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We have lost the wee fellow on the right he died in the night but these are such sweet shots I thought I would share. Please don’t be miserable. And after such a rocky start he needs a proper goodbye.


Or four and a half inches of rain depending on your preference. My titles seldom make any sense. I write almost every day and never get around to putting thought into my titles. 




Isn’t everything on the farm about growing. The piglets are growing, the garden is growing (but not fast enough yet), the pasture is growing, the cobwebs in the barn are growing and my team is growing. Ellie – wwoofer number two came yesterday –…

Out on the grass

You can’t grow pasture raised pork unless the Plonkers actually get out onto the pasture. Many people have trouble with the pigs rutting up the fields (which generally happens in the autumn when the fields lose the protein in the leaf) so I have devised a…

Grazing pigs

The grass is fantastic for this time of year. In fact we are going to be thinking about cutting hay as soon as the weather settles. And the pigs love it when the grass is long and tasty.  Sheila and TonTon. Sheila my darling…