Simple zuchinni pancakes

From the ORIGINAL Moosewood cook book (I am sure I have blogged about these before but with so many new readers I think I can return to them!).

I eat these pancakes so often that the book is showing wear!

These are my fav pancakes when I have extra veg in the fridge.

If you are using frozen grated zucchini from your summer garden drain them well first.

I eat them as a dinner then eat the left overs for the next couple of days as lunch.

The clouds are getting that leaden sinking lid feeling.

I think there may be weather afoot.

Living a sustainable lifestyle is 90% about managing waste: by not bring stuff into the house or onto the property that we will have to throw out. So, using up the last of the veges before buying more is critical.

This zucchini pancake I heated up for my lunch today!

I think this is taking ice in ones drink just a little too far!

Have a gorgeous Tuesday!


This day in 2012 :

And still I hear the coyotes on the night.

21 Comments on “Simple zuchinni pancakes

  1. I have to say that first pic caught me off guard – it looks like a face on the measuring cup – did a double take there for a hot minute – ha! Love the last photo too 🙂 A zucchini pancake would be a great lunch idea. I get in a rut and need to mix it up more when it comes to meals and eating. Happy Day – Enjoy

  2. I don’t remember that recipe but it’s going on my list! I think I need to post a sign on my front door so that I see it on the way out to shop, maybe also in my kitchen as well with the words: Don’t let it enter if you can’t use it all! I need that reminder. I have been really conscientious though about using up veg and such and that is going well.

  3. I make something similar: grated zucchini, carrot and sweet potato, a little flour, an egg, some garlic, maybe some chilli flakes, a half teaspoon of Vegeta stock powder for seasoning. I dollop it in a pan by the half cupful and flatten it out, fry it in butter, but garlic olive oil is good too. The Husband is addicted to them and asks me to make extras so he can take them to work for lunch with aioli to dip.

      • It makes them a bit more substantial. I think mine are more fritter than pancake as I use less flour, but we have these a lot, and with different seasonings they work well with different meals. I put garam masala in them sometimes to go with a fish or chicken curry, for example.

    • What wonderful additions Kate! I am going to take some of these suggestions and branch out next time I make zucchini fritters! Thank You!!!

  4. Zucchini pancakes/fritters are the best!!! Thanks for this recipe Celi! I had the Moosewood Cookbook at one time, but must have separated from it in one of my many moves. I will use this recipe again, for sure! Lots of snow down here last night, but already melting quickly today.

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