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Nanny Boo the self appointed Guardian Dog

Dogs are all the things. They are companions. Guard dogs. Guardian dogs. Farm dogs. Lap dogs. Nagging dogs. Old dogs. What else? The above shot is of Boo trying very hard not to look annoyed (and failing) as I take TOO LONG to get… Continue Reading “Nanny Boo the self appointed Guardian Dog”

How to Catch a Peacock. Mr Flowers needed Help.

Yesterday I noticed that Mr Flowers had a band of nylon string wrapped around one of his feet. And he only has one good foot. If left in place the nasty nylon string would continue to tighten and eventually cut off the toe (in… Continue Reading “How to Catch a Peacock. Mr Flowers needed Help.”

The Best summer home for your Rabbit

All winter long Nelson the rabbit lives in her glasshouse sneaking up and down the steps, in and out of bedrooms, eating clothing, sleeping in washing baskets and nibbling on any paper left lying about at all! I know a bunny in the glasshouse… Continue Reading “The Best summer home for your Rabbit”

The Taste of Home

I was listening to the radio in the car the other day and at the end of the interview the interviewer posed a question. “What is the taste of home for you?” He said Hush Puppies were his taste of home. I thought hush… Continue Reading “The Taste of Home”

Miles in a Day

I have a new phone – this in itself is not particularly interesting unless we need to go into the kicking and fighting I did trying not to have to succumb to another phone.  I liked my old phone. However now I have a… Continue Reading “Miles in a Day”

5 piglets +1 boar +3 carlottas

= A perfectly busy day. Poppy woke up mid morning (yesterday) rolled over and discovered that there were five little piglets in her room. She stood up and looked at them milling about her feet making half hearted jumps at her teats, then she… Continue Reading “5 piglets +1 boar +3 carlottas”

Tick tack

When Mr Flowers has his tail up at full power he does this funny thing. Imagine the tail spread out  as an enormous fan, maybe 150 to 200 feathers ,   now count in ten feathers from the right and imagine the next four feathers… Continue Reading “Tick tack”