Life’s criss cross

As long as it does not roll its criss cross over me!!

The gardens are full.

We go out picking for our dinner every evenng. Alissa is good at this. Foraging.  

Wai slept under his sheet just a bit more than usual yesterday. He feels slower to me. Though  he still walked about when the sun went down.   Now that the outer covering is coming off, his wounds some of which are very deep,  are entering a risky period.  I am afraid for him. I am going to call in the vet today to check our progress again.

(Way below – past the weather  – I have placed one of my progress pictures of Wai’s skin. These are for my records and the vet not the blog. It looks awful and is not for children. But if you are feeling strong this is what we are fighting. This is the damage someone did to this pig. Probably burning. I might sound pragmatic and methodical with his care but I am never going to lose the fury I feel. I am furiously protective of him.  And the terror that his ravaged body will be overwhelmed and the bastards who did this will win.

But life will continue to move on and all around us even when battling. So we must all roll many ways to navigate life’s criss cross.

The weather seems to be settling and our new help comes next week so I have tee-ed up the hay man to cut the hay on Monday. 

It has been a while but I wanted to give all the newy sown alfalfa (into the big underproducng grass hay field)  time to establish. Plus the problem of the rain of course. 

Hope you have a lovely day.


Weather. Lovely day.

Friday 07/14 10% / 0 in
Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 76F. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Friday Night 07/14 10% / 0 in
Some passing clouds. Low 58F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph


Do not look further unless you have a strong stomach. But if you are interested in what Wai and I are actually dealing wih (other than nice pictures of his good side) here is one patch. The yellow you are seeing is actually drying, covering developing skin. But it is as bad as it looks. And this is not the worst side. The other side is much worse and weeping. 

86 Comments on “Life’s criss cross

  1. I’m no expert, but I’m sure that the ointments form a barrier as well as having a medicinal and moisturising effect. Obviously that won’t work on an open wound or Wai scratching, but I’m sure your covering helps. Hopefully he just overdid it yesterday and is a bit tired 🙂

  2. I think you are okay. Horrible, horrible, but you are staying on top of things and you will be surprised how well he’ll heal. Try to find some Granulex spray. I’ve heard they’ve stopped selling it, but may be able to find some online or maybe your vet has a small stash. The Vetericyn and Granulex worked wonders with Renny years ago. The Granulex is oily and helps with necrotic tissue and keeps things softened up.

  3. Your gardens are so lush and beautiful!!! I’m wondering how you get in between the rows to harvest? There must be small pathways that the pictures don’t show, right? xo

  4. My heart hurts for both of you. The fury is that whoever did this to Wai, does not care what they have done. I wish I could help but that is not possible so all I can do is offer up intense prayer. That will continue.

  5. He’s still fighting to live and that makes the biggest difference when things get harder. The fact that he survived the horrible first part is a testament to his spirit. The long slow painful roll of this healing must be the easier part. I can’t imagine the first days, but he did it. So. he will do this.

    You are very good people Cecilia. Very good. The dailyness of care is hard to give a human. But to do it for someone who cannot communicate their status and to whom you can’t explain what you are doing and why is mentally and spiritually exhausting. But you keep doing it. For a pig you had never met before. Good People.

    • I agree about the happiness – often I want to hoist him up and carry ihim inside away from the flies and the barn dirt but he loves his field and he loves his corner of the barn- he is not locked in and can wander the barn at will or hang out under the tree close to Tima and Tane – I think if I isolated him in a clean area he would lose that will to live.. he is actually ding better this mornng and i am only doing essential treatments today.. thank you for your kind words.. c

      • It is so good to hear that “he loves his field and he loves his corner of the barn . . . and can wander the barn at will or hang out under the tree close to Tima and Tane” — each day is a blessing for him. And for all of us who are with you in your care.

  6. My stomach is strong, but I cried when I saw his wounds. My prayers are with you and Wai, and know that you are giving him much comfort and restoring his faith in people. We’re all pulling for you both!

  7. Poor poor Wai. Bastards is too nice a word for the monsters who did this to this poor little pig.
    I just hope he pulls through, and I’m sure he will, he has to.

  8. This is so horrible. It is so great that you are doing this for him and fighting against the cruelty he experienced. I am sending positive thoughts for him.

  9. Sorry dont know where that lot came from …must be my anger in expletives

  10. May I suggest that you try a good handful of Epsom Salts in warm water you use to wash wounds. It does not sting or burn at all, very soothing. I used it myself when tip of finger was accidently chopped off.. result no scars..

  11. Seeing the photo makes me cry. Thank you so very much for all your care and commitment to this poor pig.

  12. That actually looks pretty good. Unfortunately it’s hard to know what’s going on under the other plates.
    Keep up the work and we’ll all keep up the positive energy.
    Do you have a way to accept donations for his care?

