure that no other animal on this farm could have survived the last month or so of this animals life. (how long has it been)?  And if he were a human he would have been in intensive care for much of that time. And still in the hospital right now.

Yet he is healing and puddling about. I have no idea how long he will bless us with his presence but he feels like a blessing.

I hope you have a lovely day.

The zuchinni pizza base was adapted from this recipe.

Off to work for me.

love celi


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42 Comments on “Zucchini crust for Pizza

  1. I made the cauliflower version a few times, this zucchini concoction sounds quite interesting to me… I intend to try it soon!

  2. I have some courgettes in the fridge – I’ll be trying the zucchini crust tonight or tomorrow. Wai must have come from a tough line of pigs and he certainly has a strong will to live. I’m sure you have given him the hope to keep going 🙂

  3. I think recipes like that get ruined by names. When you attach the name pizza to something it sets up an expectation and so when it doesn’t meet that expectation people don’t like it. If they had named it Zucchini Viniti or Zucchini Zappa or any old nonsense it would have no expectation and your dinner companions probably wouldn’t have been mildly disappointed in it.

  4. Your courgette recipe sounds interesting. Wai is a walking miracle and you are the miracle maker. 😀

  5. Wai is receiving Your Magic, Celi. And your caring, kindness, courage & hope. I agree with Janet Knight. You are The Miracle Worker & Wai has caught your Spirit! And thank you for the wonderful sounding zucchini pizza recipe too.

  6. Some time ago I read about a study that came to the conclusion that DNA carries memory. This proved to be an “ah ha” moment when I thought of past life memories, because reincarnation doesn’t sit well with me. If that can be true of humans then why not pigs too? DNA is DNA, right? Hope you have a lovely day too. — Mame 😊

    • So interesting, isn’t it Mame? Have you ever read Thich Naht Hahn, the Vietnamese monk’s, writings on ‘Interbeing’? It connects a bit with what you mentioned about DNA. Fascinating reading, and it makes so much sense! Happy weekend!!! – Diane 🙂

      • Hiya. No, haven’t read that but will search it out. Thank you for the recommendation.

        • I may have to search it out too. Sounds interesting.

  7. Good news about Wai. I thought about him yesterday, a lot, and sent healing thoughts.
    I think I will try the zucchini crust. We have gluten issues in our house.

  8. The courgette recipe is on my to-do list. I have loads of courgettes too as I always plant too many.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love the zucchini pizza crust recipe! In fact the zucchini pancake recipe I’ve been making is almost exactly like the crust recipe, so no doubt it will be delicious! I find the whole reincarnation question fascinating. Since no one really has a clue about what comes after death, it’s open to all different possibilities and beliefs.

  10. I know Best Friends Animal Rescue is far away from you, but have you thought about contacting them for advise? They are a tad bit weird, but all in all good people who care about animals.
    I keep coming up with care ideas, but they all rely on you having more hands than you do.

  11. I think of little Wai often. I so hope he makes it. You are amazing and hopefully he will be with you for a long time. Poor little guy is finally knowing love and safety. Xo

  12. The recipe reminds me of the summer I had an abundance of zucchini. Zucchini jam, muffins, stir fry. All this caused my sons to be quite suspicious as they sat at the table and said “Does this have zucchini in it?” Ah well.
    I’m sure your sister and the vet have given you good advice on wound care. The wounds need to heal from the bottom up. His healthy food and walks and love he is getting, are helping him immeasurably. Have a productive day, and positive thoughts for all those on the Farmy.

  13. Wai the Miracle Pig, proof that loving kindness is still the best medicine… I have a zucchini-lime sponge recipe which is a big favourite in the family. It’s gluten free and pretty darn yummy. I have fed it successfully to the veg-hating young of the family, to enthusiastic response. If anyone wants the recipe, just email me at katechiconi(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. I love spiralized (grated would work too) zucchini, fresh and raw, instead of pasta spaghetti with Bolognese sauce. Have used cauliflower for pizza base and like it too. I think Wai is a life lesson for us all. Laura

  15. Wai, the courageous pig and his nurturer/nurse Celi. I read that keeping wounds moist and clean and covered in your case helps wounds heal much faster. I’m so happy that he perked up. I came across a simple recipe which sounds yummy from the smitten kitchen. https://smittenkitchen.com/2007/08/quick-zucchini-saute/ I am making her upside down cherry cake this weekend. Have a wonderful day C.

    • You really can’t beat love and care to help overcome such a ghastly experience for Wai the Miracle Pug.

  16. I’m very hopeful for Wai. Once, many years ago, we had two fillies who were poisoned by something. We never found out what, although we had EVERYTHING analyzed ( feed, soil, plants…). They spent months in their boxes scouring so badly that their tails fell off. We tried EVERYTHING. We even strained their own droppings and put them down their stomachs by tube to boost the intestinal flora. In the end the vet decided to kill one in order to try and make an antidote for the other. In order to decide which, we let them out in the paddock to see who was weaker. They staggered out, barely able to walk – then they ever so slowly raised their heads, looked around, and cantered away! We were all in tears. After that, they never looked back – both recovered.Survival instinct is a marvelous thing.

  17. Our garden this year is insane with zucchinis. The plants are absolutely enormous and the quantity is staggering. The zucchinis themselves are are more than half the length of my arm and extremely fat. We are over run the plants. I will definitely look at this recipe!

  18. I have zuc’s planted in the garden for the flowers bht might have ro make pizza too. Yum.
    I also had a feeling about Wai. It’s all those individual specials & miracles that lend their magic to this life ♡

  19. Woo-wee, Wai ! Way to go! You are a soul brother. My kind of guy. I do a lot of considering of things too, in “that old man kind of way.” Would love to hang out with you, just walking slowly together, me listening to you talk (Celi says you say things now and then in your way), both of us looking around now and then at the non-threatening world. I could learn a bit about life from you. Matter of fact, I already have.

  20. Thanks for the recipe. I’m going to try it. Nice to be visiting and catching up again. So much happens when I’m away!

  21. I like the sound of the zucchini crust, yum! Would Wai benefit from having that deep opening stitched or is it too infected inside to be closed up? Bless him, he’s a fighter (like you).

  22. Oh goody!!! The almond flour makes this a paleo pizza crust I can make!! I’m stoked.. except my zucchini’s have been attacked by those darned squash bugs. No worries though… I still have seed and other spots to plant and hopefully find an area that those bastard bugs don’t know about!
    Wai is such a miracle… teacher… and inspiration to us all.

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  24. Great share Cecilia. I am going to grab some zucchini today and give this a try. Hope you and your farm family are managing in this heat. Best to you. Teresa

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