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Shopping in Wellington

No! Not for clothes. No point in doing that. No point in shopping for clothes unless it is a new carhart jacket.  When I get back to the farm it will be work clothes all the way – until January when I return to… Continue Reading “Shopping in Wellington”

And I want to see your garden too…

I will show you my garden and I hope that you will show me yours, even if it is a gorgeous solitary pot on the balcony of your condo… or a grand allotment by the sea or a corner by the shed,  a patch… Continue Reading “And I want to see your garden too…”

The Fundamentals of Working with Animals. My Mantra.

I took this shot for yesterday’s post and forgot to show it to you.  It is across the bonnet of the  Free Green Dodge truck and out its back window.  I know this is kind of abstract but  I find it really appealing. Because… Continue Reading “The Fundamentals of Working with Animals. My Mantra.”

mama’s easy meatloaf

As you know I run a small sustainably managed old fashioned farm.  We like to grow the food we eat. But so that I can have this ‘on the farm’ life to which I would like to become accustomed, Our John has to go… Continue Reading “mama’s easy meatloaf”