    • Yes – under the head plate it is feels very mushy . I am afraid of what we will find under there.. I cannot hurry it though just keep it draining. There is a paypal button below the comments – scroll down into the black. Thank you!!

      • I wonder if you could get an irrigation syringe under the edge and get either saline or an anti biotic under the plate.
        Has your vet considered culturing the smelly spots?

        • This morning I did exactly that just using an ordinary syringe – a lot flushed out – and more drained with massage of the area – that whole cap will have come off in a couple of days and then it will start to heal. Until then I have created a hole in the base of both those areas so it is gravity draining for today. He does so well letting me do all this but it is dead tissue. c

          • I wonder if you could find a few nursing students to come help you. And maybe a local tv station to get the story out?
            Donated to Wai’s fund for my mother’s birthday- I’d loan you her but she’s in Washington state.

            • Thank you so much for the donation. PLus the loan of a mother sounds awfully good to this motherless woman. I am finding your comment very helpful so just jump in anytime..

  13. I’m like you…I am furious at whoever did this to him. What a nasty cruel human being or many human beings…but you are an angel on earth. Thank heavens for you!

  14. I’d like to force the person who hurt him to look at those pictures every day. I’d like them to feel a fraction of the pain he’s felt. And even then, it STILL wouldn’t be enough. Ah, poor boy, is it any wonder he needs to retreat and just endure for a bit. One day, I hope he’ll wake up and discover that nothing hurts any more. Thank you for taking on this marathon, Miss C.

      • People who do this sort of thing don’t need anymore anger to fuel the fires already burning within… We need to continue sending cooling love to aid healing and strength for all who need it. Focussed energy where it will do the most good. Anything else is a waste…

  15. MMMM MMM MM MMM MMM ! AND TSK-TSK !! I’m just wondering if those folks will try to reclaim Wai after he’s healed. You two make quite a team! Perhaps you can do an animal cruelty lecture circuit at the schools? My prayers are with you both AND your gardens! May Wai become as healthy as they are !

  16. I can only mimic what others have already said. I cannot imagine what kind of human would let this, or cause this to happen. And I am deeply moved by your relationship with him and your commitment to him. And I am praying my weird personal prayers to whatever power might help him heal. Let us know what the vet says. Hang in there, you two! You will make it!

  17. Wai is getting the best possible care. You are feeding his body healthy food and lifting his spirits. The kindness has given him a quality of life he hadn’t experienced. It makes him strong. Continued positive thoughts and I will make a donation for his care.

  18. You should check out a product called EquiSilver for treating Wai. It is exceptional for treating wounds like these and promotes healthy skin growth. I used it on my baby donkey when he had surgery on the bone in his foot, it saved his life. Silver solutions are great for treating burns and I think you might see better results than you are with the vetericyn. I would suggest the EquiSilver Respiratory solution, but used topically on the the skin. A little goes a long way so it is not terribly expensive:

  19. I survived necrotizing fasciitis a couple years ago. These open wounds, they look horrible, they weep, they bleed, they drain the bad stuff out. But we heal from the inside out and it is a long, long process. He has good healthy food, a safe place to live, and someone who loves enough to not give up on him. I think he looks so much better than when he came to the farmy. He’s come this far. I have no idea about pig nutrition but they had me on a high protein diet to help the growth of healthy tissue. I’m just wondering if something like protein drinks would be helpful for him.

    • You know how fussy he is with food he won’t even drink his water if there is electrolyte in it and HATES milk or yoghurt but his diet thank you for the tip – i will try to get more protein in the mix.

  20. I gasped at the sight of Wai’s body. It’s one thing to look at a photo, though, quite another to be hands-on. I cannot even imagine his suffering–and yours. To see a loved one suffer is worse than suffering oneself–and I know you love this little guy. Talk about unconditional love!!
    I read above that you said he’s a bit better today–moving a bit more, which heartening. We all are desperately looking for heartening. I hope the vet visits and has some encouraging words.

    • Thank fully you misss the 3D. these wounds are deep – deep enough to put a finger into and there he is wandering the fields, pausing to look aat the cows and chuffing and moving on – if he had only lived today it would have been a lovely wee life – he is happily tucked up in his bed now, under a blanket as it is cooler tonight – snoring gently..

  21. I had to scroll past the photos. God bless you, Celi, and this dear pig. For some reason today I am also thinking of the calf that you acquired a couple of years ago and so carefully nursed back to health/life. Difficult? Was that the name? You may think there is nothing special about you, but I assure you there is. Wai will benefit from your very special touch while everyone around you (except for all of us) will shake their heads. Hang in there, Wai. Hang in there, Celi.

