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Cranberry Shortbread

So easy to make and quite delicious. The secret is in the pause. The tang of the cranberries with the sweetness of the shortbread is a perfect marriage. And (of course) eating dried fruit with my cookie makes me feel that surely I am… Continue Reading “Cranberry Shortbread”

Coffee Tin Bread

In the old days we did not have Ikea and Walmart and cheap loaf tins. We used what was in the cupboard. Bread can be baked in almost any container. My Mum baked her bread in whatever she had handy – usually a cast… Continue Reading “Coffee Tin Bread”

Simple zuchinni pancakes

From the ORIGINAL Moosewood cook book (I am sure I have blogged about these before but with so many new readers I think I can return to them!). I eat these pancakes so often that the book is showing wear! These are my fav… Continue Reading “Simple zuchinni pancakes”

Job Hunting while Bread Baking

What’s not to like! After gently un-threading my self and my profile but not my recipes – they are still there – from Janie’s Mill ( who will very generously keep my freezer stocked with flour – because I cannot do without my favorite… Continue Reading “Job Hunting while Bread Baking”


I know I seldom post recipes anymore. It is mainly because in true peasant style I almost never use them. Almost all my cooking is done from some kind of muscle memory!

How to make Celi’s Sweet Chilli Sauce

Look at those beautiful grapes, if I could make a wine that tasted just like these grapes I would be thrilled, and look at my beautiful flower, eaten by the bad bugs.  But still beautiful. Thing Two asks that no-one notice the little drop… Continue Reading “How to make Celi’s Sweet Chilli Sauce”

Dad’s easy tasty Bread Recipe

My father has been following the blog since its beginnings and is not altogether sure about the merits of my bread recipe. Yes, you can go back and have a  bit of a laugh at it if you like!! You will remember that Dad… Continue Reading “Dad’s easy tasty Bread Recipe”

Daisy lost in the cornfield and grandma’s rissole recipe,

So the pasture is beginning to wane a bit. Not as much grass. At this time of year we put a harness on Daisy, the milk cow to be, and take her on a dog leash into the wild long grass.  I am not… Continue Reading “Daisy lost in the cornfield and grandma’s rissole recipe,”

Ignore Everything and Make Bread

White Cat in the tree house, yesterday evening. I am ignoring Mary’s Cat who is sleeping in one of the Silent Ones caps looking incredibly cute. And I am not listening to Mama who is crying because I am trying to wean her lambs… Continue Reading “Ignore Everything and Make Bread”