Easy Homemade Dog Food

On Sundays I prep as much food for the week as possible.

Dogs are omnivores. They need vegetables and greens along with their proteins. Like humans they need diversity in their diets.

I do not trust the highly processed, colored dry dog foods. What the hell is in them? They smell like a lab. Plus they are diabolically expensive.

To be fair I don’t trust any processed foods. They are simply not sustainable. 🦋💦

Ton is getting old and prone to urinary tract infections so he needs the extra vegetables (particularly leafy greens) in his wet food to mitigate the inflammation in his intestines.

BooBoo runs to fat so he does a lot better on home cooking.

And both spend way too much time lying about while I am working at my desk.

Keeping your dogs lean is super important to their health.

Now I know cooking up a pot of dog food is not for everyone but I cook pots of pig food so it is not too big a step to cook pots of dog food too.

Pig food!

Throw everything in a large pot or crock pot or slow cooker or even pressure cooker.

My Dog Food recipe:

3 pounds of meat

1 cup of rice

1 cup of oats ( whole or rolled)

1 cup chopped carrots

2 apples chopped up or sweet potatoes

Bag of frozen peas

1 cup flax seeds or chia seeds

2 cans pumpkin ( or a chopped whole pumpkin skin seeds and all)

2 tablespoon crushed garlic. (Some dogs can be allergic to garlic so if in doubt leave it out).

Cook until cooked.

🐕Use ground beef or cheap stew meat. Not too much fat if you can help it. Chicken, venison and mutton is great too. Not pork. Talk to the butcher in your supermarket. Many butchers will have bags of dog meat out the back. Same with your fishmonger.

🐕As you are prepping your own food for the week throw the potato peelings, diced broccoli and cauliflower stalks into the dog pot too.

🐕This recipe feeds two old dogs for the week. adjust as you see fit.

🐕This recipe is more of a guideline than a recipe. I keep the percentage of protein/carbohydrates/fruits and vegetables about even.

🐕Chopped spinach and leafy greens are essential foods for dogs so chop and throw those in towards the end of your cooking time.

Cool. While you get done other work done.

Get out all those sour cream and cottage cheese containers with lids that you have saved and ladle 1 heaped cup of feed into each. Label, date and freeze.

I usually place the first three days worth of food straight into the fridge.

Additions – fish and mushrooms.

I serve the dogs a cup to a cup and a half of home made food twice a day.

I serve the dog food in the containers. The dogs will pre clean them for you. 😂

Dried unsweetened bananas or apples are the perfect fat free treats.

When in season: add 4 fresh blueberries, a strawberry a day to your dog bowl.

I add one egg two or three times a week. (Only because I have tons of eggs).

Don’t forget your cats.

Cats are carnivores so they will benefit from a feed of raw meat or fish a couple of times a week.

In the winter grow a pot of oat or wheat grass for your cats!

19 Comments on “Easy Homemade Dog Food

  1. Haven’t the heart for another dog after Molly passed on, but I’m very interested in your bird mixture.

  2. I’m totally with you on processed foods – you just have to look at all the allergies young people have today!
    Cats and dogs seem to prefer what humans eat, which suggests that pet food isn’t very exciting. I’m amazed by how much animals like hot curry and I have a friend who’s dog prefers carrots as a special dog treat. Your luxury home made dog food is almost fit for humans and definitely better that supermarket readymeals!

  3. I’m with Mad Dog- I would eat the dog food myself! Yes please on the bird food! After our week of SH I will not even mention my ridiculous and plastic filled winter with my wild birds. I will be co-paying for the rest of my life 😉

  4. I rescued a dog with allergies, so no dog food anymore. I make a batch like a stir-fry that includes, hamburger or chicken, then rice, spinach, eggs (since I have a lot), ground chicken gizzards, green beans, carrots and peas. I’ve been thinking of adding some berries, good idea to add them as top dressing. So that’s for breakfast, for dinner I give them pre-cooked livers mixed with boiled chicken. I wanted to buy them some vitamins but they are so expensive and also, are not easy to give. He still has allergies but not vomiting anymore and my other dog has clearer eyes.

    • So good that you were able to clear up those allergies with food! Well done.

      With a balanced diet it is possible they don’t need vitamins at all – eggs are great for dogs!! Especially when you know what your chickens have been eating.

  5. Hello Celi…..Being a “human” elder I used to suffer from UTI just like Dear Ton….As a retired RN of 40+ yrs, I learned a daily glass of cranberry juice was my answer, along with plenty of water…I’m wondering if dried cranberries, or even fresh ones, added to the dog food might help? I haven’t researched this about use in dogs so you probably will want to….it’s just a thought….Have a great week and stay warm! Chill, brrr is coming to us here in Illinois.

    • Fantastic tip – maybe I could add cranberry juice to their stew?

      What kind fo C juice do you buy – I can never find any that are ALL cranberry! I would like to drink a glass every morning too!

      • Cranberry is a great tip. I take cranberry tablets… good quality high potency dried cranberry recommended by GP, amd has made a different to my mid-life tendency to UTIs. I buy it online from a company in NZ. But yes, pure cranberry juice isn’t easy to come by and for me even when I can find it, because I’ve have pre-diabetes for over 20 years but managed by diet I have little tolerance for its frucose content. Diesel-dog says thanks for the dog food recipe.

      • Celi, I buy whole cranberry powder from Amazon…from a small company in Canada…I add it to water for drinking, also to smoothies and sprinkle on my salads….it tasty with a bit of a tang.

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