Two lost heifers and a steer

Today we will finish chores quick-quick  and then drive up to the airport to collect the fourth member of our mid-summer team. Michael – he is Scottish. And will be staying a month. That should be fun. 

So today I will leave you with these photos and get busy on the farm. 

These three took themselves for a walk down the road yesterday. In fact they were running down the road, heading North in fright when I found them. Lucky for me they are trained to come when they are called and I was able to turn them around and walk them all back home.  Once I was within shouting distance I turned off the quad and called them back. My voic stopped them. I have never been more grateful for my big theatrical shout. BOBBY!!! OFF TO THE BARN!! BOBBY! OFF TO THE BARN. “Off to the barn” is the call I use when I get Lady Astor to come up for the milking so they know what it means.

The corn on the side of the road acted as a kind of colander-ish fence and they walked down the edge until they saw the driveway and then the barn and turned for home – me trotting in the rear in my boots and short farmers skirt. The 4 wheeler abandoned far behind me. Lady Astor was acting like an auditory lighthouse, bellowing from the field – guiding them back away from the rocks and towards home.

Naughty little cows.

Boo Boo and his pig. 

The hay is down, I got them to cut every single corner so hopefully we get a good haul. And so far the forecast looks kind for it to dry.

Have a lovely day.  Gosh. I must stop yawning. Why am I so tired!!  Don’t answer that. Laughter. 

Love celi

Weather. Perfect hay drying weather.  Not too hot. Not too windy.

Tuesday 07/18 10% / 0 in
Some clouds in the morning will give way to mainly sunny skies for the afternoon. High 87F. Winds light and variable.

Tuesday Night 07/18 20% / 0 in
A few clouds overnight. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 69F. Winds light and variable.

Variable – you know I only encounter the word variable in weather forecasts. Light and variable. It should be light BUT variable. As in light at the moment but that might change into a gale and blow all the washing off the line.  That variable. Funny little word.


26 Comments on “Two lost heifers and a steer

  1. Love it! Lady Astor as Foghorn (noises off), Celi as Stage Director (“Places, everyone”), Calves as Comic Relief. It’s A Midsummer Day’s Nightmare. Ton Ton is Puck, Wai as Bottom, Boo as Cobweb… I could go on

  2. Such a Gorgeous sunrise and Wai looks amazing this morning! (No great surprise, just look at all those lovely (cleansing!) greens he’s chowing down on these days; )

    • Here I am wondering for the umpteenth time… Do the dogs follow him everywhere? Or are they there with him because you are? Either way, such devoted companions: )

  3. Naughty youngsters. Glad all the coordinated efforts of the corn fence, Lady Astor and your Big Voice guided them home. It’s nice you are getting another hand. You need it for all the work and surprises you have each day. How’s Mr Flowers and his ladies doing?

  4. Wonderful lost and found story! So exciting about the 4th team member arriving! No doubt there will be fun, learning and laughter happening every day! xo

  5. Naughty cows! I wonder where they thought they were off to? Wai looks very dapper in his blankets. 😀

  6. Wai’s wardrobe is quite stunning and he wears it so well. The dogs must have been preoccupied with Wai and missed the cows escaping! They saw their chance! So funny!

  7. Your photography is always so good Cecila. I feel as though l’m standing there with you:)

  8. Wai IS tiny! It’s hard to get perspective with him next to Sheila because she is SO big, but next to Boo, he’s a little man!

    Your horizon photos are so beautiful!

  9. I have been looking at multiple posts and enjoying all the animals. I can’t wait to keep following. I love that they came back when you called!

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