Never Enough Flowers

I cannot get enough of this field of wild flowers.  It is so rare to get such a perfect stand.

I have a feeling it will be one of a kind. And this year will be its best year. A little gift for us to wander in when life gets tough.

I know Sheila is slightly up a bank but Wai really is quite a little pig. On his walk last night he decided that was enough, turned around without a word and slowly, methodically, waddled in his awkward gait all the way back home, through the gates and around the corners to the barn, where he put himself to bed. He was out a lot yesterday because of the thick cloud so I am sure he was tired. I also trimmed a broken piece of skin above his shoulder to open out a huge deep wound running down his side. A deep valley running into his body, so I am sure that was feeling weird with its covering of tight rotton dead skin  gone.  It was very stinky in there and needed a good clean.  It takes a long time to clean out each burn wound as they are revealed. This one is bad and made me feel sick.  But is clean now.  We will be very watchful with his coverings today.

The air is humid and hot and the weeds in the gardens are growing faster than I  can keep up with. As are the plants!  Though the cows are having marvellous feeds with all this grass and the turnips from Jake’s garden. He has a big planting of kohl rabi that we can clear next – they were planted too close together so we will thin them into the truck for the cows and pigs.

The zucchini gets watered with milky water every morning now and they are producing wonderfully  though I fear the humidity will get them soon,  I am stacking the fridge full of zucs from future feeds for my team.

Help is on the way. On Sunday farm worker Katelyn arrives for a few weeks and on Tuesday Michael arrives. My favourite number of workers. Three.

At the moment Alissa and I are really only getting the basics done.With three we can really get stuck in and get this place tidied up, get the gardens up to date, sow some more seeds, plant more plants and make progress with some of the important projects.

Wai has had so much donated to him and I know that none of you like to be singled out, but how is this for a sweet and anonymous note from Australia. 

Wai’s papaya ointment arrives just in the nick of time. The way you have all pulled together to help me nurse this little pig is truly wonderful as in it fills me with wonder.  His care would not have been quite this top notch without The Fellowship. I would have done my best of course but I could not have afforded the very best in ungents and creams and sprays without you.

I hope you have a lovely day

Love celi

Weather: It rained in the night. So unless we get some serious drying weather today the hay will not be cut tomorrow. And I do not see a dry windy day happening today.

 Thursday 07/13 50% / 0.06 in

Scattered thunderstorms in the morning. Cloudy skies late. High 86F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

Thursday Night 07/1320% / 0 in Mostly cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy after midnight. A stray severe thunderstorm is possible. Low 64F. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph.

55 Comments on “Never Enough Flowers

  1. He really does look small compared to Sheila! That’s a very kind donation from Lucas’ Papaw 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a papaw and certainly haven’t eaten one. Much like the first time I was given an artichoke. I ate the whole leaf, not knowing…and remarked that it didn’t taste very good. There was much laughter, but I learned! I’m sure that new exposed area on Wai was nasty. I know that smell from cat abcesses. I’m glad you survived it. Ointment and linens for Wai today. The flowers are beautiful. Enjoy.

    • This made from papaya – the papaw is a brand name i think. Linens yes, Connie dropped in a bag of old mans hankies yesterday – I willlay them on after his treatments this morning.. c

  3. Hurrah! That ointment is very effective stuff, and helps remarkably with healing. The fact that Wai holds still to be treated is a good indication that he has made the connection between what you do and feeling better afterwards. One day that dreadful plate over his neck and the other one on his behind will disappear, and he’ll be moving so much more freely. This series of posts about his progress and your work is terribly important, because on that day in the future, we’ll look at him and find it hard to believe and remember how he was before…
    I had to laugh at the photo of Sheila and her diminutive visitor. Mind you, she is a majestic figure of a pig…

    • I am laughing too as in the last two days he has decided not to hold still at all – I take this as a good sign actually – we are getting down to where he has feeling. c

      • It reminds me of a time one of my horses had a bad hoof abscess and needed daily injections. The first few days were no problem but as soon as she felt better the race was on. I wouldn’t have minded but it was mid January, -10 F and I worked outside full time. The last thing I wanted to do was spend a half hour trying to catch a recalcitrant horse!
        Having had a few episodes of treating nasty wounds I feel for you. It’s hard to do the job while you’re gagging!

  4. Hi Cecilia, Will you remind me how to contribute to Wai? Busy time for me and I must have missed it. Also why do you put milky water on the zucchini? I am getting lots right now, made up zucchini bread and some zesty zucchini relish last evening. I will put more in the freezer to use up later. Any ideas on using up the yellow squash?

