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From the Left

From the Left: Lady Astor, Alex, Carlos the Tiny, Aunty Del.  The summer herd. Small but good and hopefully productive. The Tall and the Short of it.  No problems there at the moment. Sheila has been moved across to her house in the field.… Continue Reading “From the Left”

Up Close. Very Close.

And personal. Always. Up close and personal.  Both the turkeys and their ever present associate and ringleader Geraldine the pea hen. As I dole out the feed into separate bowls for the pigs, they have their heads in the pigs bowls, as I lean in… Continue Reading “Up Close. Very Close.”

Dog with Pipe

Yes – who would have thought it – TonTon is a smoker. Sigh. He knows there is a no smoking rule in the barn. He assured me he does not inhale. What rot.  Like I have never heard that before! A pigs dinner. Though some pigs have… Continue Reading “Dog with Pipe”

Tane goes for a walk

A LONG walk. He is convinced, poor deluded fella, that there simply must be a few kernels of corn left for him way out there in the field. But alas the harvesters nowadays leave nothing at all behind.  And after the tiller has been… Continue Reading “Tane goes for a walk”

Flying Turkeys

Did you know – well, who knew –  turkeys fly? They sure love to be all over the roof of my house, but they talk nicely. Though they do not like to be separated. If they are seperated they cry and pace. Then they will… Continue Reading “Flying Turkeys”

while miss c slept

(photograph courtesy of Hugo Photographic Productions – he said I looked like a beautiful baby) The turkeys and the cats and the dogs.  Waited.  It rained all day. I did not mean to go to sleep. It just happened.  The fire was burning, everyone… Continue Reading “while miss c slept”

A French Apartment

“There are wild turkeys out the front of your house,” said the FedEx man, his excitement palpable as he handed over  my new crepe pan that Hugo later deemed Too Small.  “Not wild” I said. “And that is why I have  No Shooting signs… Continue Reading “A French Apartment”

Keep on Growing

The Plonkers are growing so fast- They are gorgeous healthy animals so far, touch wood, etc. In fact they might be growing too fast but already there are less eggs being collected because of the season and Lady Astor is dropping her production on schedule… Continue Reading “Keep on Growing”

More eyes

My favourite time – well one of my favourite times – of the farm day, is the late evening – after dinner when all the dishes are newly washed and barely  dried, resting in their warm stacks (I have given up on having a dishwasher… Continue Reading “More eyes”

Bird brains

One of Hugo’s chicks jumped out of her brooder and took her good self for a walk into the glass house yesterday. These chicks who I purposely bred with one of the new dappled roosters, are so pretty and robust. The turkeys have taken it… Continue Reading “Bird brains”