Good morning WaiWai – Rescue Pig

In Maōri wai means water.

Wai Wai is a rescue pig and a burns survivor and skin needs a lot of water which is why I called him Wai. When we first rescued him he was dying from his burns, he could not walk and his organs were shutting down but he would drink water and I hand fed him tiny bites of watermelon which he swallowed. Nothng else. It was possible that the fumes from the accelerant used to set him on fire resulted in damage to his throat .

He smelt really bad because parts of his body were rotting. Literally. In some areas his burns had gone right through the muscle.

With a lot of slow and painstaking burn treatments and debriding and with the help of The Fellowship of The Farmy I was able to nurse this rescue pot belly back to health.

Black pot belly head peering out through open doorway of old barn

Years later his skin is still a mess but he is the happy if grouchy curmudgeon living in the corner room of the old barn.

He squeals and darts away if a stranger dares to pat him (he cannot see well so he gets frights) but has become friends with the Retired Teacher Pigs – also rescues – who out weigh him by about 300 pounds.

Finally I was able to capture an image of a robin! Not a very good one but she is harvesting a berry from the ornamental pear tree which makes me happy.

On the left are Jude and FreeBee the Retired Teach Pigs – also rescues.

My new Duck House Feed Hut is a hit with everyone!

Brown ducks in foreground with two roosters and one brown duck  in the doorway of feed hut. Janies Mill flour bag resting in the doorway.

Perfect spot for cutting the sprout cake and serving up pearls to the swine. Free Bee does not like sprouts – who ever heard of such a thing!

Work bench in feed hut. Fresh round cake of sprouts wheat upside down on the bench with blue plastic feed scoop behind. partial green feed scoop in foreground. Metal bowl behind. Wooden work surface rests on two blue drums.

By yesterday afternoon everything was syrupy squenchy mud.

Winter wheat fields on open plains with patches of snow and patches of greening wheat. Large tree to the left and bushy trees far left.  Horizon flat.

And then this morning everything was frozen solid again.

White on White.

White snow in winter wheat fields with white fog at the horizon. Giving the impression of abstract white on white landscape.

Good morning.

Have a great day


PS An old post about Wai when he was still in recovery and the farm was a teaching farm. From 2017.

Weather: A high of 52F today and a low of 45F. With some sun, Nice. Maybe showers again tonight.

33 Comments on “Good morning WaiWai – Rescue Pig

  1. Awww Wai Wai is such a sweet pig and so lucky to be with you! Thanks you from all our hearts for being who you are!
    Hugs to you and all your family of animals! xoxoxo

  2. Dear WaiWai is a miracle. I hope he’s forgotten his tragic past. He’s taken to the other two pigs very quickly – I wonder if they remember the farmy.

    • I cannot believe that that pig tolerates people at all. He is very self sufficient.

      I do wonder if Jude remembers the farmy. If he got out whether he would arrive at the door like he used to. Maybe. But I don’t think FreeBee was here long enough to have imprinted. Plus FB was raised with his litter mates and Jude was raised in the house.

      It is an interesting thought though.

    • Oh thats right! I remember that now! Well here he is – as grumpy as ever!! I love this grumpy pig too but can you believe 6 years have gone by!

      • Time flies–and it has moved strangely since the pandemic, too. I’m just glad he’s still here.

    • Remembering Wai Wai’s early days makes me feel so sad, but you did it, you worked a miracle. And Jude in the house was such fun, for us readers anyway!😊

  3. Dear Cecilia, I come too late to the blog, I’m afraid.

  4. Wai wai…. You slatheredhim constantly……and I don’t remember you saying he smelled so badly. It makes sense. I have even more awe for your endeavors on the farmy ☮️💜💗

  5. What an angel you are to have cared for that lovely pig. I don’t understand how people can be so horrible to animals. I have also come late to your blog and am only just catching up on the history.

  6. I remember the desperate struggle at the start to save his skin and his sight. Remember the Papaw Ointment? I was so happy when Lucas’ said they were sending you a whole lot. He’s a tribute not only to his own tenacity but yours.

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