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Baba Ganoush

Eating only what you grow can sometimes get a little boring  because at some times of the year only a few things are growing – but not at this time of year. This time of year we have a medley of vegetables in the… Continue Reading “Baba Ganoush”

Making Ravioli

Yesterday Chicago John drove down from the city to help us make ravioli for the freezer. This is an old family tradition and he came armed with the filling and the flour, his rollers and molds. Everything we needed. My chickens supplied the eggs… Continue Reading “Making Ravioli”

Tips on How to Make Better Bread.

I know that most of you know how to make bread and I am sure you are perfectly happy with how you make your bread, and I am not trying to pretend I know any better.  I have been making my own bread for as… Continue Reading “Tips on How to Make Better Bread.”

Butternut Squash Ice-cream

One of our best harvests this year (other than the piles of tomatoes we are dealing with ) are butternuts or butternut squash as they say here in America. Whitney  (one of the two chefs in residence) walked across to the other farm on her day… Continue Reading “Butternut Squash Ice-cream”

How to make the perfect sponge. Snow. And a little wild sweetness.

This is what I could see from the window when the sun came up this morning. No sun and no land. All white.  But more on that later.  First we need to discuss Christmas. As you know I am from New Zealand. Christmas in… Continue Reading “How to make the perfect sponge. Snow. And a little wild sweetness.”

A Day on the Couch

Well it was SO cold. It never even reached above Freezing Point yesterday.  And the day before yesterday I overdid it just a little. So I had to have a rest day which means no sitting down, no bending over and no lifting. My… Continue Reading “A Day on the Couch”

How to make Bacon and Egg Pie

In New Zealand if someone says to you ‘Would you like a pie?” or even a piece of pie,  they will be talking about a savoury pie – meat pies, chicken pies or bacon and egg pies and the whole gamut of concoctions in… Continue Reading “How to make Bacon and Egg Pie”

Uova da Raviolo .. kind of

But first it was dog wash day. Poor fellows – commiserating with each other. Well Ton is commiserating, already Boo has lost focus. The dough for the pizza bianca.  It will be brushed with olive oil, a little salt and a whisper of rosemary.… Continue Reading “Uova da Raviolo .. kind of”

Celery Soup for my Little Sister

Even though my little sister lives far, far away in New Zealand I can still cook her some celery soup. Aren’t we lucky. Our mother became sick when my sister was only a little girl and I keep forgetting that she saw me in… Continue Reading “Celery Soup for my Little Sister”

Boys and Chicks

I love having children on the farm. Just having fun. After the mandatory swim, this fellow gathers eggs, feeds the cats, (Egoli was found at his house so he always brings him and Tiba a little pot of food each).  He picks tomatoes in… Continue Reading “Boys and Chicks”