Ice and Frigid Air

It is fiercely chilly out here on the deserted rural midwest this week. Out on the tundra.

Fierce chilly.

But it does make for some incredible shots.

Just photos today I think.

They speak for themselves.

I am cold everywhere and would like to curl up somewhere cosy – like bed.

The coop (where I work) does not stay warm in the deep cold. It is designed for sun warming and when there is no sun it gets cold in here.

I am thinking.

Thinking that is is wild to be starting a new business at my age ( The Sustainable Home) but if all goes well I will have the time at last – to wind the farm back up a little. Working full time and farming full time just did not work.

I have made enquiries about a couple more calves and piglets in the spring. John’s family is growing and they all need feeding. With all these roosters I may grow some meat chickens in the late summer so I can send the roosters off too.

And I look forward to a decent garden this summer. In a new spot.

I was away all last summer – but I had to go away. I had to give myself the time. I was very close to breaking this time last year. I will be going to NZ and Australia this June, but not for as long – maybe 6 weeks. I will fold in Canada and California visits too.

But I am back now! If you have posted a great blog post this week tell me about it in the comments – leave the link so I can catch up! So many of my favourite blogs have disappeared in the last few years!

Have a great day!

Take care


31 Comments on “Ice and Frigid Air

  1. Love the video. Snowdrops and hellebores are blooming here. Anything poking its head up on your side?

  2. Brrrrr, brings back memories of my Chicago & Wisconsin years. Wonderful shots of those mackerel & Old Buttermilk skies. There was a tune by Hoagy Carmichael about Old Buttermilk Sky. We had one here Monday. Folklore says it means a change of weather is coming. That would be good out your way on the frozen tundra. Breakfast in bed. How sweet for WaiWai.

  3. Lovely COLD photos. And that darling old girl, snug as a bug in a rug! Thought you were at breaking point last summer, just so glad you did manage all that travelling and visiting. Thrilled to read you hope to do more on the farm, and piglets maybe, woo hoo! BUT don’t take on too much again! X

    • You are right Andrea. I was in a bit of trouble last year- however I took the time and went back home to recover my equilibrium. And it worked – thanks gods.

      I am looking forward to being able to get on the land full time and teach others how to live sustainably- two passions!

  4. I am so glad you took a break. I was worried about you. We need to recognize when we need a rest or a change and make it happen. Good for you and good to have you back.

    • Hi Elsie. Yes! I had taken on too much and everything paid the price.

      It is hard to recognize. My instincts told me to flee. It is only looking back that I realize I was burning out.

      Thank you so much for popping in. How is the weather where you are?

  5. I enjoy your writing, and think we should follow our passions. Looks very cold in the plains, here we are into a cycle of grayness and dampness. Think there is a word for that? Grampness? I am intrigued by your Sustainable Home, has me thinking of where I can shed, reduce, re-use…

    • The program has been well received – it is quite fun too. I am creating an easy workshop as a Love Offer so people can pay whatever they can. No rigid price. Let me know if you are interested!

      The landing page is still being built so it is all very low tech at this point!

  6. I’m reading your chilly post with some envy. We’re expecting 33°C/91°F tomorrow, and while I don’t want the ice, despite its beauty, a little coolness would be welcome. Would there be any chance of a few Australian readers getting to meet you later in the year? I’m thinking me and Dale in particular, or really anyone who would be able to make the trip. I enjoyed it so much last time, years ago…

    • That was years ago! I will be in Melbourne! I will let you know the dates. Actually I am hoping to get to Sydney too but am not sure about that yet!

  7. Have finally figured out how to make a comment. I’ve been followings yours blog–especially enjoyed seeing Boo and TonTon in the wash basket and WaiWai and Mr. Flowers and the bunny and the naughty pig–the whole gang but could no longer use my “handle.”

  8. Beautiful ice flowers – it’s gone all warm here this week – 10ºC!
    I’d love to see some new pigs and cows.

  9. I’ve been reading your blog on and off for a couple of years now. Love it! And you are right – so many other farm blogs have disappeared. Thank you for continuing the hard work! Have you ever thought about volunteer workers from ? I’m doing that here in Europe where I volunteer 20-25 hours a week and the host gives me room and board. I have not volunteered on a big farm like yours yet but there are many hosts here that look for volunteers to help out. Anyway, hope to read more since I enjoy your blog so much!

    • I used to have woofers and loved it!

      I dont have the time to organize workers at the moment. Full time online teaching as well. But hopefully again in the future!

      Where are you volunteering now?

      • I started this past summer volunteering for three months in Wales and loved it. One organic farm, one a guest house and lots of polytunnel veggies and others. Then onto France for two more. Now i’m in London on a break for the winter. In spring I go to Maastricht, Netherlands and then over to Lausanne. Back to Scotland on a farm for a month in June. I am 60 and started early retirement to do this – I love traveling to meet other people and work hard on their farm or in their homes. I get to meet some great people and learn about their world! I’m originally from NYC so meeting people in their homes and helping work on gardens, farms, guest houses has been a real joy. Still looking for a place for April and May in Europe – but there are so many hosts on workaway that it should not be a problem. It’s such a great way to see and live around the world!

  10. It’s dangerously cold here too. With wind gusts it’s dipping down to -50 celsius here today and tomorrow. I feel the need to hibernate!

  11. I think at our age we begin to find our real selves… recognise and follow our passions… and in the midst finetune our equilibrium. When we first treechanged I tried to do and be everything all at once and exhausted myself in the process but it helped me understand what I really valued and what I could let go of.

  12. Loved the photos and am working on rebooting my website and blog. When it’s back to something ready…I’ll let you know.
    You are really inspiring.

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