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No, I am not going to talk politics. This is the real manure. We have lots of it.


Wai has the strangest shape due to his burns as though he is two pigs in the same body. He is so weighty in the front and then much slimmer in the back Even though he is on a strict diet, but he is…

I used to have beautiful gardens. I must have spent a fortune on flowers. Pulling weeds and making everything neat and tidy.


I was out last night with my camera taking shots of fields of wheat stalks. Poppy and her babies have the inside of the barn to mess about in now. Really this is an attempt to quieten these wild little savages! They need to…


Merciful heavens how did that happen. Things will be quiet at the mill these next few days with Jill the Miller away on vacation. The skies are so clear and beautiful – no filters or additions necessary! J Tiny meat pies for dinner- with…


Things are puttering along. Anna has been here almost a month so everyone including me has been very well looked after.


I have always been a serious scavenger when it comes to pig feed. Animals need to eat seasonally too just like humans. We all need variety!


I passed my PCQI final exam – did I tell you? So now I am the Qualified Individual in charge of Preventative Controls at The Mill. So much for only a little part time job!

Galician Cornbread

Galician Cornbread is called Boroña. It is an old Spanish country bread that I have only just discovered. This is a variation of one of the Boroña recipes. It bakes up beautifully and the dough was a real pleasure to work with.


The tractor – a little organic one – arrived in our big 160 acre field and tilled the cover crop of weeds in. Just ahead of a little rain too.