After The Snow – Pictures

Doing chores in a snow storm is a lesson in tenacity. The weather forecast predicted 8 inches and we probably only got three. But it was mean snow.

Wet snow attached to side of barn. Windows obscured with snow.  Winter buildings.

The snow was blowing hard and particular like a thousand tiny little knives. It was a matter of pushing on through the chores, getting everyone fed and watered quickly.

I had to keep my head right down into my hood to try and protect my face from the icicle snow.

Snow falling on winter trees and fence fo barn yard.

In this image, can you see the snow? The flakes were large, wet, and unruly, causing the tree branches to bend low. It was heavy snow.

Tima’s door had blown shut and she waited out the storm in her snug little tin house and was surprised at the white world that greeted her when I opened her door. She ate, went around the back to perform her ablutions then trotted straight back to bed. The wind was blowing from the North and her door faced West so I jammed the door open for her.

And then this morning; up came the sun into a clear sky.

Predictably, the wet snow froze solid over night so the going was treacherous this morning. . I had to use tools to break into the chook house. The snow is frozen to everything. I am not going out again until it softens – which won’t be long because we are forecast to hit 50F this afternoon.

Episode over.

Have a lovely day!

Love celi

Here are a few links to snow on the farm in the old days!

Cows in the snow from 2016

Chooks in the snow from 2018

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32 Comments on “After The Snow – Pictures

  1. “Despite all I have seen and experienced, I still get the same simple thrill out of glimpsing a tiny patch of snow.” — Sir Edmund Hillary

    Welcome to the Lounge of Comments!!

  2. It looks raw and cold. We enjoyed a nice day of sun and in the upper 40s. Your storm was earlier predicted to hit us in eastern IA. Things changed. It will soon melt and be a memory…with mud. 🙂

  3. Cecilia, it is beautiful, and your apt description of ice snow…whew! Makes me not miss Eastern South Dakota.

    Your animals are so grateful for your tenacity and care. Thank you for sharing this story and warm up in those 50s! 🙂

    • All I can hear this morning is melting snow with the occasional rush of drifts soaring off the roof. Melting we are. Good morning Virginia!

  4. amazing you got out there and got it all done. we had a huge storm last night and many of us lost power, but today the sun is out and we will all be fine. life continues even in challenging moments

  5. Looks SO cold but SO beautiful. Gorgeous photos. Lucky Tima!

    • Tima does not mind the snow at all. Whereas Wai just called from his house “ you can deliver my dinner today – I ain’t coming out on that sh*t!” He hates the snow!

  6. Horrid when beautiful snow turns to ice and covers every surface in danger. Yes to more trees around the property, more wind breaks! Take care until the mud arrives.

  7. And we have been in the 60s the last couple days, and I was even kayaking last Tuesday, in the low 70s. But next week we’ll be back in the 40s. Not sure how our bees are handling it! We do have trees blooming and flowers now too, so they’ll have something to gather food from. We lost a hive last year and have only one now. We’re planning to get at least one or maybe two more in April. Soooo looking forward to Spring!!! 🙂

    • I hate it when the temps go up and down like that ~ especially hard on the bees. I remember using insulation to try and regulate heat in the hives in the early spring.

  8. There’s no white like sun on snow white, and no light like it either. Even here, where the sun is so bright it hurts, it can’t beat the brilliance of a sunny snow morning. But then there are days like yours, grey, heavy and the snow on the wind like knives in the face. Take care of yourself Miss C, and if it gets too cold in the house with the power out, go and cuddle up to Timatanga Moana, who will be a cosy little furnace out there.

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