25/75 Easy Meat Loaf + NEWS

I strive for meals that are 75% vegetable and 25% protein .

And of course locally grown – or grown yourself is even better!

This meat loaf is simply 25% locally grown protein and 75% vegetables + 2 small fresh green eggs!



300g ground local beef

1c grated carrot

1 cup grated butternut (or courgette)

1 cup peas

In your little food processor finely chop 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic

Mix with 2 small eggs then salt and pepper to taste.

Topped with cheese (you know I love cheese right?) then drizzled with a sweet chili sauce.

Cook at 375 for around 45 minutes.

Serve with a Skinny Green salad and you are good to go!

For the skinny salad I roll all kinds of green leaves up into a cigar shape and finely cut into ribbons. No dressing.

Sometimes I muggle (massage) ripe avocado into the salad and add a little lemon juice.

Totally off the subject but if your little glasshouse is suffering in the cold add a fan on low – it keeps that layer of cold air from settling into your plants. It is always the coldest around your ankles! The fan lifts the cold and mixes it with the warmer air above.

Planning your food purchases ahead makes a huge difference to your leftovers and to your wallet. It is one thing we all have total control over: how much food we allow to go to waste.

We can control that at least.

*Behind the scenes in The Kitchens Garden green room, a wonderful upscale is being engineered. Duane and I are working on the landing page this week. It is going to be simple and elegant!

Although the layout will be different our beloved TKG blog since 2011 will essentially be the same. I will be posting two or three times a week just the same!

Did you realise that since 2011 The Kitchens Garden farm blog has generated

2,777 posts


And 571,953 visitors

And I cannot even begin to imagine how many pictures.

There is a lot of work to be done upgrading so much data. I am not surprised some of the plug ins have broken. Duane has his work cut out for him dragging all of that weight into 2023.

Once the Landing page is finished and TKG blog is loaded then The Sustainable Home pages will be created.

It will be super easier to navigate though. You will arrive at the landing page and then you can choose to click to The Kitchens Garden to read the blog and leave me comments.

OR click to The Sustainable Home to read about designing a robust, resilient mindful lifestyle, using minimalism to maximise our positive impact on the planet – with all the calls and workshops and courses and more direct ways to get in touch with me there. Newsletter. Maybe retreats? Sustainable Boot Camp? What do you think?

Have you read the ABOUT page lately? It was written twelve years ago and STILL MAKES SENSE. I still feel exactly the same. I am not changing a thing.

The Fellowship of the Farmy was ahead of its time. We still are, right?

And guess what!? THE NEWS!

Do you remember Jude?

The two day old piglet I rescued from the slaughter house. Do you remember? He went to live on a teaching farm. Well – he is coming home to retire.

He is bringing FreeBee with him. And neither of them are teensy wee pigs anymore!

(Another reason to monetise the blog so I can feed all these PET PIGS!)

FreeBee and Judes return is still in the planning stages, so fingers crossed.

You just never know what is going to happen next!

The Lounge of Comments is OPEN! Come on in.

Tell me what you have been up to these last few days.

Have a lovely day!

Miss C – yes … I think Miss C is BACK!

29 Comments on “25/75 Easy Meat Loaf + NEWS

  1. The meatloaf looks great and I love the food list!
    Nelson will be making a baricade if Jude’s coming home 😉

  2. I spy the Bunny (whose name just flew away. Nelson?) Yes, I agree with Mad, that meatloaf does look good. I could dig in the freezer & make one today! I can’t wait for the return of the pigs. Fingers crossed.

  3. I saw on Jude’s homepage that they were looking for a home for him. I’m thrilled it’s you Cecilia. I remember the little gaffer and how he was rescued. Bless you for caring for him and his buddy.
    That meatloaf will be on my menu this week. I like that there are no fillers or grains in this recipe since I can’t have them.
    Have a great week and look forward to more adventures.

    • I hate anything called a filler! They are inevitably just more carbs. It needs the eggs. It is a little delicate and might crumble slightly but is SO TASTY! especially with that sweet butternut in it.

  4. So happy Jude is coming home! As I mentioned on LinkedIn, I made meatloaf last week. But I might have to make it again this week to use up some butternut squash I have. I love your recipe with all the veggies in it. And I used ground turkey so this week I’ll use beef. Miss C is back! Hooray!

    • You know I have never eaten ground turkey – just the size of American turkeys makes me feel a little unwell. We had them on the farm one year – do you remember? They were the DUMBEST birds I have ever had.

      • The best Thanksgiving turkey we ever had was one my friend’s daughter raised. She had herds of them but gave it up–did not have an easy time of it, probably because: dumb. The birds, not her. If you do decide to try ground turkey DO NOT get the lower fat stuff. It’s tasteless.

  5. I saw the Jude post on Instagram last night and was sad but then I got to

  6. A work very much “in progress”….thank you ! Lots more in the queue.

  7. Miss C! I was flabbergasted for a brief moment. Header photo of Tima getting stuck into her dinner, then directly below, striving for 25% protein meals and a meatloaf recipe. Could the two be connected? Surely not. No, of course not. Reality struck. Tima could never be meatloaf. I am too hard-hearted for most. Ewenice and Ewedora, my two sheep, and their babies all found their way into my freezer way back when, to the point that friends would ask “and who are we eating today?” when I had a barbecue. Distant days of growing most of my own food and doing my own butchering. I’m too old for all that now.

    • I have never wanted to do my own butchering – the thought of practicing on my animals is just horrifying . Now, I am thinking I would like some mutton soon though – might have to look into that – they could live with the cows.

  8. I have meatloaf on the quick meal prep list I made up in January. I like your version with the sweet chilli and cheese topping. For us it’s all about the leftovers, so I make meatloaf (and many other things) a day ahead to firm up. And we love meatloaf & salad open sandwiches for lunch.
    As to what we’ve been doing, a bit of our own exciting news… Kate C. and her hubby J are holidaying near us with other blog/Insta who are now irl friends, so we’ve had a couple of lovely get-togethers with their local friends and ours. Each time we all brought food to share. It’s something we began doing as we emerged carefully from Covid restrictions and everyone was craving conviviality, we got together to share food and conversation safely in our own controlled-outdoor spaces and remembered the fun and deliciousness that is other people’s homemade and often homegrown food. Food-for-thought for the Sustainable Home Community when those irl catch-ups happen, as I believe it will inevitably progress to.

    • That sounds wonderful to be able to catch up like that!! How exciting! Kate did mention trying to do this ourselves when I am out there next – you never know! Homegrown and home made!! What a treat! You are both such good cooks.

  9. Oh my goodness–Jude is coming home! My boyfriend’s back! Hey–la-di-da! I will never forget your videos of him in the house. Never! And I loved seeing the threesome at the head. Nelson!

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