    • Celi, his tiredness could come from the energy it is taking his body to heal. Sending love and healing energies. xxx

      • You are absolutely right – after a particularly grueling session debriding the dead skin and tissue I tuck him into his sheet and he sleeps for hours.. c

    • I did not mean this as a ‘reply’ to your loving comment, got ahead of myself. Your words are beautiful. xxx

  22. Oh poor little Wai. He is living such a better life now – and getting such great care. He also shows a will to overcome this. All pluses on your side. And the greatest are the prayers for you and him. There is always hope….

  23. I sit here seething again … I was asking for prosecution when Wai came to you, but would quite happily organise a lynch mob now. How could somebody be so cruel??? Big kudos to you, cleaning those wounds can’t be pleasant, you are one brave woman. Still holding thumbs for Wai’s recovery. Laura

  24. I am not squeamish, I went directly to the bottom. (I read the last page of books before I buy them, too).
    Because I live in a rural community, and also have some small experience of central US rural communities, I know that the criminals that do these hideous things are not easy to find or prosecute. I fume too.
    On to nicer things (kind-of).
    There were some studies done at Waikato University into the healing properties of Manuka Honey. One such test was a pig with burns. I know that medicinal honey is horribly expensive, but I can’t help wondering if it might help poor Wai when that ‘cap’ comes off? The results have been very good in the tests.
    I can send you links to the studies etc, but I know you are busy and it is a BIG read. Something to think about?

    • yes, the manuka honey would be great but he is living in a summer barn and there are a lot of flies – that cap coming off is giving me the fear for sure.. something nasty is under there – cysts and all – i can feel them.. whatever happened the worst of it hit his neck and shoulders, the wounds are very deep there

      • Just like medicinal plants, people have taken honeybees with them everywhere they’ve migrated around the world (and certainly not just for their sweet behaviour; ) Please know that All Honey is miraculous (not just Manuka; )
        Citing another article here which specifically makes reference to burns and abcesses – which (sadly) you already know are lurking beneath his shoulder cap…
        Not just shooting blindly I use honey on every dressing I apply, no matter the cause.

        • I’ve been pondering if it would be possible to figure a way for Wai to have a layer for honey, then the bag balm and then a sheet (to keep everything from sticking).
          One thought I’ve had is that pigs (and many others) like honey- I’d hate for him to be nibbled on!

  25. Wai has his second chance with you. Whatever happened to him was awful -putting it nicely & succinctly but grace was riding shotgun and even if it couldn’t save him from the experience, knew just where to deliver him, to the Farmy ♡

  26. From the perspective of a (retired) veterinarian, that picture looks really good. Wai has been making very nice progress in the pictures you’ve shared over the last week or so. Lots less of that dead crust (escher). The dark pink tissue (that likely bleeds a lot when you bump or rub it)? That’s granulation tissue. Basically it’s blood vessels and connective tissue that fills in the holes so the skin can grow back in. The great thing is that granulation tissue is resistant to infection. Granulation tissue is a wonderful thing!

    I expect you are doing a lot of cleaning. How is Wai about being hosed off with water? That will help a lot with getting things cleaned up and softening the escher/dead tissue. If you can rig up a tub that Wai can lay in without creating a mud hole in the area, he’d probably appreciate it (and it can help to soften things up a bit more). An adage I remember from several of the clinical surgeons at vet school “The solution to pollution is dilution” – good advice in most every case with wounds!

    I have a strong stomach, and would be fine looking at pictures of whatever. Even if it’s for a quick answer of “go to the vet now, or can it wait”. Good thing about pictures is they don’t come with odors 🙂

  27. poor Wai – he must have suffered so much 😦 I can not understand how people can be so cruel 😦
    You are giving him the best care, and the best chance, bless you. Xx

  28. Despite a lot of support from a distance it must be difficult and a bit lonely having to make all of the decisions about Wai’s well being and survival on your own. I am reading this very late but there is a strong theme running through the comments from those who know burns, medicine or animal medicine and that is that healing burns look scary awful too. Maybe it would be helpful to get him in now and again anyway just so you get some support around Wai’s progress, even if it is just to get corroboration that both you and Wai are doing everything you possibly can in such difficult circumstances. No woman is an island and all that! Stoic is the word for Wai, he is such a stoic little pig.

  29. With your help and everyone praying and willingness to him , i think he will get well. There is a lot of hope going out to him.

  30. The body needs a lot of rest to heal properly. I think that last photograph does show some amazing healing in process. Wai’s gift to us is much deeper than what we see superficially. Reading so many comments – the compassion, thoughts, ideas, pulling together in a positive way, shows us what we are capable of as we join together as a community. Wai is also showing us what love and kindness can do. The mere fact that he has an appetite and allows you to tend to his wounds, and even responds with little grunts, speaks mountains about the trust and connectivity shared without words. Wai is a miracle in our lives, regardless of how this turns out.

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