Calf in Car

Every time right? 

Every calf finds its way into the boot of this car. 

It was not hot or anything yesterday but still the cows found the shade and stood about gossiping.

And the pigs took to their wallows.

The skin on Wai’s neck is coming away now.  There is pink tissue under the gunk so I am proceeding in my usual methodical way, draining, debriding and dressing, the skin determines the speed but I prefer to go slow so as not to frighten him and so far so good. 

Losing this plate is a great relief to the poor fellow. Yesterday morning he was such a happy boy, wandering in and out of the barn and very talkative – he still growls and hides from other people, scuttling sideways to avoid them,  but with me (the one who literally hurts him the most)  he is a dear fellow, toddling along behind me with his continuous commentary. 

I worry about him in the night – lately the nights have been chilly and with the skin he is losing he is also losing big hunks of fat as all the dying tissue from these third degree burns parts from his body. So, on some of these badly damaged areas,  he has no fat layer left at all  (his body is a collage of raised and deeply lowered areas) – all that covers him in some areas is the  new skin developing or red raw.  I make sure he is all tucked up with an extra blanket when I go to bed and check him if I am up in the night but I didn’t think I would be worrying about cold in July. Hopefully his coats come soon but they are summer weight anyway.

However all in all he is doing better – much better than could be expected.

My new girl is here. Her name is Katelyn. So this morning we will begin to get more done than just chores.  I am so tied up working with Wai that we are getting really behind in the gardens.  This next month will be a great month I think.

We cut the thickest red clover hay yesterday (with Johns old hay mower), it needs a full extra days to dry, and today the man comes to cut the rest. A beautiful day for it.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Weather: Look at this for a perfect day.

Monday 07/17 20% / 0 in
A few passing clouds, otherwise generally sunny. High 81F. Winds light and variable.

Monday Night 07/17 20% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low 59F. Winds light and variable.

28 Comments on “Calf in Car

  1. Hip! Hip! Hurrah for Perfect Days! And haying & Wai happy times with you! A good post & wonderful photos.

  2. The blanket almost looks like it is floating in the air, like a ghost feeding from the bowl. Will keep my fingers crossed for dry weather until the clover/hay is bundled and put up in the barn. Good luck in the gardens…happy Monday.

  3. I loved the video of Wai coming toward you yesterday! It will be so wonderful once he’s done shedding his armor and has finally grown back healthy skin — you’re going to have a new best buddy!

  4. I loved this sentence, “he is a dear fellow, toddling along behind me with his continuous commentary”. It really created a happy visual for me of Wai’s mood and the bond he has with you. 🙂
    It’s great to hear his spirits are up…I missed yesterday’s post trying to help my poor chicken who was attacked by a raccoon. I had to go shopping for Vetericyn. I wouldn’t have known about Vetericyn, if it hadn’t been for your blog. 🙂 The wound is smelling awful so I was very worried. Sadly, I didn’t see that it was that bad, but too I think she was pecking at it.

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    I am so pleased about Wai…and it is all down to love and care which he receives from you. come on Wai….thats the way to go

  6. The video’s brilliant because it shows he truly is a different pig from the wounded, cringing creature who first arrived. You’re slowly breaking him out of jail, he absolutely has to be in less pain, feeling healthier, more mobile. “With me, he’s a dear fellow…” Well, what a surprise 🙂 Pigs aren’t stupid and he knows who’s helping him so much.

  7. Wai has definitely turned a corner … or two 🙂 Love the picture of the plonker blowing bubbles in the wallow. Laura

  8. A wallow sounds good now to me. It is going to e 97 with a heat index of well past 100 today. And the A/C at work is OUT. Without a window to open in this building – we will heat up fast. I will sit in the dark by the light of the monitors I do believe. And yes, some of us could work from home – but being a big payroll day with a new payroll clerk – I will be needed. Oh – imagine – your first day at a new job and the building has no A/C. Not a good impression!
    Happy Monday y’all!

  9. Squeals with piggy excitement. Wai is looking so much better! Your love is shining through sweet friend ❤ XOXO – Bacon

  10. I’m so happy for Wai and you! And I’ve been waiting for that neck skin to come off so he can be free!!! I’m sure he is saying ” I love you miss C, I love you miss C”

  11. Cold nights in July? Very unusual.
    So pleased to see that Wai seems to be progressing well.

  12. Wai reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock when he came out to introduce his story, very dignified. I hope the weather holds for the haying and the gardens. You are very patient and Wai is benefiting so well. I hope you have a happy, productive week.

  13. I am so happy that Wai is doing better than expected. Looking forward to see what you do with the fresh vegetables.

  14. I cannot cannot can not stop watching that video. Not only is he grunting along with each step, Tonton’s expression of alertness to Wai’s every move yet with stick in mouth makes me laugh out loud. I would give both arms to know what Ton is thinking!! Also, what is that “hum” sound at the end?? And who is making that sound?

    • Oops! I didn’t have my sound turned up until I made my husband sit down and watch the video. I hear it’s you, Cecilia, speaking so sweetly, softly, saying, “Hi, Wai Wai.”

  15. By golly! That IS a pig! I thought it was a overly-toasted marshmallow! I, too, fell in love with your descriptive statement about Wai following you and ‘his usual commentary’ on things. Thanks for this!

  16. Way to go C! Wai looks great. You deserve a badge of “Boarery” on taking this poor guy from horrible condition, to a very good looking guy. God Bless you C.

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