    • Yes, I too, am super curious about watering the zucchini with milky water! We have lots of goat milk I could add to the water, so I’m ready to try it. I’ve just never heard of it before! Candy, I’ve mastered an “All Recipes” “Mom’s Zucchini Pancakes” that is delicious and healthy and easy to make. I love the ‘easy to make’ recipes! 🙂 Celi, the flowers are gorgeous! If you need to smile, all you have to do is look and them and your spirit will soar! 🙂

    • candyt9, scroll to the bottom of the comments. You should see a donate option.

    • Oh yes! Zucchini-Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. Just sub in “squeezed-out” (any type of) shredded summer squash for 1/2 of the carrot in your normal recipe: ) Or, I got the original version of the idea here in this amazing little book that is chock-full of sweet AND savoury recipes for zukes/winter/summer squash and pumpkin… Nancy C. Ralston, The Classic Zucchini Cookbook: ISBN 978.1580174534
      2nd Edition:

  5. Aw, I love this group of people on here. Wai is looking better however. I can see the difference in the photos myself. Your post about getting blood moving is so true. Once a person goes a-bed -> especially the elderly -> the faster they go downhill sadly. I have seen it in all of our older generation – that is now down to three on both sides of my family. 2-Aunt in Laws and my Dad. I’m sad to think at 51 – I am soon to be in the oldest generation. (I’m the youngest too)

    I am jealous that the cows are getting the turnips! I just love turnip greens and turnips….

  6. I must say I was shocked when I saw how tiny Wai is compared to Sheila!!! And I wonder if they are whispering through the fence, as that’s what it looks like.

  7. The wild flowers are wonderful, so uplifting. Oh dear poor Wai, such deep wounds, it’s good that he keeps still so you can clean them for him.

  8. I thought Wai was much bigger, he looks like he would tuck in under Sheilas belly quite neatly. Wonderful field of flowers and a row of not pregnant cows 🙂 Laura

  9. Oh C. I can’t believe the transformation of Wai from when he first arrived. I know, he’s still not on the other side yet but he is slowly, slowly getting there with your magnificent, dedicated care. As you say, it will probably take months but already we can see that he has turned a corner. Do you give him anything for pain or do they recommend not to, so he won’t be too groggy to get up and exercise?
    The flowers are just beautiful…You must just go and stand next to them after treating poor Wai’s wounds. He knows so well that you are helping him…

    • He has no meds at all – there is a possibility that he had an allergic reaction to one of the meds so in the absence of any medical history I took him off all of them. he is much better without.

  10. I am so thankful that we all can help Wai- even from very faraway! and such a lovely field of flowers! Whooppee!

  11. This talk of unguents……reminds me of the old song refrain of “Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch”. Anybody remember that? Love your ‘happenstance’ flowers, Ceci, though you were quite distraught when the diggers ‘prepared’ the field for you! How are your chickies doing? We just got six new ladies who were already laying. The egg hub brought in last night fit from the tips of my fingers to the heel of my hand – it’s HUGE! He wondered when I got the ostrich – giggle! Wai is looking wonderful, as are the cows – they are so beautiful! Thanks for the glorious insight into your side of the U.S.

  12. The flower field soothes the soul. The combination of colors just spectacular. Question: when you took Wai to the vet, were you able to get an idea of what he weighs?

  13. What a lovely post to brighten my day. Photos of wild flowers, Wai and Sheila, and bright, healing tubs of ointment… so many good things – and also the fellowship comments. Such a good place to find comfort and love. 🙂

  14. I’ve been off in my own little world for weeks, but I have been reading! Wai does look better.
    I love the flowers, of course – flowers for the sake of being beautiful are one of my favourite things!

  15. It warms my heart to hear that the fellowship has stepped up and made it possible for you to care for Wai with the proper creams and such. In a world where people hate for the sake of hating, it is comforting to know that there is still good in this world. XOXO

    • Isn’t it amazing how in this world of me, me, me, a Fellowship of love has formed over concerns for a pig? I am so happy that there is somuch love in this poor world.

  16. Growing a field of wildflowers is a wonderful thing. I’d love to grow them along the bank in the paddock at the back of our house. It probably can’t be completely resown, but I could slip some in. At the moment it is mostly grasses and flowering weeds, which the birds, bees and butterflies think are just find, and so do we.
    Love seeing the Wai updates 🐷

  17. Do you remember before disposable diapers hit NZ that mothers used to put fine muslin type liners between baby’s bottom and the diaper.? They would be great for Wai’s healing skin if you could get hold of some. I shall look out for them here and if available would be happy to send them to you.

  18. Love the wild flower garden. Glad you will get help with more farm workers. Thrilled that Wai is doing so well. Grateful that so many are supporting you with funds for Wai’s care. Visited my 2nd cousin on her farm in Central Massachusetts this week on a month-long trip to New England relatives and friends. She is doing some really amazing things and has so many dreams of how to develop this farm. Thought of you while we stood with the cows and visited piglets.

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